Monday, December 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Listen up gals, I want to share something very special with you this morning. Some of you have asked and others of you have probably wondered why I talk about, but never post pictures of our precious Granddaughter. She was adopted by our son and his wife a little over a year ago and they are just not comfortable posting pictures of her on the Internet at this time.  I do not know how many of you have ever been involved in an adoption but it is HUGE! This was a private adoption handled through an adoption attorney and we saw the hand of God on the entire process from the very beginning.  She was placed in the arms of our son and his wife within minutes of her birth and words cannot describe that moment. I really thought my heart might just burst wide open with emotion.  We could not love her any more and you will just have to take my word for it, she is a little doll with the most adorable personality.  And, almost everyday someone talks about how much she looks like her Daddy.  God is just like that isn't He? I look forward to one day posting pictures of her but until then, just know that it will be worth the wait. 


I'm probably one of the few folks that has never owned an Ipod, that is, until this past Friday.  I got one of the new Ipod Nanos. Oh, my goodness, it is the tiniest little gadget and I am just totally amazed at what it can do.  I got it for the purpose of downloading sermons and Bible teachings and listening to them while I walk on my treadmill.  I was shocked when I went to the ITunes store and saw all the Podcasts that are available in sermons and Bible Studies and almost all of them are FREE. How cool is that!  Yes, I'm just "plum excited" over my Ipod!

Me with Amy and An
 I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for my Vietnamese adopted daughter yesterday afternoon.  No, she's really not my adopted daughter, but I've always referred to her that way.  She and her husband, Le, own the nail salon that I have been going to for 10 years and she and her family are very special to me. Amy and Le have a 13 year old daughter and an 11 year old son and will add another son to their nest the first of February. I do not know anyone that works any harder than this couple, nor do I know anyone more proud to be an American than them. They are special folks indeed!
An helping her Mom open a gift

I have made some many wonderful friends through blogging and I would just love to meet them.  I'm thinking a  "Bloggers Convention" would be awesome.  Now, how on earth that could be organized is beyond me, but it sure is fun to think about. I never knew that blogging would introduce to me to such great ladies, but what a fun adventure it has been!

If "the Lord is willing and the creek doesn't rise" (something my Grandma use to say) I will get our Christmas gifts wrapped or bagged this coming week.  My goodness, I've had them long enough that this task should have already been accomplished, but.......... I don't like to even start on it until I know that I can stay with it until it's done.  I've had the 3-5 hours it will take, just not all at one time. But, I'm thinking that it may be possible today. Yea!!! Stay tuned........

One gal I would like to meet at that Bloggers Convention I'm dreaming about is sweet Carissa, our host for Miscellany Monday. If you want to read more MM, click on the button above and enjoy yourself.

Wishing for each of you a stress free week as we anticipate the celebration of our Saviors birth.     

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I can certainly understand why you do not want to post pictures of your precious granddaughter. Adoption is a beautiful thing. I have told myself if I were better off financially, I would adopt, but then some would say I am not trusting God for the finances. Well, maybe someday I will adopt! It's totally in my heart.

    You are going to love your iPod and those new ones are too cute!

    I would love to meet you one day at a bloggers convention!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Have fun with your ipod! I would love to meet some bloggy friends!!

  3. Totally understand not posting the pictures...but enjoy, enjoy her! What an awesome blessing.

    Oh I have never had an ipod, but I have some knock off and I have enjoyed it on my and sermons! God has even shuffled them when walking (LOL, or it seemed like He did) and I would hear exactly what was needed in the enjoy!!

    Blogger convention...what a hoot it would be to meet so many...I am really in awe! I am meeting wonderful Christian women all over the world..who would have believed this was possible?

  4. I would love the blogger convention! That would be a blast...

    You know, I think it would be so great if you told us more about how you saw God's hand in the adoption -- without being specific, but still showing us His glory? Sounds like a good Soli Deo Gloria post, but you know, I'm just sayin'...:)


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