Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year's Chat

Good Afternoon Ladies, Let's just pretend that you and I are sitting on my couch having one of those great "afternoon chats." You know, the kind that only women can have. ~smile~

I feel like today is really the first day of the New Year for myself. I've been so busy getting things back in order from the Christmas celebration and family visits that I hardly realized that the New Year had even arrived. Hubby and I slept right through it's entrance.

In reading some other blogs that I've become attracted to, I notice that many of you have been some busy ladies too. Some of you are young Mothers with small children and I so enjoy reading about your lives and how you balance it all. While I'm glad to have that behind me, I look upon those years with precious memories. And, while I'm sure there are days that you wonder if your children will ever grow up (and do know, it's really okay to have those feelings at times) I assure you that you will not turn around twice and you'll be sitting right where I am. The nest will be empty and then you will take on more, such as daughter in laws, sons in laws and grandchildren. ~smile~ But, the good thing is that they will have their own homes and you will no longer have the full responsibility of their care. You will still have those "motherly concerns" and they will multiply as your children marry and have their children. Isn't it great that we have a heavenly Father to take those concerns to and then sit back and allow Him to do His work in their lives. He really doesn't need our help! I'm constantly having to remind myself of that fact.

I'm praying for a much calmer year and less eventful year. I was in such grief over the death of my precious Mom for most of last year and experienced many a dark day. But, the Lord walked me through and I can honestly say that I now KNOW I have come through the darkest of days. There will always be moments, but not a consumption of grief. The high note of the year was the addition of a precious Granddaughter. She was born almost one year after our first Grandchild, a little boy, was born. So, we feel blessed to have one of each at this time. Yes, it was a year of emotional highs and lows.

I have been given the privilege to begin facilitating a Beth Moore Bible Study in a couple of weeks. It is being sponsored by our Women's Ministry and I am honored they ask me to
organize and facilitate it. We will be doing, "Living Beyond Yourself," a study of

Day 442: PreciousImage by amanky via Flickr
the Fruits of the Sprit. I cannot think of a better way to begin
the New Year than a good Bible Study. I'm praying that the Lord will use it in each woman's life as He sees fit.

About 3 weeks ago I opened our mail and saw a piece of mail that I wished I wasn't seeing. It was a summons to serve as a possible juror for court. I have to report to the Courthouse tomorrow at 1:00PM and I am ashamed to say, I hope that I do NOT have to serve. I have so many plans for this week, things that I really think need to get done this week and serving as a juror is NOT one of them. I'm hopeful that when I get there they will just simply say that the case was settles out of court and I can leave. ~smile~ I'll let you know.

Today's Sunday School lesson was a great one for the first Sunday of the New Year. I want to share just a couple of points that spoke to my heart. When we search for meaning in life apart from God, we gain nothing from our effort; we will be in a continuous cycle that leads nowhere. Meaning is found only in a God-directed life. May the Lord keep that before me throughout this coming year.

In closing, I've been blogging since last March and one thing I have learned is that "bloggers" generally love comments. Now, please, know it's not your compliments I'm seeking, I'm just interested in who is actually reading my blog and if anything I've said might have meant something to them. I know that several read my blog because they've told me so, but I hope you will take the time to leave your comments at the end of my blog. Yes, I know you must register with Google and get a password. But, it's really a painless procedure and you will never have anything to worry about by doing t
hat. And, do know that I always leave some type of comments on the blogs I read, sometimes just a word or two, sometimes several sentences. Okay, ladies, have I convinced you?

Time for me to get up off the couch and work on one of my many projects around here. Hubby is kicked back in his recliner watching the ballgame and I may go and kick back in mine for a few minutes. After all, isn't the Lord's Day suppose to be a "day of rest?"

Enjoyed our chat............

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Yay! I am so glad you joined up with the Company Girls today! You are always so encouraging and I love to read about people who have successfully navigated through raising the young little ones and have moved gives me hope! :)

    I hope this year holds in store many blessings for you! I would give just about anything to be in your neck of the woods and attend that Bible study. Our Bible Study facilitator has decided to step aside, she wants to write a study of her own. I went out on a HUGE limb and offered to do it but I haven't heard back. I am just praying that I will seek God's will and not jump into anything He doesn't want me doing!

    I'll be thinking of you this week! Hopefully it will be jury duty free!

  2. I kind of giggled when I got to the end of your post about commenting because as I was reading the beginning of your post, I said to myself that I wanted to leave you a comment tonight! :-) Enjoy reading your blog!! Enjoy the Beth Moore study! Isn't she awesome?

  3. Enjoy the Beth Moore study. I've been praying for you and your family over the past year.
    Happy New Year!

  4. My first time by. LOVED your blog.

    I'm so sorry about the loss of your mom. My mother passed away ten years ago from cancer. I know that hurt.

    You are right, it does get better. I still miss her though and can't wait to hug her again.

  5. Lea - what a lovely post! I am one of those busy moms with little ones and some days it is simply impossible to balance anything. =) That's where letting go comes in and I'm praying that this year - as my girls are growing - I will be able to Let Go in those times even more.

    Our Women's ministry is hosting the study "Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed" - from Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur. It's only 6 weeks, and I'm considering joining. I hope you share about your new Bible study - we really can use all the encouragement we can get!


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