Monday, October 17, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters

Well, I'm getting this entry done way later than I like to, but decided to just go ahead and join in the fun.  After all it is still most definitely Monday and Carissa didn't say the posts have to be linked up in the morning.  I'm still trying to find my new "normal" and blogging just has to fit in when it can.

one - lowercase

i am going to do my best to do this whole entry in lowercase letters.  do you know how difficult that is for me?  but, each week i think how much better it would be if i fully participated in this meme, so today is the day.  it's all lowercase letters for me!  aren't you impressed carrisa!

two - homecoming

i am quite certain that the neighbors probably wondered what in the world was going on at our house this past saturday late afternoon.  we had the lovely group of kids pictured above over having a photo shoot in our yard.  now, know that each kid you see in the above picture had a set of parents that came with them, thus, it was a yard full!  i couldn't help but think, once again, of how times have changed. my goodness, homecoming was a special event when i was in high school but there was no dance and no "froo-froo" clothes. i mean, that was saved for prom. there was enough excitement generated by this crew to feel a mile away. oh, to be young! 

three - flipflops

one of the mothers at the photo shoot had the flipflops pictured above on saturday afternoon.  i thought they were the cutest and of course, they are lsu flipflops. yea, tigers and yea lsu! 

four - pistol packin' momma

okay, girlies, does the above picture scare you?  it does me!  hubby has been wanting me to learn to shoot a pistol and then he wanted me to take a concealed weapon course that was offered this past saturday.  i wasn't crazy about either one, but because i'm such a good wife (giggle) i decided i would.  he took me out shooting last week so that i would not be in total dark when it came time to the shooting part of the class.  i took the course, passed with flying colors (wink) and will now apply for my concealed weapon permit.  i know, i look way too girlie for such don't i? but, i am glad that i took the course, i know so much more than i've ever known about a gun and gun safety and think i might could use that little "baby" if i actually had to. but, just in case you are wondering, i do not plan to conceal a weapon at this point.  now, it might be laying on the seat beside me in my vehicle.  so, don't mess with this "southern belle." ~smile~ 

five - planting time

fall and spring are my two favorite seasons and one of the reasons is because of the flowering plants offered at each season.  i love pansies and hubby and his helper planted about 8 - 10 flats of them around here last week.  i usually do them myself, but my time is so limited so hubby came to my rescue.  it made me so happy to come home and see the pots filled and ready to "do their thing." 

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. So, Lea, just curious how many I's you had to go back and UNcapitalize? ;-)

    Cute post ~ Hurrah for our 2nd Amendment! :D

  2. Look at you! Lowercase letters and a gun permit?! You've arrived! ; )

    Wow, now that homecoming stuff looks like Prom. I don't even want to know how much those dresses cost. They all look very pretty!

    Now those are some flip flops, for sure!

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for joining in.

  3. I love the flip flops even though they are LSU and LSU skunked our beloved Volunteers. The Vols are still a baby team and need to grow into their greatness : )

    Have a nice week!

  4. I know someone who has those flip flops! I would have a hard time typing only in lower case. What a sweet homecoming photo. Ours in Chicago use to be skirts and sweaters (Fall clothes). My husband is a shooter and I just can't get myself to shoot one but I do think it's a great idea to know how.

  5. Proud of you on #4! I used to have a picture of me with my gun on my about me page, but I took it off. I've been through the classes and the whole nine yards. Remember though, you need to practice consistently to be comfortable with it or you won't be prepared when you really need to use it! Go with your husband when he goest to the range and keep practicing. It's fun to shoot even if you never "need" to.

  6. Great post and I enjoyed every minute of it. Aren't those young couples going to homecoming adorable?

  7. Wow I am impressed on the gun thing. My hubby would soo be on that bandwagon too, but I just don't know about me. Your right, homecoming has gotten kind of out of control. My grand daughter just went last Sat. too and she is just a freshman. The dress was darling, but seemed soo old for her and yet she was dressed like all the rest of them. What has REALLY gotten out of control though is all the hoopla that goes with a wedding anymore...mercy...haha Have a wonderful week!

  8. The flip-flops are adorable! I'm going to have to get some purple ones and deck out in Ravens footwear...although flip-flops and football don't really seem congruous? :) What a great spot for a formal photo shoot. Those kids look so young. Tell me we were their age once upon a time. Congrats again on your pistol prowess. Remind me not to sneak up on you!

  9. I'm not sure I could type an entire post in lowercase letters. I ought to try it! Those homecoming guys and gals are beautiful. And the gun permit, way to go!

  10. I've never seen a pair of flip flops quite like those. I have a pair of St. Louis Cardinals flip flops ... but they're not embellished ... just tiny logos along the tops.

    I am not sure that I could do a whole post all in lower case! Yay for you!

    Congrats on passing the Concealed Weapons course.


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