Friday, April 30, 2010

Creepy Crawlers, Computer Issues and the Cleanest City


Okay Company Girls,want you to grab a bottle/glass of water as we visit around today. I made a commitment back in mid-February to start drinking more water. I am doing very well and usually drink between 60 and 70 ounces everyday now.  It has gotten easier and easier and I can really tell a difference in my body. 

  Monday afternoon I was doing our ironing and noticed something moving on the area rug in our family room. I saw that it was  a large salamander and I almost freaked out. I grabbed my flip flop off my foot and knew that I would have a hard time killing him with a rubber flipflop.  But, I couldn't leave the room to go get anything else because he might move.  I rared back with all my might and hit that fella with my flip flop and he went flying through the air but when he hit the floor he took off again. Yes, he was a little addled, but was still going.  He went under a chair and I turned the chair over and took out after him again and I finally knocked the life out of him.  I was so weak when the ordeal was over and my heart was racing out of my chest.   In the course of the 30 years we have lived in this house we have had a flying squirrel, a regular squirrel, lizards and birds in this house.  And, of course, there's always the bugs and spiders.  I get so upset over "creepy crawly things" and really think it's time to get a house cat. ~chuckle~ I'm pretty sure that Hubby would NOT agree to that remedy.

On Wednesday morning I was checking my email about 7:30 and the first thing I opened said it was from UPS. Well, that didn't surprise me because I do business with UPS and send quite a few packages through them.  The email had an attachment that said a package I had sent was undeliverable and the attachment would give me the details.  Well, I clicked on that attachment before "quick could get ready."  As soon as I did, I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I had made a huge mistake.  It was a hoax and I filled my computer with bugs, worms and Trojans, whatever all those things are.  I immediately call my "computer guru" and he told me to cut off my computer and he would come by and pick it up and clean it up.  Thank goodness I have my trusty laptop as well as the desktop. He didn't think it was going to be too big of deal, he said it can often look worse than it is.  So, I hope he was right.  It scared me too death and made me sick that there are folks out there that have nothing better to do than mess with other folks computers.  I did call our bank, our credit card companies and such so they could be on the look out for any suspicious activity.  

After calming myself from the computer issue I remembered that I was suppose to drive the judges for the Cleanest City Contest a little after lunch.  I had done this last year and had a lot of fun.  I just pretty much have to drive through a mapped out section of our town and tell the judges little "tid bits" about our city as we ride through.  I brought them back to the local
Vistor's Center where the Garden Club has a very nice reception for the judges and those involved in the contest.  We had some delicious desserts and the tables were adorned with these two gorgeous flower arrangements. We still have not heard whether or not we won, think we're suppose to find out tomorrow.  But, whatever the outcome, our city certainly looks a whole lot cleaner because of the efforts of a lot of folks and businesses.

I'm not sure what the week-end holds, but the forecast is calling for a lot of rain, so likely it will be  fairly uneventful . I do plan to make a huge pot of spaghetti sauce tomorrow and will freeze 3-4 containers for use at a later time.  I do love to have a stash of prepared foods in the freezer!

A happy week-end to all you Company Girls and for more visiting with Company Girls, check out Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary. 

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I don't like critters in the house either, luckily we are heavy on boys around here and THAT is their job!

    I hope ya'll do well in the cleanest city contest, what a great idea! Love the flower arrangements.

    Someday I am going to get organized enough to have meals in the freezer. I used to take a day and do several but I can't seem to get to that point anymore. Hope ya'll stay dry, we are supposed to have a wet weekend around here, too. However, no severe weather is predicted this weekend so I won't complain!


  2. What a crazy scare w/ the computer! Hopefully it won't cause too much damage.

    I'm trying to drink more water too... I've been feeling dehydrated as the weather has gotten warmer.

  3. You are SOOOO brave to go after a salamander with a rubber flip flop! That just gives me the heebie-jeebies! Ack!

    Ohhhh - that's so sad about the email bug! My husband had that happen at work recently - turns out it was just a fluke, and was really easy to clean up. SCARY stuff, tho...

    Oh what a fun "job" to drive judges around and eat great desserts. lol. The flowers were gorgeous!

    I have a mental desire to drink more water, but my body is lagging far behind... I am drinking more than I used to, but need to work on getting ENOUGH... Thanks for the motivation

  4. Those are such beautiful flowers!! It sounds like you had fun at the contest!

    The salamander, though...maybe not so much fun :) I have a hard time with the creepers and crawlers too.

    The azaleas in your picture are so pretty! I moved from NC out to CO, the land of azaleas to the land of...I don't know, grass and trees. I miss the bursts of color! there's a beautiful pink-purple tree out here, the colors of crepe myrtles but a different kind of tree. I haven't figured out what it is yet, but it sure is a new kind of beautiful!!

  5. ~shiver~ I am not a fan of anything creepy or crawly! Well done with the flip flop! Thanks for stopping by on Tuesday, have a wonderful weekend!

  6. When I was first married I could make a batch of spaghetti sauce and it would do hubby and I for three, I have to double the batch just to get thru on meal w/everyone. They do love my spaghetti.....Hope your area wins the contest. That's a neat idea!

  7. I hate salamanders. They are tough little buggers, too! So sorry you got a computer virus. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I'm glad you got him! Creepy crawlies give me the heebie jeebies. :)

    Those flower arrangements were gorgeous. Hope your city wins!

    Wish I had freezer space to save things, but I don't. I wish I just had someone who wanted to come over and cook every evening for me and my family. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I don't think it matter where one lives there are creepy little critters with which to contend. Likewise, whether we click on an attachment or just Google something, those computer creepy crawly things get into our computer. It's part of life today. I'm with you though. Get those critters outta here. Have a good week. Nice blog.


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