Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where Do I Begin...............

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Well, I think that I can safely say that fall has officially arrived! After weeks and weeks of rain and unseasonably warm weather, I was about to think that maybe fall would escape us this year. But, the past two days have been gorgeous fall days and I am so enjoying them. I got a bit eager almost a month ago and began pulling out fall decor and planting pansies. Mother Nature had teased us with some "fall-like" conditions and I got a little excited. Then the rains came and my poor pansies have almost drowned, but it appears that they have survived. I'm sure glad, as I planted almost 300 of those little "fellas." I
started planting them in pots about 3 years ago and just love the "showing" they make on our patio in the fall and winter months. I had to learn that you must cram them tightly in the pots in order for them to be lush. The first time I planted them in pots, I did it the same as I would planting them in the ground. That does not work!!

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Since my last entry, things in our family have been busy, busy! I cannot wait to share with you what all this busyness has been about. At this time it will have to remain a mystery to those of you who do not already know the extreme joy we have experienced. Due to the nature of this joy it cannot be blogged about at this time. But, I assure you that as soon as the green light is given, I will tell you all about it and will post pictures. Meanwhile, stay tuned.

Our daughter and her husband and Clancy paid us a visit this week to share in our joy and we so enjoyed our time with them. Clancy is changing almost on a daily basis and is such fun and we often have to hide our face so that he cannot see us snicker at something his Dad and Mom think he shouldn't be doing. Oh! the fun of Grandparenting!!! I had to snap this picture of him getting in the dishwasher before his Momma took action. I just thought it was too cute! ~smile~

Bridget and her family headed back to Ok. yesterday morning and the house suddenly became very quiet. I came down with a bad cold on Wed. and hadn't felt as good as I really wanted to, but managed to keep going. There just wasn't any time to feel badly. So, after they left I was ready for a little rest and a little quiet. It's always fun to share in family time and to celebrate the special times in our lives, but I seem to always be ready to settle back in to my daily routine once it is all over. I think that's how the Lord intended it to be, for us to be happy in each phase of our lives and so far, I have been.

Again, I look forward to sharing with you how the Lord has blessed our family in these past days. We have seen God's hand orchestrate every detail of a very special event and I look forward to blogging about it as soon as I possibly can. Blessings to you all!

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  1. Can't wait to hear all the details! I know you had such fun with that little one. I love to watch Chris' parents and my parents with my kids...makes me long for the day I have grandkids and can give 'em back when they start acting up! :)

    Hope you get some rest and start feeling better soon!


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