Tuesday, August 3, 2021

July Prime Purchases

Here it is August and time is flying by.  I hate to say this, but it won't be long until we are all thinking about Christmas.  So, as you browse through this and the upcoming Prime posts, remember to think about Christmas.  And, here you go for July Prime Purchases..................

Grace Karin Cardigan

I "think" I may have already had this on another Prime post but, these are so nice and they bear repeating if I have already told you about them.  I now have 3 of them and while they are a sweater, I do wear them in the summer when I am going to be inside an air conditioned building for any length of time.  I get soooo cold.  These come in some great colors and patterns.

Coolibar  Wideleg  Pants

This may be the first Prime Purchase that I have shared that I did not keep but wanted you to know about anyway.  These are so cute and so, so thin.  Coolibar is such a great brand and these are made extremely well and you can wear them untied at the ankle.  They have a high split if they are not tied and very wide legged.  I just did not think I would end up wearing them so I returned them.

Babyliss  Flat Iron

This is the greatest flatiron.  It's longer and thinner than any flatiron I have ever owned and I love both of those features.  My daughter has owned one for years and I decided to give it a whirl and I am more than pleased.

Ecrocoo  Women's  Top

This is the cutest top!  I am not generally drawn to prints but something about this appealed to me and I do love the ochre color.  It's a nice length, I love the v-neck and the sleeves.  And, it's reasonably priced. But, I returned it.  Can you believe that after such a glowing report?  But, I was so afraid that I would not wear it and now I've given it a second thought and sort of wish that I had kept it.  I suppose it is the print but it was so subdued and cute.  

Treat/Gift Boxes

I don't have to tell you that I am always looking for cute boxes to put my homemade cookies in.  These are so cute and will only hold 3-4 medium sized cookies.  But, that's plenty for a little "happie."  The thank you stickers and ribbons come with the boxes.  The ribbons are very nice but I will likely never use the stickers.  They make a lovely presentation.  

Cherish  Kiss  Embossed  Handbag

I LOVE leather purses and this one is sooooo pretty and comes in several colors.  I love this shade of green and thought it would make a great purse for fall. It is the perfect size for me and has the divider in the middle which is a must for me.  This is a big expensive but it is very well made and will likely last a very long time.

Blank  Cards  and  Envelopes

These are the cutest note cards.  I love their shapes.  And, I'm still of the opinion that a proper thank you note is often in order.  These will definitely grab the receivers eye when they pull this out of their mailbox.  And, they would also make a great gift.  

Slim  Wallet

I have never owned one of these little flat slim wallets but decided that I needed one for the occasion that I use my small crossbody purse.  When shopping I don't usually carry my big purse but rather a much smaller crossbody.  It will not hold my big wallet but this is just perfect and it comes in so many great colors.

Silicone  Collaspable Travel Bottles

If you do much traveling then you may want to check these out.  They are a collapsible silicone bottle and there are 4 of 3 different sizes in the package.  They take up far less room than the hard plastic bottles and they have the lift up top for easy use.  I had never seen these and they may have been around for a while but wanted to share them in case any of you have not seen them.  There's so many of them that you could easily share with family or friends.


Tack Cloth

I am quite sure I have already featured these on a Prime Post but they deserve a repost. ~smile~ I just had to replenish my stock as I am never without them.  These are the greatest cloths to dust your blinds, plantation shutters and baseboards.  They are, just as they say, a tack cloth.  They get every bit of dust there is to get and leave the surface dust free.  They are also great for preparing an item to paint. They leave NO sticky residue on anything except your hands and it is easily washed off with soap and water.  I always wear my disposable gloves when using mine.  I promise you will find more uses for these jewels.

Airpod  Case Cover

I am sure most all of you know about these but, just in case you don't, I'll tell you about them.  I haven't owned my ear pods all  that long but, my goodness, I do love them.  And, this cover is so neat to store the case in and it has the hook that can conveniently hang on your purse.  I don't use mine often outside the house but when I do I love having the convenience of this cover.  And, it comes it all kinds of great colors.

Traditional  Tall Lamps 

I wanted some new bedside table lamps for one of our guest bedrooms.  These are just perfect and certainly look more expensive than the pair cost.  If you are looking for a lamp then you should really check out Amazon.  They have all kinds, all prices and all styles.  These are exactly what I was looking for and I'm very pleased.


And, there you have it for this month's Prime Purchases.  Hope you found something that you can't live without.  And, have yourself a good rest of the week!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I like those lamps and never thought about shopping Amazon for those. I also like the slim wallet for the smaller purses. This is something I am going to invest in too I think. Have a great day!

  2. Love seeing what you purchases!!! XO

  3. I always find something that I love from your Prime post😍. I have the AirPod case and love it. Off to check out the other items. Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs.

  4. I think I clicked on every item. Great finds as usual! I never thought of ordering lamps from Amazon! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  5. Thank you, once again, for the links to your purchases.
    The link to the table lamps did not work, however. It says that the page does not exist in Amazon. I was interested in those, too.

  6. Wonderful goodies Lea. I love reading good reviews about products I am interested in. We shop amazon quite abit.

  7. I've ordered to the top and the slim wallet. Finding comfortable tops that can dress up or down is so difficult. Also like the color, but I too rarely go with a pattern. Hoping this one meets the bill. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  8. Love that print top. I am not much into wide legged pants as I've tried several brands but I do love me a sweet cardigan. Those little happy boxes make me happy! I love baking and giving to others. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Always fun! I am going to check out a couple of things, including that top!! xo

  10. That gold-colored print top is very cheerful. I cannot wear that color because it would make me look sallow; but wish I could since it says, "happy" to me. I should think it would look wonderful with your skin tone and hair.

  11. I really like the clothes, but what really caught my eye was the Crystal Tack Cloth. I've been searching for the right thing to clean my inside shutters. I think I've found it. Thanks!

  12. Yep, it's about time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. That cardigan is very pretty.


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