Friday, April 2, 2010

HE Arose - Hallelujah, HE Arose!

What a beautiful Easter week we have enjoyed! The weather has been  absolutely gorgeous, our yard has greened up, the trees are budding and it's all a constant reminder of our great Creator and Risen Lord. Makes me happy all over!!

                                            Peter Cottontail with his carrots on the Kitchen Island

I have had a pretty laid back week and those are really good once in a while.  I kept our precious almost 6 month old Granddaughter on Monday and Tuesday and made some sweet memories with her.  On Tuesday I dressed her up in one of her "cutesy" outfits and took her out to show her off.  It was such fun and she performed royally for her CiCi.  I tell you, her 15 pounds, plus the weight of the car seat, is just almost more than I can carry or manage. And, you almost  have to have an Engineering Degree to get them strapped in these car seats today.   Mercy, I don't know how these Moms do it on a daily basis. ~smile~  I see them all the time carrying the babies, plus a huge diaper bag on the other shoulder.  It's scary when I think about the fact that my kids were never in a car seat. (no other child was either) We just laid them on the seat beside us or put them in one of those molded plastic infant carriers, which were totally unsafe!  When they got big enough they usually just stood on the front seat beside me.  Ohhhhhhhh! the Lord certainly had His hand of protection over them.

Easter is possibly my favorite holiday of the year. I love all the cute decorations, especially the bunnies. I do not do a lot of decorating, just the kitchen island and the dining table. Those are the two places that we enjoy them the most.  And, I always have my Easter flag flying outside.  Like you really wanted to know all this, but, we Company Girls, really are into the "details" aren't we? ~giggle~

  We will begin our Easter by attending an Easter Sunrise Service conducted by my 80 year old Dad (he is a retired minister).  Breakfast will be served following the service and then we will head to our church for regular church services.  Then in mid-afternoon my Dad, step Mom and our son and his family will come over.  I'm thinking we'll grill steaks and enjoy some good ole' family time.  Sure wish our daughter and her family could make a quick trip from Oklahoma and join us.  The Easter Bunny has  a few surprises to share too. ~wink~ Do we ever outgrow the Easter Bunny?

                                                                   The Dining Table

I wish for you my Company Girls a most glorious Easter and may He be as real to you this Easter as the day you first met HIM! Blessings galore!

For more Company Girls Coffee check out Rachel's Home Sanctuary, you'll not meet a finer, more fun group of gals!  And, please know that I do not know why Blogger would not post my blog the correct way today. Totally aggravated me!  But, I did not have all the extra space between paragraphs, or the funky font size differences and I've tried for way longer than I should to get it "fixed" and nothing has worked.  So, I will post it "as is." 

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Have a wonderful easter! I love your anticipation. :)

  2. Happy Easter! I love your Peter Cottontail decoration.

  3. I'm glad you had a good time with your granddaughter. Isn't it funny how things have changed so much in how babies are cared for and all that. I've seen some grandparents with their grandbabies, and you'd think they need some kind of training even if they've mothered a handful of kids of their own. Seriously, which kid do I strap in first if it's raining outside? =p Anyhow, love all the Easter decor.

  4. Have a terrific Easter weekend Cici!

  5. I love all your decorations so, nice. Sounds like you & your grandchild had a wonderful day together.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  6. Thank you for sharing your decorations with us! They are adorable!

    I will have to put Beth's Living Beyond Yourself on my wish list for a future study. Just the title sounds amazing. Have you done Esther? That one was life changing for me last year!

    Blessings to you. Happy Easter!

  7. Hi! I bought Hudson's Easter bucket on from a seller named monkeyseeboutique. She did a great job with it & we have enjoyed it!! Happy Easter!

  8. LOVE all your decorations. I really wish I did that...but these days I am doing good just to clean the tables, forget about decorating them!

    I hope you had a lovely day. I thought this weekend was going to be a little more laid back but it has been crazier than ever and I am just now getting around to blogging. It'll take me till Friday to get through this week!

    Glad you got some "baby time".It is crazy all that you go through these days, but they are worth it! Hope you have another nice laid back week this week!

  9. I've often wondered about the kids flying free in the cars when I was growing scary!

    Way to go, CiCi--taking your little blessing around. So fun.

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!


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