Monday, April 3, 2023

April Prime Purchases

And, 2023 is marching right along.  Here we are in the 4th month! 
Here's to April's Prime Purchases!


I always put seasonal pillows on the benches on our front porch.  I think they give such a welcoming look and I thought these "screamed" spring.  I love all the colors and they are sunbrella fabric and so well made.  I bought 4, two for each bench.


You folks know that I am an AVID cookie baker.  So, when I saw this recipe book for nothing but cookies, I had to order it.  I saw it on another website but I was sure Amazon would have it and they did.  There's any kind of cookie you can imagine in it.  I have several marked to get started on shortly.  It is almost 2 inches thick so that tells you it has a whole lot of cookie recipes.


I saw this neat gadget on another blog and had to have it.  It holds grapes, tiny tomatoes and the such for slicing.  You place the grapes, tomatoes or whatever in the bottom, place the top piece over them and then run a knife blade through them and EUREKA, it's done.  Sure beats slicing each one individually.  Gotta love a gadget such as this!


Gals, these are the BEST capri leggings!  I have 4 pair.  I put them on after my shower every morning with a tee shirt and keep them on until I'm ready to get dressed for the day.  They are plenty nice, especially this black leopard pair, to wear out and about.  They are very thick, have the phone pocket (which I love) and come in "bazoodles" of colors.


Now, if you are looking for some nice joggers, look no further!  They are a wonderful polyester/spandex blend that not only looks great but is so comfortable.  I wear mine all the time with cute tops that dress them up a bit.  I wish so much I had found these before my Israel trip because they would have been my uniform while I was there.  They come in several colors as well.


I know plastic straws are not good for the landfills, but............ I love straws and these longer ones fit my tea and water tumblers perfectly.  I do not like the hard" molded plastic straws that generally come with the tumblers.  And, these come in such "happy" colors. ~chuckle~


This is the dandiest item! I wear my Ipods pretty much all the time I'm at home and I need to have my phone on my person in case I get to far from where it is located.  I don't always have on clothes that have a pocket to slip my phone in so this sleeve works great.  It's also great if I'm outside and need a place to keep my phone.  And, it comes a lot of prints and patterns.


I've been a big fan of Volatile shoes for several years.  I have a narrow foot and their shoes seem to always run a bit on the narrow side, so I can wear them.  These are a cute wedge sandal and while I don't wear them for long periods of time, they are perfect for short outings.  And, they are real cute and come in several colors.


I was recently in a conversation about satin sheets.  I've always "heard" that they are the "bees knees" but I've never had any. I have used satin pillowcases for years.  Well, after this recent conversation I decided I would check them out on Amazon and see the cost as I had also "heard" that they are VERY expensive.  Well, Amazon had plenty to pick from and the price on these was more than reasonable, I mean under $40.  They are just beautiful, have a 4 1/2 star rating and had excellent reviews.  I washed them immediately and they came out beautifully.  We use flannel sheets on our bed in the winter and it's about time to put those up until next winter.  So, this week when I change the sheets, the satin sheets will go on.  I have a feeling we are going to love them.  I also "hear" they are real cool, so I'm excited to give them a try.  They come in several beautiful colors too.  If you've been wanting to give satin sheets a try, without spending a small fortune,  these might be a good start.


I'm always looking for cute packaging either for gifts or for my cookies.  I mean presentation is everything!  These are so cute, on the small side but will definitely work for my uses for them.  They could even be decorated if you are "artsy."  Mine will likely remain plain except for one of my cute cookie labels as I am in no way "artsy."  I'm pretty sure I will think of a lot of uses for these.

And, there you have it, another month of Prime Purchases.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Great minds think alike, dear Lea, I was on the hunt for pillows too! Those gifts boxes are too cute. Thanks for the inspo. Have a great week!

  2. What cute boxes/bags for the cookies! I'm clicking over to check out the capri's. I already have the joggers and love them. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  3. I used to have a set of satin sheets way back when and I did like them; I hope you like yours!!

  4. I like several of the things you posted about here. I love satin sheets but haven't owned any in a few years. I have one of the arm bands for the phone, too, but mine doesn't seem to fit very good and moves around. Cute little packaging idea at the end. Have a great week- Cici! xo Diana

  5. Those pillows jumped out at me on Amazon. I’m thinking I will get them too.

  6. I would love that cookie cookbook and those sandals are adorable! Happy Easter precious friend!

  7. Lea, that phone armband sleeve is a great idea! I prefer to wear biking pants that have a pocket but not all of mine do, so this sleeve band is a wonderful solution. Thanks for sharing this idea!!

  8. I am not sure how you find all of these, but thank you! Gotta have that slicer. My daughter bought a grape slicer but it only does one at a time. So the slicer thingy is in my cart now:) Enjoy your weekend dear friend, Happy Easter!

  9. Seeing everyone's April Prime Purchases is so much fun! It's a really enjoyable method to find new things and receive ideas. I made the decision to treat myself to a nice spring outfit and a few skincare basics this month. Oh, and I should also note that I've been looking into my possibilities for Rhinoplasty Dubai lately—this is something I've been thinking about for a while. I'm eager to see what the other people have purchased!


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