Monday, October 18, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1. Remember those precious little Corgi puppies........well, the time has now come for them to find new homes. And, only in "small town America" can you just peddle them on the side of a busy road. 
 Yes, that's my sweet little Grandson and his Daddy sitting on the side of the road. All I could say was "mercy me."  But, who wouldn't want one of these little puppies when they pass by and see my Grandson sitting there holding them.  Of course, they are NOT giving them away. They've sold 3 and have 2 more to go. Any takers?

2. Hubby and I were coming home at dusky dark the other night and just before turning in our driveway he noticed a big snake in the middle of the road. He backed up and ran over
it and noticed it was a Copperhead. He saw that it was still moving so he left me to keep an eye on it (from the vehicle) while he went to the shop and got a shovel and came back and took care of that nasty fella. Need I say what kind of dreams I had that night.  I am absolutely scared too death of snakes!!!
3.I can't believe that's it's only a week and a half before I'm Vegas bound and will be seeing Cher in her final concert at Caesar's Palace.  
Now,  know that I do not care for the person Cher, but, you've got to admit, the woman can sing!!  I grew up watching "The Sonny and Cher Show" and loved it. I'm going with two girlfriends and we are so excited about this "girls getaway." I mean, no matter how old we get, there's times we still go by the name "girls" and this is definitely one of those times. "Ladies getaway" just doesn't have much of a "ring" to. ~giggle~

4. Our Women on Mission group met this past Thursday and we made fresh flower arrangements in mugs to take to the nursing home.  This is just the greatest group of ladies 
and  I enjoy being with them. This group consists of ladies ranging in ages from early 50's to mid 80's. Talk about wisdom!  And, I thought my flower arrangement really turned out quite well considering I had no idea about what I was doing.~smile~

5. Our dogs have got the life and I really think they know that.
Rosco and Rhett
They have a big yard to play in (with an electric fence all the way around it) and a very nice kennel that they stay in at night. Hubby keeps that kennel as clean as a whistle and it's a good thing that he does because it not a chore that I care anything about doing. And, he keeps them as clean as a whistle too. Yes, I do believe they are some "spoiled dogs."
6. I went on a day trip this past Tuesday with some friends. In passing through one of the little towns we came across this house. I thought it was some kind of business, but it wasn't. It
is someone's house and obviously they really get "into" decorating. I'll just leave it at that. ~smile~ Certainly caused some conversation for us. But, hey, it's their house and I guess they can do with it what they want to. Right?

As always it's fun to link up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday. I love the randomness and always look forward to reading your random thoughts and thanks for reading mine.
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you have an amazing time on your girls trip! Be sure to stop at the M&M store in Vegas...that is about the only thing I enjoyed in the whole city!!!

    I LOVE your flower arrangement, you did an amazing job and I know those beautiful flowers bless the residents of the nursing home.

    As for the house...I'm left a bit speechless. I frequently laugh about my lack of decorating, I think they have gone the opposite extreme. Wow!

    Have a great week. Can't wait to hear about Vegas!

  2. How fun that you're going to see Cher in Vegas! That will be a wonderful getaway for you and your girlfriends...enjoy every moment of it!!

    What a beautiful flower arrangement! It is so awesome to take such things to nursing homes. I'm trying to think of something creative for the kids and I do to and take to our local nursing home. When Noah was a baby I took him with our playgroup to the nursing home for Halloween dressed in his costume. The residents were so happy to see all of the kids in their costumes and I had so much fun watching it!

    Oh my...that house...I'm such a minimalist when it comes to outdoor decorations :)

    I hope the week ahead is a blessed one and that your trip to Vegas is a wonderful one where you make lots of new memories!

  3. I loved your Miscellany Monday. First of all, I wish my husband wasn't allergic to animals as I would love to buy one of those precious puppies. And who could resist with your grandson sitting there so cute and all?

    I love Cher's music too. I grew up with Sonny and Cher. Remember their TV show? Cher's looks have certainly changed over the years, haven't they? Gypsies, tramps and thieves was popular when I was in nursing school and we gals used to sing it together. I know, I know ...

    Have fun in Vegas with the girls!

    I came by also to let you know I tagged you over at Heart Choices for 7 questions. If you prefer not to participate, it's OK. Not everyone enjoys this kind of thing but I find it a great way to get to know one another better. And I'd love to get to know you better. :) I think we are of the same generation, living out our 50's with some wisdom I hope and pray.

    Blessings and love,

  4. You are so cute.....yes, the house would make for good conversation! Our dogs live the good life too..... it's easy to spoil them when their so darn cute! Have fun seeing Cher...that should be very exciting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  5. Thanks for leaving such kind comments on my blog ~ truely you touch my heart with your warm words. husband and I are blessed with the relationship we have with his brother. Of course including our children ~ that sums up our family. Why I am sharing this with you, is because I want you to know that when I read the things you write to me, such as 'your an amazing mother, wife'...I don't know I guess it's just something I've always wanted to hear from my...well you see my point. You have touched my life. You're amazing ~ Love, EMichelle


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