Friday, March 11, 2016

The Flood of 2016

Well, I imagine that all of my family and friends that do not live in our area have heard of the devastating flooding that we are enduring.  I have seen some flooding in my life and thought that what I've seen was bad.  But, folks, I've never seen anything like what NE Louisiana is experiencing right now.
 There are sandbagging sites where folks have worked tirelessly to protect their homes and most went under anyway.  Most of the homes are in areas that one would not ever expect to flood.  We are at a little over 20" rainfall in the last 48 hours and it isn't over. 

This is a funeral home in a neighboring town and in an area that they probably never thought they would see this type of flooding.

There are many, many impassable highways, roads and even a large portion of Interstate 20 was closed yesterday and may still be.  Some folks have ventured into the high water on the roads and have been swept away.  Many men have gotten their aluminum boats to go in and help rescue families that needed to evacuate but could not get out.
This is a huge culvert that is right at the driveway of our old house.  My husband has been telling the Police Jury for 2 years that it needed replacing and it finally collapsed  Wed.  night and now cars cannot get in or out of that part of the subdivision. Update: it has been temporarily repaired now.

This is a picture of our old house on Wednesday evening.  Water did not get in the house and we are more than grateful.  It did get in the shop but it was basically empty, has a concrete floor and it is okay.  We are blessed in that the water in that area is moving water and any break in the rain allows it to go down very quickly.  Many are in areas where the water is not moving and it just keeps getting higher and higher with each bit of rain.  It rains quicker than it can drain off.

This is a picture of the road at the bottom of the hill where we now live.  You can see the tail lights on a truck slowly making his way out.  There is water as far as the eye can see.  These are crops and the devastation this causes our local farmers is far reaching. Hubby has been able to get out in his truck by driving very slowly but I have not dared to venture out by myself and won't.

Hubby has been an agent with State Farm for 42 years and has never experienced anything like this type of flooding before.  We have had devastating hail storms and some flooding in his career but nothing like this.  And, what is so sad that lots and lots of the folks affected by this flooding do not have flood insurance.  This means their losses will be their total financial responsibility.  Some think that flooding is an extension of their homeowners and it is not, it is a total separate policy.  So, Tommy and his staff have been dealing with a lot of overwhelmed individuals.  It is so heart breaking to watch.  Yes, it is mainly material losses but I don't think there is anyone that would not find that tough to deal with.  The recovery will be slow at best and some may never recover.  

My heart is so sad as so many that I know and love are in such a bad way and their losses are overwhelming.  I pray that the Lord will sustain and comfort each of them as they face the difficult days of recovery.


  1. Lea, what can I possibly say to such shocking scenes?! I have to admit that although I've seen pictures of the flooding on TV, I thought it was in the western part of your state. I completely missed that it's in the north EAST area. God bless your husband and staff as they deal with this. May He help you, too, as you minister where you can.

  2. WOW!! Yes I too had seen some footage on TV but nothing like this...How overwhelming it must all be. My heart too goes out to those who have lost so much and do have the insurance they need. Soo sad. Praying for you all!

  3. OMG! How awful Leah!! Years ago we were in a flood that bad in Houston. What a mess. Hope your house is okay.

  4. Lea,

    Goodness gracious, that is a lot of flooding.

    Last Fall some friends of ours in South Carolina got flooded and couldn't leave for a week. They were worried as she was 8.5 months pregnant.

    Praying for y'all.


  5. Oh Lea-
    i am so sorry for your neighbors and friends-
    What about your new house?
    20 inches! Oh gosh-
    I will be praying and thinking of you and your husband. I know his workload is hard right now.

  6. I didn't even know. I don't watch the news. How devastating and deeply sad. I will be keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers. ((HUGS))

  7. Yes, the flooding has been so bad. Some of our very close friends have lost their homes. Hoping for some reprieve from all this rain very soon!

  8. I have been watching the news but it seems much more real when i see the pictures here. Much more personal. I am hoping and praying for the end of the rains for you all!

  9. These pictures are just devestating, for the homes and the families. I am so sorry, and I hope and pray this rain passes and things dry out soon. The ones impacted must be heartsick, and yes, those without flood insurance have lost so much. i saw the result of the tornado that hit a few miles west of us recently and the homes were sticks on the ground or hollowed out shells. So sad.

  10. I had no idea how bad this was, it must be devastating for those that have lost so much. Will be keeping all in prayer

  11. WOW...I had read about the flooding...some friends of ours told us that our former house back in Tuscaloosa, AL. that sat on the banks of Lake Tuscaloosa, the house is gone now...due to the flooding a year ago---from the rains.

    Keeping you and your neighbors in prayer, friend.

  12. How terrible! I didn't know that there was such flooding going on. I guess I haven't been watching the news. Glad you are okay and pray the rain subsides.

  13. My heart goes out to all those in LA...yourself included. Just awful! I pray the waters recede soon and folks can begin rebuilding their lives.

  14. For our hubbies in the insurance biz, these catastrophic losses are so overwhelming. People do assume they're covered as floods are an act of God, but they are wrong. The shock of realizing they aren't covered has made some people utterly despondent. I'm kind of surprised that Katrina didn't send everyone rushing to buy a flood policy. I'm so sorry you are up close and personal. How is your dad's facility coping?

  15. This is so tragic, Lea. I've read where some of our good friends and former neighbors, Ricky and Joy Boone were some of the first to lose everything. I've kept up with Geri on FB some and it so hard to believe areas that have never seen flooding are covered. Trust you are enjoying your week with Bridget and the kiddos.

  16. How are things going now in LA?

  17. I have extra time to catch up in the blogging world, and I must tell you, I have really enjoyed my visit here. I did not know that you personally lived through this massive flooding. The pictures did make me sad, and I cannot imagine how much work is involved in this kind of devastation.

    I also love seeing all of your family pictures. What a lovely family you have! Thank you for sharing all the pictures. You are so blessed!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!


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