Monday, December 20, 2010

Miscellany Monday

This is such a special post for me each week. I cannot even remember how I came across this meme, but I'm so glad that I did, it's a bright spot to the beginning of my week. Thanks Carissa!


Our church choir presented it's Christmas musical for yesterday's morning worship service.  One song in the musical, A Broken Hallelujah, was my favorite of the entire presentation.  If you have not heard it, I invite you to check it out here and listen as Mandisa sings it.  We all have those times in our lives when shattered praise is all we have to offer HIM and this song tells how that shattered praise is our Broken Hallelujah. Oh, just blessed my heart! 


Saturday was a bit of a somber day for me. I was in a most reflective state as I thought of Christmases through the years and how much things have changed.  Tommy and I only have one parent left, the children have grown and now have families of their own, there's no more "going home" for us, our house is now "home."  Do you get my drift?  Outside of losing three of our parents, the rest is not necessarily sad, it's just different. But, as I thought about it, tears wanted to flow and you know what, I just let them flow.  Sometimes we just need a good cry, I find that tears are one of the best "drugs" on the market. ~smile~  


Saturday evening Hubby and I were nestled in our warm recliners, busy on our laptops and watching TV when the doorbell rang.  We were not expecting company and I headed straight to the back of the house as I was not really appropriately dressed.  Tommy goes to the door and it was our dear friends (and they are our neighbors as well) with their three sons and their families caroling.  I managed to get appropriately dressed and grabbed my camera so that I could share the lovely group with you. 
Aren't they a great looking group!
Even the newest member of the family came along, she's 6 weeks old
A most happy "Pops"
Daddy and daughter enjoying the moment
Let me just say, it was a bright spot in that somber day I was experiencing.  What a lovely family!

Okay gals, if you do not know about Wild Olive Tees, you need to.  As I was blog hopping  this week-end I saw something about them on Pioneer Women's blog and just had to check them out.  They do the coolest t-shirts, with scripture on them, that I've ever seen.  Three young christian Moms came up with the idea and the rest is history.  It's probably too late to get one for a Christmas present, but hey, Valentine's Day isn't that far away.
As the last few days before Christmas  unfold, may your hearts be filled with the love and peace of the Christ child.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh of course my heart jumped on the eyes got tearing thinking that is how we looked when we many little kids and babies our first year...this year teenagers, young adults, and our four year old...but still so precious.
    You are the second one of my blogging buddies that had carolers this year...we have never had any! We just go caroling.

    I too love that is my far my number one for the year.

    Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoying getting to know you!!!

  2. How fun to have carolers! I want to do that!

    I totally think tears are a great "drug" glad you could let it out. I know this is a hard time of year when you reminisce about lost loved ones but you have such a beautiful family coming behind you and a beautiful future in heaven before you! How precious is the hope of salvation! Hope you have an amazing week and enjoy Christmas with your children!


  3. My sisters are coming in to the area this week for our family's Christmas ... but without my mom, it's not the same. And with DD married with her own family to spend Christmas with, it's just not the same. I definitely get what you mean about Christmas being different.

    I haven't heard A Broken Hallelujah and will definitely check it out.

    Enjoy this last week leading up to Christmas.

  4. no, thank you, lea! i always love to have you!!! you really are so thoughtful, caring and sweet. i always enjoy reading your posts.

    #1 - love Mandisa. she rocks. what a beautiful song!

    #2 - i can completely understand what you are saying. i remember the year after my died dad (i was 9) and christmas just didn't feel the same. but, then the new different becomes normal. it's weird how that works.

    #3 - nothing like an adorable group of carolers to cheer you up!!!

    #4 - wow, those really are fantastic tees!!! love them.

    although it feels different, i hope your christmas celebration is blessed! praise the Lord for sending His son - what a gift we have, indeed!



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