Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three for Three

What a beautiful day it is here in the South. It has actually gotten up to 47 degrees today. Now, my poor pansies look as though they need the temps to get up to about 75. They are pitiful!! But, I have faith to believe that they will resurrect in a few days. I've had them with ice covering them before and they always survived and came back in full array.

I decided to take off to Monroe again today and try and begin my search for a decorative rug to go in our family room. We've always just had carpet (cut and bound) to go over our wood floors, but I thought that perhaps a decorative rug would add more warmth to the room. Of course, the co-ordinating of a decorative rug is much more time consuming than just simply having carpet cut and bound. But, I'm up for the task and decided to begin today. I went to the furniture store that we have been doing business with for 25 years. I knew they sold rugs and could likely order the size that I need. I put a pillow from our couch and a pillow from the two matching chairs in a bag and off I went. I had no other mission in Monroe except to go there and hopefully find just the perfect rug. I pulled in the parking lot, jumped out of my vehicle and went and firmly grabbed the door to walk in. Well, I almost pulled my arm off because the door was locked. I looked at my watch and it was 9:45AM, they open at 9:00. I thought perhaps they had just forgotten to unlock this particular door and then I looked at a sign plainly posted in front on my face, "CLOSED TO PREPARE FOR INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE, REOPEN ON THURSDAY." Oh, my goodness, I couldn't believe it.

Red Door with LockImage by documentarist via Flickr
I returned to my vehicle, reminding myself that the end of the world was not at hand and that it really would be okay. Then decided that since I had nothing else to do in Monroe, I would just go by and check out Tuesday Morning. I have not been there in 3+ months and it's a fun place, to me, to just go and wander through. So, off I go. I parked, walked up to the door, grabbed it and again, almost pulled my arm off. This time I looked to see if there was a sign first thing. And, sure enough there was. This one said, RESTOCKING, CLOSED UNTIL FEBRUARY 15TH." I decided that it was time to head home.

On my way back home I remembered that I had planned to go by and get something framed at one of our local framing shops. So, ran by there and you guessed it, IT WAS CLOSED! So, as they say, "the 3rd time is a charm." It was indeed time to get home

I really had a good laugh and came home to work some more on the upcoming Bible Study and my continuing going through some of my Mom's things. I've pretty much gone through everything, except the pictures, and have been making labels for a lot of the things so that my children will know some of the various facts about the items. My Mom had labeled many of the items and I am so appreciative of that. Her honeymoon negligee was in a ziploc bag and I don't know if I would have figured out what it was or not had it not been for the note she had pinned to it. So, I in turn, remade the label with a bit more info. Some of the things I have found in this process are: the baby's book of Dad and Mom's first baby, a little boy, that died at 2 days old, the topper off of their wedding cake, and a slip handmade by my Mom when she was a teenager. Since going through these items and finding the notes my Mom had attached to them over the years, I decided that I should be doing the same. So, I have gone back to some things that I have stored and labeled them so that my children won't have to scratch their heads wondering what something is, or where it came from or what it means. You might find this a good suggestion too. I wish that I could thank my Mom for taking the time to do this over the years.

The Bible verse sitting before me today is, "I choose to cast my cares on You, Lord, and You will sustain me." Psalm 55:22 NIV What assurance to know that He will sustain me, no matter what may come.

May all of you have the happiest of weeks!

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  1. I have never even considered labeling things like that, probably because there is not an orgnaized bone in my body...but that is a GREAT idea. I have little "treasures" here and there that my children would be plum confused about if they just found them after I was gone.

  2. Oh, how wonderful to find such treasures, and know what they are! I definitely need to work on that - labeling my keepsakes.


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