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Why We Are the Way We Are........

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Have you ever stopped and thought about why you are who you are and why you do what you do? We are all influenced by many things, but perhaps our greatest influence during our formative years is our parents. WOW! that's sort of scary isn't it? ~smile~ Scary or not, it's the truth. The role of our parents in our lives likely has had more to do with who we are today than any other single matter.

That is all the more reason that I am so thankful that I was blessed with some wonderful parents and their influence in my life has had some very positive effects in making me who I am.

Over the years one of the most consistent comments made to me about my self is my "obsession" in being organized. I always tell anyone who asks that both of my parents were very organized. I well remember as a child always seeing a 3X5 card in my Dad's pocket where he had written all of his "to do's" for the day. Mom didn't necessarily have a "to do" list each day, but she always kept our house very organized and orderly. I have few remembrances of our family ever being rushed to do anything. Mom always made sure that things were in order and we were ready to do or be wherever we needed to be.

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I will admit that often my organization "obsession" is "to a fault" and I have tried to be more aware of that in recent years. I operate daily by a list and feel that it makes me more productive and keeps me on track. I love all the new electronic gadgets, but have not found anything to beat my spiral bound calendar. It has plenty of room for me to enter each day's activities and I keep a clip on it for my grocery list. And, yes, I carry a pen around with me in the grocery store marking the items off my list as I get them.

I like plans too. I do not "fly by the seat of my pants" very well at all. I'm sure I'm sharing way more than any of you would care to know, but we're all "weird" in some way and I guess this is my "weirdness." When the children were growing up we had a "family calendar" and everyone's activities went on that calendar and we could look at it and know what each day held for us. While neither of my children have my obsession for organization and structure, I think they would say that they appreciated my efforts to keep our home "on track."

I have really never been bothered by other folks un-organization (I'm not sure that's a word) unless it directly affects me. I do not like doing business where there is disorder, but when it comes to others' "home operation" it matters not to me. To each his own.

I've often thought that I would love to be a Home Organizer. It would have to be so much fun to go into someone's home and help them get it organized. But, then it would be left up to them to keep it that way and that could be hard for someone that is just not "bent" that way. I've also thought it would be fun to have a show on the Home and Garden Network about organization. But, neither of those are going to happen, so I'm most content to just keep my own life organized and conduct an occasional seminar on the "Joys of Organization."

Happy organizing to each of you!
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  1. I have always envied your natural knack for organization! I've come a long way in recent years, but I still have a LONG way to go. :)

  2. Oh, how I wish I was a little more like that. I am so not, although I definitely see the need to be. For instance, I bought a planner and am very good at the beginning of each week to write down all our appointments, etc. But then...I ALWAYS forget to take it with me and often forget to check it. I do the same with my grocery list. Keep it running on the refrigerator and then go to the store without it.

    I would like to cordially invite you to come be my personal Home Organizer. If you can help deserve an HGTV show!


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