Saturday, February 10, 2024

February 10 on the 10th

It's Saturday the 10th and I decided to link up with Marsha in the Middle  for 10 on the 10th. Interesting questions for sure and I certainly didn't have to stress my brain to answer them.  So, here' goes..............

1. Would you rather have fruit dipped in chip dip or potato chips dipped in chocolate?

I like sweet and salty, so give me chips dipped in chocolate, sounds good to me.

2. Would you rather publicly sing a love song or recite an original poem to your significant other?
I use to have a good voice and sang a lot but that "ship has sailed." And, I enjoy writing but not a poem, so I'm going to have to say I'd rather not do either one. ~truth~

3. Would you rather share the best meal of your life with Willie Nelson or Dolly Parton?

Hands down, Dolly Parton!!!  I've loved Dolly for years and years.  I've seen her in concert, been to her theme park, watched her movies and on and on.  I think to share a meal with her would have to be a one in a lifetime experience.

4. Would you rather receive a dozen perfect black roses or one rose in the color you love most?

NO black roses for this gal!
But, one yellow rose would be just great and so would a red one.  I sometimes think red roses are a bit over rated.  

5. Would you rather spend an entire week of February dressed only in pink with purple hearts or red with orange hearts?
Okay, both of these sound way more tacky than I care to be.  I have 4-5 sweaters that I wear in the weeks prior to Valentine's and they are so cute.  So, I'll stick with them.

6. Would you rather be treated to a day driving a Maserati around the Indy 500 race track or go for a carriage ride in the Scottish Highlands?

I'll take a carriage ride any day.  We've done a few carriage rides over the years and they were so enjoyable.

7. Would you rather have your Valentine pizza delivered by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) or Jason Statham?
I'm sorry but I don't think I have even heard of either of these.  So.........

8. Would you rather sleep on red satin sheets or flannel sheets with teddy bears on them?

How about flannel sheets with penguins on them? Hubby and I tried a set of satin sheets one time and one time only.  We did NOT like them.  We love flannel sheets in the cold winter.  They are so, so warm!

9. Would you rather receive a box of chocolates with your least favorite fillings or a bouquet of flowers to which you are allergic?

I don't think Hubby has ever given me a box of chocolates but if he did, there would likely be several that I would enjoy and the rest would go in the trash.
Since I'm not allergic to flowers, I'll just take flowers.

10. Would you rather go on a surprise date or have planned it yourself?
I'm not much into surprises, so I'll just plan something myself.  Even though I'm not a fan of surprises, Hubby has pulled off a couple of BIG ones in the 52 years of our marriage.  

I guess this would be officially Valentine weekend but I'm pretty sure Valentine's is not on the minds of folks.  It would be Super Bowl weekend for the majority.  Whatever you end up celebrating this weekend, ENJOY!!!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. That was fun!! I would have answered the majority of these about the same way you did! Have a good rest of the weekend! I will probably tune in to the Super Bowl for the commercials. Not even sure who is playing.

    1. My answers to these questions:
      1. chips dipped in chocolate
      2. sing
      3. neither, to be honest, but Dolly if really pressed for an answer. rose in any color except black
      5. I’m with you: either choice sounds pretty tacky. Heart-shaped jewelry works for me.
      6. I’d like either one — can I have both???
      7. I don’t know who Jason Statham is, but Dwayne Johnson seems okay, so he’s my choice.
      9. the candy, for sure
      10. a surprise date would probably work for me as long as it’s with my Gary.

  2. I love yellow roses, I delivered my daughter a dozen yellow ones for Valentine's day. My hubby bought red, I love those too:) Pizza delivered by anyone! Flowers over candy and I don't like surprises so I'll plan myself! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. While piled up in the bed, I am having fun going back and reading blog posts I would have otherwise missed. This was such a fun meme and I found that I would have had very similar answers. Especially the flannel sheets. We do have microfiber sheets that we love when it gets too warm for the flannels, but never silk ones. The penguins are so cute but I'll stick to my solid colors.


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