Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's Wednesday and that means the Hodgepodge but how is it the last Wednesday of April.  We are about to enter the 5th month of 2021. How can that be?  Time indeed marches on...........

1. What are some memories you associate with spring? 

This may be a bit strange but I immediately thought about my precious Momma and how she made ALL of the clothes that I wore for most of my younger years.  Often, at Easter, she would make us matching dresses and it seemed that was quite common for that time.  I well remember the above dress that she made for me as I loved it because it had the eyelet ruffle around the bottom.  I'm sure I felt "fancy" because of that. 

Spring has always been a most favorite time of year for me.  I always enjoy getting the porches and patio "dressed up."  And, Hubby enjoys overseeing getting the yard in pristine condition.

2. April showers bring May flowers...was that saying proven true where you live? Snapdragons, anemones, carnations, lilacs, sweet peas, tulips, lily of the valley, orchids, roses, gardenias...which one on that list is your favorite May bloom? 

Indeed!  Our rose garden in the back is flourishing with buds and blooms.  We would have never thought that they would recover from the severe ice and snow less than 2 months ago.  But, they survived in fine fashion and in another couple of weeks will be full to the hilt with blooms. 

3. What are your top three distractions and how do you deal with them? 

My phone - don't we all struggle with this? I mean, I lived many, many years without a cell phone and survived just fine.  I have to remind myself of that at times.

Social media - it can be both a blessing and a curse. I try to be very conscious of the time I spend on it.

The "what ifs" of the future - I can over think this so much but am so thankful that the Lord has NOT left me and never will and has and will continue to see me through whatever comes my way.

4. Do you eat beef? In the course of a week, how often is beef on the menu? A hamburger, steak, prime rib, or a roast beef dinner...which beef entree would you choose and yes you have to choose. Unless you're a vegan, and then you may pass. 

Yes, I do eat beef but not all that often.  We eat a whole lot more chicken and pork. We do not eat beef more than one or two times a week.  I like all of those listed but occasionally a grilled steak is so good.

5. In what way were you creative during the month of April?

As most of you know, I'm addicted to baking cookies.  I've always love baking cookies but last year simply "sealed the deal."  During all the down time of Covid I became obsessed.  I give most all of them away and I'm always looking for cute and creative ways to package them.  I mean, presentation is everything!  So, this month I purchased these windowed brown kraft bags and had these labels done by a gal on Etsy and I was so pleased with how cute they looked.  So, that's my creativity for April.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I don't how many of you watch When Calls the Heart, but I'm betting if you do that you are just as frustrated as I am over Elizabeth and all the drama surrounding her choice between Nathan and Lucas.
Good grief, there's only one more episode left in this season and she HAD BETTER decide and not leave us hanging until season 9.  I really think they have dragged it out a little longer than necessary but............  Just between you and me, I'm pretty sure she's going to choose Lucas.  Guess we'll find out this next Sunday.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

Hi there! My name is Lea. I've been wife to the best Hubby for 44 years....Mom to a son and daughter....CiCi to 4 precious Grans....lover of family and friends....enjoy laughter and a good time....shopper....picture taking maniac....maker of delicious fudge....organizational enthusiast....memory maker....Southern Belle...and most importantly.....a Child of the King! Welcome to my little corner!


  1. I hear you on the "what-ifs"; my son has surgery for his leg tomorrow and his worry has ME worried and it is very stressful!

  2. I love the Easter dresses your mother made.
    Your rose garden looks beautiful. Glad it recovered
    from the severe ice and snow.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. That is a special memory of your childhood and the picture of your family.

    I have to guard against thinking of the "what ifs" as well and similar to my 3rd distraction. That's so hard sometimes.

    We watched several seasons of When Calls the Heart on Netflix but have not watched it recently.

  4. Love your memories of your mother making those dresses, as my mom did the same. It was a very special time. I'm truly blown away by your garden and view. Oh my goodness, so beautiful! And, please don't get me started on WCTH!! I have come to dislike Elizabeth so very much and want the show to focus more on Rosemary and Lee. Of course, if it were to switch over to them, the writers would find a way to confuse their love and cause tension. Good grief, Charlie Brown!!! Make a decision!!!

  5. I love the cookie packaging. I am all about a cute presentation. I feel certain our husbands would bond over their love of a well manicured lawn lol. Enjoy your day!

  6. Such great memories of your mom making your dress.Love your rose garden and your cute packaging is adorable.

  7. Wow - your backyard is on a lake - my hubby would love that! I really love your packaging for your cookies - such a clever idea!!!

  8. What channel is When Calls The Heart on? I've not stumbled upon that one! I love your presentation bags and your labels! How absolutely perfect!! Wish I lived close enough to be a recipient!! Another fun Hodgepodge!! xo

  9. That's such a sweet picture of your family. My mom also made lots of clothes for me as a child, and then we both did for my daughter Grace. Your roses are incredible!!

  10. I knew we were kindred spirits, Lea, I love baking cookies, and I enjoy When Calls the Heart and am just as frustrated with Elizabeth.
    Your rose garden is beautiful, and mine is beginning to bloom also.
    the family photo is precious, and I know it brought back many memories, my mom also is a great seamstress and made our clothes too, one of my fondest memories is the evening gown she made for me when I was in high school,Thank you for sharing.

  11. LOVE the picture of your family from way back when!

    As for When Calls the Heart, I have not watched it nearly as much since they killed of her first husband. That made me mad. And then when in reality my own husband passed, I just couldn't stand to watch the new romance(s) budding. I don't even have the men's names straight, but my wild guess is she'll go with the Canadian Mountie, in spite of having lost one to that line of work with her first husband.

  12. I love your rose garden! I think the aroma wafted through my computer and I could smell them.
    My mom didn't sew, but I made my own clothes once I was old enough to pedal my grandma's treadle machine. I remember sewing a couple of Easter outfits. Good memories.
    Enjoy your spring days!

  13. I'm probably the over-thinker of all time...but I'm working on it!!! Your roses are lovely. My mama made most of my clothes growing up too. She tried her best to teach me to sew but it just didn't stick with me. The phone and social media take up too much of my time but I don't watch a lot of while hubby is watching "his" shows, I'm on the computer. At least we are together:) Like you, it's hard to believe it's already May. This year is flying by. But hopefully it's getting us closer to a better time. Have a great rest of the week.

  14. Well gotta join in on Elizabeth! I am just about to be so over her! This thing has surely lingered on and on and on. Marty dislikes the show so much because he says they need to go on now and get with the program and Elizabeth needs to grow up! LOL!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Oh boy, I'm so with you on that tension and I might throw my slipper at the TV if a choice isn't made before this season ends. LOL! I do not like that kind of tension in a show when it goes on and on and on. Love your creativity with your cookies!! Happy last days of April to you.

  16. Tell Tommy he has outdone himself on your landscaping. The view is spectacular! We never got caught up with that show, but I have become addicted somewhat to the Heartland and someone suggested Anne of Green Gables. I am still plodding thru Heartland much to D's displeasure and finally finished the other. Of course it only had 3 seasons where H has something like 13. I may never see how it ends. Now, about the facial. You need to do it least once. Of course there are many different kinds, but I highly recommend the one I did because it cleanses and removes all those icky blackheads and skin cells. Enjoy your rainy week ahead.


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