Monday, February 5, 2024

February Prime Purchases

And, here we are, the 5th day of February, 2024.  Goodness gracious, how can it be? But, it is and here's my Prime Purchases for this go around. 


I was introduced to flour sack tea towels by my paternal grandmother at least 60 years ago.  It was ALL she had in her kitchen and she used them for everything.  Well, if you have never used flour sack tea towels then you are missing out and I'm not joking.  There's just nothing like them for absorbency. I have a towel to dry my hands on with a matching dish cloth but I always have a tea towel out as well.  If I'm doing a lot of baking or cooking I keep one nearby to wipe my hands on, clean up spills and on and on.  This is a pack of 12.


These are the neatest frames.  Our daughter gave Hubby a couple of these with pictures of her family in them and they are so pretty.  They are all glass with a black edge and give the nicest appearance and they come in a whole bunch of sizes.  I like a more traditional looking frame for our house, but these are so nice for Hubby's office.


I am not sure why I ordered this but I ran across it and loved the color and decided to give it a whirl.  I'm a big fan of powder eye shadow and have never had much luck with the cream to powder shadows.  But, this one works beautifully and I've used it every day since I got it.  I ordered two more colors after liking this one.  After I apply it, I take my eyeshadow brush and blend it out. I'm a fan!


Who doesn't need more storage bins? ~grin~ I saw these on someone else's Prime Purchases last month and ordered them immediately.  They are the perfect size for our bathroom cabinets and I used 4 of them getting all kinds of things organized in our master bath.  They would work for all kinds of storage and I love having a couple extra as I'm pretty sure I'll have a need for them sooner than later.



I started not to include these but, just in case there is someone out there that does not use these or, heaven forbid, has never seen them.  These are game changer if you ever use a slow cooker. Until these came out, several years ago, I hated using my slow cooker because I didn't want to have to clean it.  But, no more! Whoever came out with these was genius!


If you need/want a cute casual sweater, then here you go.  It comes in several colors and is oversized but not tacky. ~at least in my opinion~  I wear this black and white stripe with my white joggers.  A cute, fun everyday outfit.


I do not use an electric skillet a lot but I do like to have one for the occasions that I do need one. I use it for sauteing or browning meat.  This one is 3" deep and I love the platform it sits on so much better than the legs my last one had.  This is a non-stick surface and you have to use plastic utensils in it.  

And, there you have it.  Maybe you saw something you need or want.  Enjoy this new week and, as always, thanks for stopping by.

In this day and time we need to never forget this verse.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I swear by those slow cooker liners and never wanna be without them! I have that striped sweater too and love it so much!

  2. Just yesterday I was lamenting that I no longer have my electric skillet. Controlling the temperature is so much better with an electric skillet, as opposed to the burners on our cooktop. Mine had the legs that you didn't like (nor did I). I like this one you've featured.

    And the slow cooker liners are great. I have a box of those.

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. I wish I could hug the neck of the person who invented crock pot liners. They are a game changer!! I also like an electric skillet - for browning lots of meat or for making pancakes or multiple grilled cheese sandwiches!

  4. I agree that the flour sack towels are the best! I don't have any right now, so I'm adding to cart! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  5. Always fun, Lea! Thanks for the good recommendations!

  6. I love the glass frames and the eyeshadow sticks. I use the Laura Mercier eyeshadow sticks and swear by them!!

  7. Those eye shadow pencils are so good! I also linked another brand today that is very similar. I now prefer these over powder. Lots of great picks this month!

  8. I keep forgetting to get those slow cooker liners. What a great sweater. And give me all the storage bins.

  9. Hey there!

    Just checked out your February Prime Purchases article, and I'm loving the finds! It's always fun to see what others are snagging on Prime. Those cozy winter essentials and tech gadgets sound like perfect additions.

    Oh, and I couldn't help but notice the black leather biker jacket womens! What a classic choice. Thanks for sharing your picks and giving me some inspiration for my own shopping list! 🛍️💻


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