Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Prime Purchases

I get so many positive comments on my Prime Purchases posts and it makes me happy that I can recommend items that you might enjoy or need as well.   So, here's the February Prime Purchase post for your enjoyment.  


I saw this on another blogger's post 2 - 3 months ago.  I didn't order it at that time but, after Christmas and the rampant activity of Covid, I decided it would be good for us to have one on hand.  It is simple to use and will tell you in 15 seconds what your blood oxygen level is and that is VERY important if you have Covid.  It could be the best $30 you have ever spent.



I think I may have featured these before because this is my second pair, but, nonetheless, they are worth mentioning again.  I love substantial house shoes/slippers.  I want to be able to walk out to the mailbox if need be and not have to put on my regular shoes.  These are especially warm, very well constructed and comfortable.  They are my winter slippers and very reasonably priced.


If you have been reading my blog for very long then you know that I love anything that is made of Acacia wood.  These two trays were no exception.  I am using the octangle one as a tray beside my coffee pot that holds the creamer, the sweetner and a spoon holder.  They can be used for a host of things, one being a small Charcuterie board.


I love baking cookies and saw this featured on another blogger's prime purchases and decided I wanted to give it a try.  I had bought an electric cookie press many years ago and it was a disaster as far as I was concerned.  But, the description of this one sounded like something that I could very easily use and enjoy.  And, it is!  Let me give you a little "heads up" though.  The instructions say to place the press on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Well, I always use parchment paper when I am baking cookies, so I put parchment paper on the pan.  I tried 6 or 7 cookies and they were disasterous, they stuck to the bottom of the gun.  It finally dawned upon me that perhaps the parchment paper was the issue.  And, sure enough it was.  When I removed the parchment paper and placed the press directly on the cookie sheet it worked like a charm and each cookie turned out perfectly. 

 The press comes with 12 different discs and 4 really good recipes. I used the sunflower disc for the above pictured cookies  I couldn't tell you the dozens and dozens of cookies that I have made since Covid reared its ugly head last March.  It has become a favorite past time and this cookie press has made it even more enjoyable.


Okay folks, if you have a piece of furniture that you DO NOT want to move, then you need these "bad boys."  Hubby's recliner seems to never be where it is suppose to be, always slid back 2-3 inches. I had put some rubber strips on the runners of the chair that were "suppose" to keep it from sliding but they did not work.  I've never seen such grippers as these and I have grippers on a whole lot of furniture in our house.  I did have to cut these down to fit but that was not a problem.  I put two on each runner and, as I said, the chair has not moved!


These little magnetic book marks make the neatest little enclosure to a card.  It might be a birthday, get well, or thinking of you card.  It's always fun to get a card with a little "happie" tucked inside.



These are just dandy!!!!  They are magnetic and work great for phone charging cords and other smaller cords.  They keep the cord neat and out of the way.  I cannot stand cords everywhere and I generally used zip ties but these are so much better.  They do need to make them for bigger cords though.



I seem to quite often need a spray bottle for something.  It's generally for something to do with general house cleaning.  These are such nice ones and they DO NOT leak and have a great spray.  They are 8 ounces and that is plenty big enough for my needs.  Hubby has also been known to use them for things out in his shop.  They are a nice item to have on hand.  You just never know when you might need a spray bottle.


I've gone the whole gambit with mask wearing.  I started out with the whiteish  ones and then went to those that made a fashion statement and now I'm "loving" these.  They are individually wrapped, they do not shed on the inside and I like the black color.  I really like that they are individually wrapped and I can keep a couple in my purse without them getting messed up. And, I love the fit, I never have to pull them up or down.  They stay in place very well.  



I LOVE Tiffany lamps!!!  I have several throughout our home and just added this one.  

I have this little space in my kitchen and I thought this lamp would be the perfect addition to the corner.  I am very pleased and, as with most all of our lamps, they are never turned off.  I guess you might say, I LOVE lamp light!  They give such a warm feeling to a house.



 I am so excited to tell you about this purchase.  I was looking for some smaller storage ottomans to replace some large woven baskets I had.

Here is where I am using the ottomans.  I use one of them for throws and one for toys for the Grans.  I just wanted a little dressier look than the baskets.  One issue with my search was finding the right size and look.  I could find lots of square ones where the tops lifted off , and I found a lot of longer ones with tops that lifted.  After keeping on with my search I finally found these and I could not love them more. They are 24x18x18 and the tops lift and stay until you push it shut.  And, the fabric is perfect.  It comes in both fabric and a faux leather in about 5 colors each.  The bronze brads around the bottom and the curved legs give it such a nice look.  And, the tops are tufted and it says they can hold up to 300 pounds if anyone wants to sit on them.  Well, we won't put that to the test but the Grans can sure sit on them.



I've sort of had a "decorating bug" this month and have enjoyed "fluffing our nest" a bit.  We had a tri-fold fireplace screen and I wanted one that would just be flat across the fireplace opening. This one fit the bill to a "T."  It is a beautiful oil rubbed bronze and I love the vine design on the very sturdy screen.  And, the brackets it sits in are sturdy but do not stick out.

And, it has handles on both sides at the top that makes moving it very easy.  The only draw back is that it is PRICEY but the workmanship is stellar and it's exactly the look I wanted. It also comes in black and gray.


And, there you have it!  

I'll leave you with these............

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. You always share the best stuff! I like that those masks are individually wrapped! The open packs at our office and in our work cars gross me out thinking about what might be contaminating them now that the pack is open.

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  2. Those gorilla pads were a serious game changing find for me with one of our sofas. I've tried so many in the past and was so excited these work so well. So many other great finds here and your cookies turned out so pretty!

  3. Thank you for these posts! I now have THREE pair of the yoga pants with pockets from a previous post:) I am headed to see which ones and how many of these items that I am ordering:) Enjoy your day and thanks again! HUGS!

  4. I just saw the cord things on Tanya's old Amazon post, and they're genius. The Gorilla pads are a must. We have something similar and oh my word. They've made it possible for me to move furniture and paint rooms by myself. You are the 2nd person today to share that cookie press. Those make the best little cookies. The wood trays are beautiful, and I'm kind of obsessed with all wood trays. HA! XOXO

  5. Love those ottomans!! Have a great week Leah.

  6. I love those individually wrapped paper masks too.

  7. Well, I just love them all Lea, you always share the best Prime Purchases, those ottomans are so pretty, Thanks for sharing.

  8. Always so much fun!! Thanks for the tips! I am going to check out a few of them!! Happy February! xo

  9. Great finds my friend. I like that the black masks are individually packaged too. I’ll get some. Ooh your cookies are gorgeous! Bigs hugs my fellow Prime loving friend!

  10. Love the idea of closing cards with a magnetic bookmark. I might need to steal that idea. My family has the oximeter, which is handy, since we all have Covid right now. It's always good to know if your oxygen is dropping too much.


  11. Great Prime purchases. I like the masks that individually wrapped. Makes it nice to scoop a few in your purse. Hope you are having a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Lea, I so enjoyed reading and I see several things I need to order. I especially love the magnetic book marks and the acacia wood trays. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

  13. Wow, you are ready to open your own bakery with those pretty cookies. That might be a great tool to have, especially for the holidays.

    I have a storage bench that I keep my purses in!! But they are so well out of sight that I forget to change my purse out now and then.

    Those magnetic bookmarks are soooo pretty. I have an online book club and would like to send one of those to each member. Thank you for the inspiration and the link.

  14. Wow, you had some awesome finds this month. I love the slippers, and the ottoman is an incredible deal. Would you believe I got the cookie press for Christmas and haven't tried it yet? Now I'm inspired! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  15. I always enjoy these posts. Sure wish those sweet little book magnets were still available but I just looked and they aren't. Love, love that lamp! I have two Tiffany "style" lamps, both have dragonflies, and I just love them. They give off such a pretty light. You have really been on a decorating binge, haven't you...lol!!! Your home is lovely. I think I may have that same valance but in burgandy. I am soooo wanting to do some redecorating but just haven't figured out what I want to do...gotta make some choices first!!! Maybe soon.

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