Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Goodness, is seems that the Mondays come quicker and quicker.  But, that means more Miscellany Monday with Carissa, so that's a good thing.  


South Louisiana is bracing for more destruction.  The Morganza Spillway was opened yesterday which will hopefully prevent New Orleans and Baton Rouge from "going under."  But, it's at the expense of lots of other losses, such as acres and acres of farmland.  Our city (in NE Louisiana) has a large evacuee center and I heard this morning that there are about 1800 folks headed our way .  Hubby and I will have to cross the Mississippi River on Wednesday as we head towards Atlanta.  I'm not looking forward to it at all.  The water is within 3 feet of the roadway and that's too "close for comfort" for me. 


I made a run through the Dollar Tree this past Friday and saw some bags of leis.  I decided that my little Princess might  have a good time with them and I was so right.  She spent Friday afternoon with me and  entertained herself royally with them.  She put them over her head, around her arms, and around her feet.  It was just the cutest thing to watch her.  And, what amazed me was that she never put them in her mouth.  An afternoon of fun for $1.  Now, you can't beat that!


I received such a blessing this past Thursday.  Our Women on Mission group went to our local assisted living home.  We had a "Name That Tune" and sing-a-long with them.  I was the designated leader and my heart smiled as I saw those sweet folks enjoy singing some of the old hymns of the faith.  Of course, I was raised on those hymns, so they brought back a lot of memories for me too. 

Okay, can I just tell you how excited I got when I saw that Shutterfly now offers customized photo books.  I have been doing photo books through Shutterfly for the past several years and I love them.  But, as I was scouting out the new look they are offering, I think I'm going to love them even more.  I always do two photo books each year.  One for the first half of the year and one for the second half of the year.  Since mine for the first half of this year is already up to date, I'll wait until I start the second half of the year to start with the customization.  Perhaps doing a customized photo  book for our 40th anniversary cruise coming up in July would be a good one to start on.  Yes, I do love me some Shutterfly!


So many of you have been so kind with your encouraging words regarding our daughter and family's move to Dodge City.  I'm pleased to report that they have finally found a house to lease and will be moving in this Wednesday.  Needless to say, it is not a day too soon.  A hotel room and a 2 1/2 year old active little boy does not work well.  Especially after two long weeks. ~smile~ And, we have our first visit scheduled for June 15th.  Everyone is adjusting and we are loving FaceTime!!  Oh, my, what technology can do!  Clancy doesn't quite understand why he can see us but can't touch us.  He reaches out and hugs the IPad and gives us kisses.  Now, how much sweeter can it get when 750 miles seperate you?

Hubby and I will be headed towards Atlanta on Wed. for a visit with his sister and her husband.  There's always lots of fun in store when we visit them.  I may or may not find the time to check on you while I'm away, but I'll be back next Sunday and hopefully ready for MM with Carissa next week.

Happy week to you!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh my, you be careful on that bridge! Seems the "disasters" have been a few too many this past month or so with the tornado's, flooding, etc. Our area was hit with the tornado, and I know that loss is loss, but our area was so blessed with donations, help and assistance, that we started donating to a town about two hours away from us. I took a truck load of items this past week-end to them, and their town is something like you would see on a horrible sci-fi movie.
    I know the assisted living resident's enjoyed what you did. I am a nurse and have a long history with nursing homes, and the resident's LOVE activities like this. It is the only thing that some have to look forward to.
    Have a great week Cici :)

  2. I feel so sad for the farmers especially. Such a hard way to earn a living but so important to the whole world. Have a safe trip!

    I love the old hymns too...that was sweet : )

  3. My heart aches for all the people in our home state of Louisiana and the surrounding states...seems like one thing after another...I guess that is why folks are called "steel magnolias"
    Looks like your Princess had fun with the lays..and the price cerainly is right...happy days
    You are a gifted photographer...I have enjoyed your pictures for years and you get better and better...what a treasure...Have a great trip to Atlanta...and be careful crossing the Mighty Mississipppi...

  4. Thanks for the tips on shutterfly. Have been looking for exactly this sort of thing and its nice to know that others are happy with their services. Have a fabulous week.

  5. I love your blog header! It's beautiful.

    I'm headed to Atlanta for my first time ever on Thursday! A friend is getting married and I'm so excited for the opportunity to visit the south.

    Have a nice week!

  6. I'll bet Name that Tune was fun! You look right in your element there. I also love me some Shutterfly! Can't wait to try out their new books. I got an email that they are having a $10 off promotion. Maybe I'll have to get a book together and see.

  7. i love shutterfly's photo books too! i did one after baby #4 ...she's 2 and loves pointing at the sweet baby in all the photos. i keep reminding her that that baby is her! :o) i love going back in time with her

  8. All the flooding is just terrible. Especially when it comes to choosing between one place or another. May you have safe travels! It sounds like you're in store for fun!

    Photo books are awesome! And filling it with your cruise trip sounds like a no-brainer!

    How sweet of you to go with WOM (great organization, btw) and sing to the elderly. I know that was a blessing for you and them!

  9. The farm lands in southern Illinois and southern Missouri are dealing with what the Louisiana farmers are going to have to deal with. I understand that sometimes difficult decisions have to be made, but when you think about how these farmers often are barely able to eke out a living and when you think about how long it will take to get their land fit to farm again, it's just so sad.

    I'll be praying that this flooding will allow the Mississippi levels drop enough that you will have safe passage on that bridge.

    What a sweet thing your group did at the assisted living home. Isn't that the way it usually goes ... not only are the residents blessed, but so are those who give their time to visit the residents. ;-)

    I'm so glad that you won't have to wait too much longer to see your sweet daughter and your sweet grand ... I'm sure it feels like it's a long time, but it will be here soon. I know you can't wait!

    Have a great week.

  10. The flooding has been devastating for so many. I especially feel for the farmers who have lost their source of income. I pray for safe travels for you! So thankful your daughter and her family have found a house.

  11. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for always leaving encouraging comments on my blog. So sweet of you!
    Enjoy your trip-

  12. Cute, cute the singing of the hymns for the "young at heart" people
    Sorry about the floods....and yes, a book for your anniversary

  13. Lovely post, Lea. I love the picture of you at the sing-a-long. There is such beauty and joy that radiates from that moment captured. Thank you for sharing you.

    Stay safe.


  14. Your #3 has me in tears. I love your heart. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HEART!!

    My heart is breaking. Between the tornados and flooding...I am praying for a miracle soon!

    I hope your Monday has been nothing but blessed!

  15. i have always wanted to try a shutterfly book. i've got those hawaii pics to do something with. that may be just the ticket!


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