Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

 Yes, it has been a long and winding road these past 19 days and it will likely only get longer and more winding in the days ahead.  Yesterday was a tough, tough day for me, but today I've been able to "go forth" and face the day.  For those of you who know me, you know that I can face whatever is thrown my way, but I do have "meltdowns" during the course.  Those "meltdown" usually consist of a whole lot of crying.  I have found that, for me, crying is like therapy and medication.  It is so purifying to my soul and it is at that time that I know the Lord is hearing the groaning of my heart. 

Yesterday morning the Drs. made the decision to move Daddy to ICU.  They felt that he needed to be monitored very closely due to a decrease in his respiratory functions. At that time the Drs. said it was not a critical situation, but they were being very cautious.  Dad's team of Drs. have more than impressed me.  LSU is a state facility and is a teaching hospital and is known to have some of the best Drs. in the state.  We are  grateful to be here where we feel that Dad is receiving great care.  It is about 100 miles from our home, but that is okay. We are making it work and we will continue to for as long as is necessary.

Sybil and I were able to go in and visit Dad for the first time in ICU at 4:00 yesterday afternoon.  I had prepared myself for the worst and I was pleasantly surprised when we saw him.  He was very alert, aware of where he was and so glad to see us.  He tried to have conversation but his voice is so very weak and it takes every ounce of his energy to talk.  He has his own nurse and she was a "jewel."  I have such respect and admiration for the truly "called" nurses. They have such compassion and it is apparent that they are in the profession because of their "calling" and not just the pay.  

When I went back for the 8:00PM visit last night, he was very weak and weary, but so glad to see me.  I left there with mixed emotions about weather or not he is going to be able to beat this GBS.  It is such a devastating condition and the recovery, even for the younger person, is so, so difficult and can take months and even years.  I am trying hard not to question God but I would be lying if I said that I had not.  Why would He allow such to happen to a man who has served Him faithfully throughout his life?  That is not for me to know at this time, and perhaps I will never know. But I do know that even during this time  Daddy is being a testimony to Him and I praise Him for that.  And, I know that just when I think I cannot go on, He pulls me up and under girds me with His never failing strength.  

I was encouraged when I visited Dad this morning.  He did not seem as weak and he asked me if I would shave him.  I took that to be a very positive sign and he even wanted me to put some aftershave on him. ~grin~ Throughout this entire ordeal he has not lost his sense of pride and vanity.  He also wanted me to make sure that his hair looked presentable.

The Dr. came in while I was there and he said that Daddy had improved since yesterday, ever so slightly, but has improved.  We are grateful for any sign of improvement at this point.  He said that he would probably be in ICU a couple more days and then back to a regular room.  But, they always say, "that is if things stay as they are now."  And, things have had a tendency to change from day to day up to this point.  Another positive thing, Daddy had a good night last night.  That is the first night since he went in the hospital 16 days ago, so that was great news.  He even told me that he felt rested this morning.

It is almost time for me to go back for the 4:00PM visit and I hope that he has had a good day.  I thank all of you for your prayers and sweet words of encouragement.  Those of you that I have never personally met, you have become even more dear to me through this time.  I feel a special kinship with you and thank the Lord our paths have crossed in the "blogging world."  Those of you that are visiting my blog just as a means to stay updated on Daddy, I thank you. It is the easiest way I have to keep everyone updated and it's therapeutic  for me. ~smile~

It is indeed my faith in HIM  that is carrying me down this long and winding road.  

I will plan to update again on Thursday and in between will be posting snippets on FaceBook. 

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. So glad to read positive things today. I prayed so hard for your Dad this morning that TODAY would be a better day. I will continue to do that. Please keep posting regularly. Much love.....

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on your dad's condition. I pray that the Lord will be his comfort at this time.

  3. sending prayers to your Daddy and prayers for you too! Keep us posted on your Daddy's condition. I think its a good sign that he wants to get "presentable" in the mornings. Tell him "all of us" in the blogging world are praying for him.

  4. I am so glad to hear that there were signs of improvement today. Praise God! I have been praying twice a day for your dad, and I will continue to do so. I think we all have our meltdowns in one way or another...crying seems like a good way to me as does writing your thoughts and feelings down. I pray as well that the Lord will mimister to your heart and refresh you with His grace and peace. Hugs, Debbie

  5. Leah, I've been praying for your sweet daddy. Every time I look at the cross he made for me. Loved seeing some positive news today.

  6. "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning .Great is Thy faithfulness."

    How good to know your dad wanted his face shaved. My dad would be the same way--shaves twice a day so he never has the 5:00 shadow. And I would be both honored and humbled to be ask to serve him that way if he were unable. I hope you felt the Lord smiling upon you.

    Crying is indeed a gift from God to help us keep from stuffing the pain. It's good to let it go, even if it returns again and again. Love to you and yours.

  7. Glad for a better night (Monday night)....praying for a better one tonight....Carl and Mary K.

  8. It's been proven that we release toxins through our tears, so cry away. Will continue to pray for you and your dad. Make sure you take care of yourself, too!

  9. Lea, I am so glad your Dad is improving and that he is sleeping better...Just know that Leslie and Alexis and Deb at there in Shr. and would love to help you if you need anything....There cell # are:
    Leslie 318-401-5105
    Alexis 318-218-7102
    Deb 318-237-8585
    Deb is working at the VA, Alexis works for a Dr. , and Leslie is available to help whenever...
    Praying for you and your Dad everyday...Love

  10. So glad you are seeing signs of improvement...I will continue to pray that the improvement will be steady until he is up and going again.....

    Be sweet to yourself and remember God will catch each tear in His tender hand......


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