Monday, October 4, 2010

Miscelleny Monday

 1. Oh, I do think that Fall has fully arrived and to welcome it this week, I bought these gorgeous Sunflowers at the grocery store. They seemed to say "Fall has arrived."  Now, I can't

remember ever seeing anything except yellow Sunflowers but Google says that they do come in other colors but the most common is yellow.  So, there, guess these have not been dyed.  I mean "Google is the Gospel" isn't it? ~chuckle~

2. Yea me! Hooray! Hooray! I've just gotten 50 wonderful followers! I felt the need for fireworks over this milestone.  As
I've said in previous posts, it doesn't take much to get some of us excited!  But, in all sincerity, if you are one of those 50, I thank you. I didn't even know what a "follower" was when I began blogging 19 months ago. But, it didn't take long for me to figure it out and I really am "tickled pink" to have some of my own now.

3. We celebrated our Grandson's 2nd birthday on Sat. and I don't know who had the most fun, him or the rest of the family.  One of the most fun gifts he received was this Dr. Seuss hat and book. My step Mom made the hat and we were all so impressed. And notice his new cowboy belt.
4. Some of you may remember that I was undecided about the music I had on my blog.  It just never did sit well with me, so I finally "bit the bullet" and removed it this week-end.  And, I don't miss it, so guess I made a good decision. ~smile~

5. Good grief, do the word verifications drive you crazy at times?  I mean really, I think whoever makes these up delights in having us do it 2-3 times before we get it right. Some of those letters are just hard for my 58 year old eyes to make out. ~smile~

6.  I'm in the process of having my blog redesigned by a professional. I didn't know there were so many decisions to make when undertaking such a project  but I'm excited about the end result.  I'm hoping I've made choices that I can live with for a long time.  Shucks! it's almost like a marriage, "till death do us part."  ~chuckle~

May you all have a wonderful week and I hope everyone is experiencing a little bit of the fantastic Fall we're enjoying here in Northeast Louisiana.

For more fun, check out Carissa's Miscelleny Monday.And, if you have not read her post, "And, then there was You" be sure you do!  It's such a "good read."

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Those are so pretty! I love sunflowers. I am with you on those letters rambles. I hate those. It takes me a while to do it too. Congrats on 50!! How fun! Happy belated bday to your grandbaby! Thanks for sharing your randomness!
    Have a blessed Week!

  2. congratulations on your 50 followers!! :>) Word verifications make me crazy - especially if I don't have my glasses on!!!Enjoy your week!

  3. I'm impressed..50 followers, I have been blogging for like 3 years and I have 12, not too impressive! It used to bug me, but now I just blog for me and family and friends and don't worry about it!

    Looks like you had a great birthday with Clancy! Love the hat, what sweet memories.

    I am right there with you on the word verifications...they can drive you nuts!

    Fall has arrived here, too. I thought I would welcome it, but I am FREEZING! I guess I am never happy! I was a good little girl this morning and ran 36 degrees, surely there is an award out there for that! :)

    Hope you have an amazing week! Blessings.

  4. Congratulations on the 50! I am one of them and I am always glad I stopped by for a visit! Those sunflowers are beautiful!It is Fall here for sure as well...12c this morning, brrrr.
    Blessings on your week!

  5. The word verifications drive me nuts! They're not so bad on least you can read them...but some other blogs have them so warped and hidden, it's almost impossible to figure it out.

    As for followers...I predict your following will just continue to grow, thanks to the warmth and pleasantness of your blog.

    I find myself checking my followers regularly to see if there are any new ones. So far, I haven't even hit 25 yet!

  6. Those sunflowers are beautiful! Congratulations on 50 followers. I just love your blog. You are always so real and personal. Oh I can't wait to see your new blog design. I absolutely love my designer. She's only 14 but is so very talented! Happy birthday to your grandson! Love the hat!

  7. Happy Monday :)

    Those sunflowers are gorgeous! I didn't realize they came in other colors - thought yellow was it! You learn something new every day (especially in the blogging world!).

    Congratulations on having 50 followers! I'm proud to count myself among those 50 :) Ironically, I think I just hit 50 last week too! I can't believe that many people found little old me interesting enough to come back to. It's humbling and I pray that my blog is a blessing to those who read just as yours is to me!

    I am with you on the word verifications. I don't think it matters how good your eyesight is - they are downright cryptic! I mess them up all the time and I have perfect eyesight ;)

    That Dr. Suess hat is so adorable! What a talented woman to create such a cute thing. Your grandson is precious and you can see the delight in his face. Happy Birthday to him!

  8. Beautiful flowers!

    I will not miss the blog music :) Blog music kida drives me crazy. I keep the speakers on the computer turned off most of the time so I don't hear it.

  9. Woo hoo; I'm your 51st follower! However, I never liked the 'follower' name. I've got to talk to those Google friend people. I changed mine to 'Circle of Friends' after seeing that on another's blog.

    You have a sense of humor and I love that. I look forward to your posts. And btw, wasn't that wonderful to read about Steve McQueen? I love to hear about another surprise in heaven.

    Blessings and love,

  10. This post was so cute! I love the sweet words you put on my blog SO very much. You are precious!
    So excited about your followers! Isn't it fun to know other people actually read what we write?! Your little grandbaby is too precious. I can tell y'all had a blast.

    And I TOTALLY agree about the word verification thing. Gracious, drives me crazy!

    Thank you for your prayers. Keep 'em coming! You are so sweet!

  11. Well this is fun...what a precious grandson and birthday...yea on your followers...enjoyed your randomness..the orange sunflower is great!

  12. I just realized that you're not getting my reply emails since your email address isn't in your profile - oops!!

    Here is my response to your email from earlier today :)

    So much fun! I hope you'll post some pictures :) I'm really hoping
    to get out to the Pumpkin Patch this year. It's not exactly the most
    handicap-accessible place so I don't know if it's going to happen but
    I'm going to try my hardest! If I can graduate from a walker to
    crutches it may be possible!

    Thanks so much - I am feeling a tad better and making progress every
    day (at least that's what the physical therapist tells me!). I'm
    really looking foward to my next visit with the surgeon on 10/27 where
    he'll x-ray my left leg and determine if it's ready to bear some
    weight. I'm hopeful!

  13. Love your grandson's hat...too cute!
    I'm also excited to see your redesign--what fun. :D


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