Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April Prime Purchases

And, once again, it's that time for Prime Purchases.  I have some real "goodies" for you this month.


Ladies, if you are a nightshirt kind of gal then this is for you.  I LOVE nightshirts and it's really hard, sometimes, to find them short enough.  And, I do NOT want a cotton nightshirt but something soft and comfy and this one "fits the bill" for sure. It is made of bamboo and   comes in several colors and launders beautifully.


This is the neatest IPhone and IPad stand.  My friend, Andrea, over at Living on Cloud Nine, had this on her Prime Purchases last month and I had to order it.  The height can be adjusted and I really like that.  Most other stands I've owned were one height and it was fairly low.  I keep my IPhone on it all the time I am at home.  It's always easy to find and grab.


I have always wished that my spices were all in the same size jars and all neatly displayed.  Well, Tanya, from The Other Side of the Road, featured these on her Prime Purchases last month.  I don't guess it had really registered with me that I could order something like this and redo all my spices to match. 

I filled two spice drawers and I am so thrilled to have all my spices neat and organized.


This little jewel is so neat.  It is good for any thing that you may want to cut up, especially salad or fruit.  It makes real quick work of cutting up strawberries or dicing up tomatoes. I love kitchen gadgets!


Folks, this is the GRANDDADDY of all blenders!  I mean, if you are looking for a blender to do.it.all.then look no further.  This will crush your ice, make that special smoothie or blend whatever you may need blending.  I haven't even figured out all the settings but I will.




I love gazing balls and this is my 4th one to add to our back landscape.  All of them are different and on different stands.  They are all so pretty when the sun hits them and they make me happy when I look out and see them.  This is one of my favorite stands.  


I love coffee but it HAS to be hot, no lukewarm coffee for this gal.  These Swig mugs are triple insulated and will keep coffee hot for a good while.  And, they come in soooo many cute prints and patterns. Swig is real proud of them and the price shows that but they are one of the very few insulated mugs that are dishwasher safe.  They would make a great gift for your coffee drinking friends.


If you have a beanbag(s) that has gone a bit flat and you need to refill them, then his bag of beads is what you need.  I have two bean bags for the Grans and they were almost completely flat.  Now, you want to be VERY careful filling them because you do not want these beads going all over your house. I watched the video on how to do it and Hubby and I did exactly as it suggested and we had no problem at all.  Our beanbags are a medium size and one bag filled them both back up to the desired level.  It is a very big bag!


This little gadget is the BOMB!  I like to keep hangers sitting on the top of my dryer so they are within easy reach.  When I saw this, it caught my eye and soon it was in my cart and now it's sitting on my dryer with hangers on it.  I will say it is very cheaply made but I'm hoping it will hold up for a while.  It is not like it will be treated roughly.  It is such a great place for hangers and keeps them nice and straight.


Ruffles are making a come back and when I saw this blouse on Amazon, I decided to order it.  It is very cute, well made and comes in some great colors.  It can be dressed up or down. The sleeves are a good length but can easy be pushed up shorter.  It is 100% polyester and perfect for upcoming spring and summer and add a jacket for cooler days.


If you like the longer cardigans, then you will love these.  I ordered this one and couldn't be more pleased and it comes in a LOT of colors and patterns.  It's so soft, I love the cuffs on the sleeve, makes it fit so nicely and it has pockets that do not gap.  A very nice looking piece.

Okay, there you have it, lots of great items to tempt you.  In the meantime, may April bring you much happiness and love.  And, never forget to be KIND.


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  1. Oh, I love your spice drawer! That ruffle blouse is gorgeous!

  2. You found some unique items - like that salad cutting bowl! I also really like the gazing ball and stand.

  3. That ruffled blouse takes me back to my high school and college days! We called those "poet shirts." I'm grabbing one now. So glad ruffles are making a comeback!

  4. Oh dear friend, I don't think that I have ever been able to resist buying something from your Prime Purchases post:) I already have the salad cutter and love it. My Daughter has the hanger stand, now I need one. I will be buying the ruffled blouse AND the long cardigan. Perhaps the gazing ball and stand! Thank you for always tempting me with your purchases:) Enjoy your day, HUGS!

  5. Always fun!! Thanks for the tips! Going to check out a couple of things!

  6. All are good products. That salad cutter bowl is especially nice. I have had one. Really makes salad prep easy and fast.

    The gazing balls are so pretty!!!

  7. I'm so glad you like the spice jar kit! Mine are so easy to find now when I look in the pantry. I'm going to check out that salad bowl. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  8. Hi Lea:
    I love the spice jars all organized.
    I have a salad cutter, blender and insulated mug.
    Have a nice day!


    1. From a comment from you on my blog:
      The Tuesday4Meme is from https://lemonscottage.blogspot.com/
      She posts this on Tuesday mornings.
      Hope you participate, it's lots of fun and only 4 questions to answer!

  9. Another item for my "why didn't I think of that? file... a salad cutter bowl. Brilliant!! Thanks for the tip!! Have a great week, Lea!

  10. That gazing ball is very pretty. I like how you organized your spices.

  11. I am soooo behind in reading and commenting on blogs but life has gotten in the way recently. Glad I finally got around to seeing this...so many things here I'm interested in. I hang my hangers in the laundry room but still may jump on this. The kitchen gadget I am definitely going to think about...maybe I would eat more fruits and salads if I had this. I need a new nightshirt but will need to check to see if others think it's hot...I have to be "COLD" to sleep well (that is when I ever sleep!!!) I love matching organizational items but I rarely use spices other than the very basics...but still I might think about those cute jars. And LABELS make me drool:) Thanks so much for sharing your Amazon finds. They really are helpful.


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