Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hodgepodge - School Edition

And, it's Wednesday and that means the Hodgepodge.  Joyce has done this over 400 times and we are so grateful for her "hanging in there" with us.  She's the best! 

1. Is school back in session where you live? Is everyone in person or does your system still offer a virtual option? Are kids wearing masks? 

Public schools started on August 17th and the private school our Gran girls attend started the 20th.  As far as I know all schools are in person but there is an option for virtual learning in some schools.  Yes, masks are mandated, much to my dismay.

2. Something you still do 'old school'? 
I/we still keep a wall calendar with all our appointments, meetings, etc. written on it.  I started keeping a wall calendar when the kids were little and it has worked so well for us that I've just never stopped even though it is just me and Hubby now.  It is so easy for either of us to look at it and see what obligations we have in a glance.  I do use my Iphone calendar for some things such as birthdays but our main calendar is our trusty wall calendar.

3. One lesson you've learned in the 'school of life'? 

4. When you were in school did you pack a lunch or buy a lunch? Your favorite thing to see on the lunch menu or inside your lunchbox back in the day? 

I never remember taking my lunch to school.  I always ate the school lunch. I remember like it was yesterday the rolls that the cafeteria ladies made.  Oh, my goodness!  They always had honey available to put on them and I was always looking around to see if I had a friend that wasn't going to eat their roll.  Melt in your mouth goodness!
5. August is National Family Fun Month. Tell me something fun you’ve done this month. 

The Gran girls stayed with me for 9 days after their Mom started back teaching before their school started.  I've been doing this several years and I always try to plan a few special things for some of the days.  I took them to get a manicure and pedicure.  We made cake pops (not as easy as the recipe makes it sound) and went to breakfast a couple of mornings.  These girls LOVE waffles! It was a fun time.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Okay, is she not the absolute cutest, most adorable dog you have ever seen?  She is the latest member of our son's family.  She is a Cavapoo and the most precious dog.  She is so calm and will just snuggle up to you and lay down.  They still have not named her but they have some cute names in the running. I'm not a big pet person but this gal won my heart when I laid eyes on her.  

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. How fun to have your grandkids for 9 days. Love the new puppy! Adorable.

  2. Sounds like you made some special memories with the girls, that's wonderful you can do that.

    I am a family calendar on the wall by our laundry room and it is color coded for our activities. So helpful!

  3. I agree with you on the masks. So depressing and I don't think the science backs it up in children. What a mess! Yes, that pup is super cute : )

  4. I like your saying on change. Nice that you had your grands with you. I had mine most of the summer! That is a cute dog!

  5. What a cute puppy! I've never heard of a cavapoo! How great that your grans get to spend those days with you and that you get to do so many special things with them! Good memories being made! I enjoyed your post and agree about mandates! xo

  6. Doggie Dress-up -- she is so very cute! What fun for everybody!

  7. Yes, I loved the rolls at school too. That pup is soo darling!!!

  8. I never packed a lunch for school. My favorite thing was the homemade HUGE peanut butter cookies! I can still visualize them in my mind. Public school back in session here and masks are not mandated. It's been left up to the parents. None of my grandchildren are in public school. Have a great day Lea. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. I have never heard of a Cavapoo. but she is adorable. Nine days with those cuties probably wore you out, but oh what fun making lots of memories for them and you.

  10. My Granddaughters go to a Christian Private School, no mask mandate YET! They have been back in school for several weeks, all good so far. My Mama worked in a school lunchroom for a while, she always brought those rolls home that were leftover, YUM! That is ONE CUTE PUPPY:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  11. Loved the rolls in the school lunchroom too, I also loved the sweet ladies that worked so diligently to prepare those hot meals!
    Making memories with our grandchildren is one of the most precious gifts ever!
    The puppy is so adorable, watch out you just might be wanting one of your own!~wink~
    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment.

  12. I am soooo behind on commenting on anyone's blog!!! I have just not had the energy or the desire to do much of anything recently. Partly the awful heat and partly because of lack of sleep!!! I just cannot get a good night's sleep. At any rate, our schools opened up but then shut down again and have been shut down for 3 weeks now. The Covid numbers here have been horrible and so schools and some churches are also closed. I too remember those fresh yeast rolls...we even had fresh yeast hamburger and hot dog buns...they smelled as good as they tasted!!! Nowadays so much of school lunches are prepackaged and they are awful. Bring back the good old days!!!


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