Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A Golden Hodgepodge

Hats off to Joyce!  I do believe that if this is the 500th edition of the HP that means Joyce has come up with 3000 questions for us.  Good grief, that's a w-h-o-l-e lotta questions.  Thanks Joyce, for always showing up.  You are the bomb!

1. Last time you drove/flew 500 miles (ish)? What's a place you'd like to visit that lies approximately 500 miles from your current location? 

Well, just last week we traveled to Oklahoma to see our daughter and her family.  It's about an 8 1/2 hour drive and we so wish that it was only about 3 hours.  8 1/2 is just about further than we care to drive in one day anymore.  We generally break up the trip going but coming home, we suck it up, and drive on in.  Something about getting home that spurs us on. ~chuckle~

Humm......not sure about a place that is 500 miles from us that we'd like to visit. I'm betting there are several, but just don't have time to check that out right now.

2. Tell us about a time recently it felt like you were 'racing against the clock'. 

Well, once again, I'm sure I have, but I cannot think of a time recently.  I cannot stand to be rushed and do all in my power to prevent it.  I have never been one to let "grass grow under my feet" and I think that helps considerably with 'racing against the clock."

3. Have you ever attended any really large sporting events? What was your impression of the experience?  

I have not attended any large sporting events in a while and likely won't.  Our daughter graduated from Louisiana State University and during her time there we went to several football games at Tiger Stadium.  The last one we attended was over 20 years ago and that has not bothered me one bit.  I am not a fan of huge crowds and would much rather be in the comfort of our home enjoying the event.  I know, that's not most folks preference, but it is mine. ~smile~

The Superbowl, The Kentucky Derby, The World Series, FIFA World Cup, The Indianapolis 500, The Daytona 500, The Olympics, The Masters, Wimbledon, The Boston Marathon, March Madness, Tour de France, Monaco's Grand Prix, The Open (golf), The Ryder Cup, The Stanley Cup Finals..of the events listed which would you most like to attend in person? Or maybe one that's not listed? 

Now, after saying that, I do believe I could get into attending the Kentucky Derby. I've always said that I was going to host a Kentucky Derby party one year.  But, that hasn't happened yet. I love all the ladies hats and it seems like such a fun event.

But, if you want to know my favorite sporting event, it is watching this little "go getter" play softball.  Andi Kate is "in the zone" when she is out in that field and is quite the ball player.  The above picture was taken when she was coming into homebase after hitting a home run last week.  This CiCi can get quite excited at these games.

4. Are you an iced tea drinker? If so, do you drink it year round, or only in the spring and summer months? Do you make your own or buy it bottled? Sweet or unsweet? Flavored? Lemon or no lemon? How about a Long Island Iced Tea? 

I do drink iced tea with my dinner but I do not drink it any other time.  I make ours with decaf bags and a tad of sugar.  Unlike most Southerners, we do not like syrupy sweet tea. And, we do not care for lemon.  I have no idea about a Long Island Iced Tea.

What I do enjoy and make one pretty much every morning is a nutritional tea (minus the liftoff).  I mix strawberry, cherry, pineapple and grape flavors with raspberry tea mix and enjoy. It's my drink of choice after my morning coffee.

5. April 20th is Volunteer Recognition you volunteer in some way? Tell us about it. If not, tell us about a volunteer you appreciate. 

I do not volunteer in any organization at this time.  I have a deep appreciation for those that do and perhaps one day I will be a part of volunteering.  Right now, I feel like the time I would likely use for volunteering goes to the overseeing of my sweet Daddy's care.  That's not an excuse, it's the simple truth.  And, a lot of you likely know this responsibility.  It can be so demanding at times and at others, we rock along fairy smoothly.  I have been overseeing the care of a family member since 1987 so it is as natural as breathing for me.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Folks, I can't even!  This is our daughter replacing a sensor in their suburban.  No joke! She watched a YouTube video and decided it would be much simpler than trying to get the vehicle in the shop, plus save a bunch of money.  So, Friday while the two of us were at the house by ourselves, she decided to tackle it.  And, while she did encounter a couple of hiccups, she was successful in her endeavor.  She was so proud of herself and I was pretty impressed.  She wears so many hats, balances so much and does it all quite well.

Thanks again Joyce for 500 editions of HP!  Here's to many more!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Your little one playing softball is very cute!

  2. I identify with your daughter; if I can fix it via a youtube video, I will! I need to put a new aux port in my car and I have been doing my research.

  3. Cute picture of your granddaughter! We've been at the baseball fields a couple times a week watching our boy this spring. Fun times....

    My husband has learned to do many things from YouTube videos. Seems they have those for just about anything you can come up with now!

  4. 500 editions of the Hodgepodge. That's amazing. Joyce has stuck with it for a very long time and done a very good job of it.

    As for a comment your answers (above), your daughter is amazing. What a bright gal!!!

  5. So glad you made it here today! Your daughter is quite the renaissance woman! I wouldn't dare try something like that. Nor would hubs want me to lol. Road trips to family are a part of our family life for the immediate future at least, but I'm with you on the hours. Daughter2 is 3 1/2 and that's fine. Daughter1 is 6 1/2 plus an hour time difference and that's about an hour more than I'd like. They have a couple of moves ahead of them and one will be very much further than that. I try to keep that thought in my head and appreciate that we can at least get in the car and get to them. But closer would be nice!! I think caring for your dad is your way of 'giving back' which is what volunteering is all about. He's lucky to have you looking after his care.

  6. That's amazing that your daughter could repair the Suburban! Cars have so many electronic parts now that it is hard to repair them like in the "old days." We are getting ready to make the 12 hour drive to Georgia for college move out...whew!

  7. I think your daughter and mine would hit it off! She takes her dishwasher apart and cleans it.

  8. That is amazing that she is working on her car! I'm so impressed!!

  9. I don't like being rushed either...I try to plan things with enough time to get where I need to be. A Kentucky Derby party would be fun, I love the picture of your granddaughter at her game. They are so fun watching aren't they? Congrats to your daughter, that's awesome.

  10. I went last year to a Kentucky Derby party and it was so much fun. The grands are so much fun to watch aren't they ? Sounds like your girl is a smart cookie there! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Lea.. Just read that you had surgery. I hope all went well and you are recovering quickly. I will say an extra prayer for you at Mass tomorrow. xx

  12. Taking care of someone is such a selfless service and that is the same as volunteering in my eyes.


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