Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rosco and Rhett

I thought it was time that I introduced the rest of our family to my "blog readers." Now, you must first know, that until 2 1/2 years ago, I had a huge dislike for dogs. We had some bad experiences with a particular dog when the kids were growing up and I decided once he "went on" that we would NEVER have another dog. Do you hear me, NEVER!!! Well, we all know, "never say never."

Let me introduce you to Rosco first. Rosco, a chocolate lab, came to live with us 2 years ago this month. Our son and his wife were moving and needed to get rid of him. Well, my dear husband informed me that he was going to take him because he was such a good dog and he was past the puppy stage. Well, I informed him that if he did take that dog that he would be HIS dog and I would have nothing to do with him. Well, the day came for him to arrive. I went outside to see him and as soon as he jumped out of the truck, he came directly towards me. He looked up at me with those big brown eyes and seem to say, "I am so excited about my new home." Well, that was that! He won me over instantly!

About a year later Rhett showed up at our backdoor one morning. When I saw him I went after him with a broom. We WERE NOT going to have another dog. Well, Tommy and his soft heart just could not send him away. So, he takes him to the vet and finds out that he is mostly yellow lab and who knows what else. He is healthy and good natured. Tommy informs me that he is staying and will be a good buddy for Rosco. By the way, we named him Rhett because we thought that sounded good with Rosco. And, just as I'm sure you have guessed, he won my hard heart over too.

They both went to obedience school to learn commands of obedience and it was money well spent. They follow their commands so well and are absolutely the best natured dogs I've ever been around. We even put up invisible electric fence around our yard so that they could not wander off and bother any neighbors, or do "their business" in anyone else' yard. Guess you might say we are responsible pet owners. Yes, we did have them neutered too

Not long after becoming dog owners again Tommy decided that we needed company in the evenings and thought it would be nice to invite them in. Well, imagine my reaction to that. Absolutely not!!! I would draw the line on that one. No dog is coming in my house! Well, one night I was busy with something on the computer and Tommy decided to invite Rosco in. He put a beach towel down by his recliner and told Rosco to get on it and lay down and Rosco did just that. I finished what I was working on, walked into the room and almost had a heart attack. But, I must admit, I thought it was really sweet. Yes, I really did. So, off to Pet Smart we headed. Found two large sized beds that matched our decor and bought those crazy dogs beds. When we are home in the evening they are invited in after we have dinner and they have one particular trail they are allowed to take to get from the back door to their beds and when we get ready to go to bed they are taken outside. They have never wandered around in our house and let me assure, they never will!!! Tommy and I agree 100% on that, and I'm sure glad. They really are a lot of fun, although all they do is curl up and sleep from the time they get in their beds until we take them out. They snore almost as loudly as Tommy. ~smile~

You may notice them both in the same bed in the above picture. That's because Bella, our little toy poodle "granddog" had come for a visit that night and she is "queen" when she is here.

Rosco and Rhett are a source of entertainment for the entire neighborhood too. They love to sit under the oak trees and bark at the squirrels and will literally sit for hours looking up in the trees. They have worn the grass from under the trees and as "ticky" as Tommy is about his yard, I never would have thought he would allow such. But...........

Yes, dogs really are "man's best friend." They love you unconditionally and are always glad to see us drive up and wag their tails when they see us coming up to them. Oh! me, what a sucker I am!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Well, you're talking to the queen of sucker families here. Sarah said the other day, "It's okay if Ginger runs away. I know another animal will find us." Agh! Not that we want Ginger to run away, but it's sad that a 6 year old understands strays and taking them in! Great post - great pictures!

  2. We have had some very negative dog experiences as well. After the last debacle, I said the same thing, "NO MORE!" Especially because we do not have a fenced yard and it is almost 3 acres so we can't afford to fence it!

    Anyway, this Memorial Day, Aunt Nicole "blessed" the kids with a puppy for their Memorial Day gift. This was after I had told her we did not want one of their puppies.

    Guess what...we have a puppy. She was so little when we brought her home and I melted and allowed her in...until she started chewing, now she is banished outdoors. She stayed right around the house until the neighbor dogs got her running with them. Now she is bad about running off and all the dogs hang out in our yard and I am once again saying WHY?

    I told Chris I am asking for a shock collar for Christmas!

    Your dogs are sweet, did it right, get them after the puppy stage!


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