Monday, October 10, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
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I'm always excited when I get to participate in MM with sweet Carissa.  And, I love that it's just "random thoughts" because that's about all I can come up with these days. ~smile~

ONE - The Birthday Girl

Our little Princess turned 2 years old recently.  If you have been reading my blog from the beginning then you know that our little Princess was adopted at birth.  It is a day that will be forever  etched in my memory and I have such a special, special place in my heart for Mom's such as her that choose LIFE!  Hanna Beth's birth Mom gave our family the most precious gift and she truly is our Princess.  For now, her parents (our son and DIL)  have opted not to have her face shown on the internet, but let me assure you that her face is just as precious as her backside. ~grin~ 

TWO -  My Breakfast

Unless I am traveling, I do not eat much for breakfast and don't want much for breakfast.  Now, I gotta have my coffee and I've recently started putting a little Nutella on 5 Vanilla Wafers (only 5) and it "hits the spot" perfectly.  I was using Peanut Butter and  grew tired of that and decided to try Nutella.  Yummy is all I can say!!!  Love it!

Three - Boots and Bronzed Shoes

I have had the first shoes of both of our grandchildren bronzed for their parents.  I did it for our children's shoes and I've always thought they made a lovely keepsake.  Bronzing has come a long, long way since I had our children's done, now there's a choice of antique bronzing and I think it's such a good look.

Both of the above pictures are of our Princess' shoes.  Don't you just love those rubber boots.  Talk about something coming a l-o-n-g way!  She will definitely be "styling" during the wet weather. ~smile~

 Four - Four Months Ago Today

Yes, it was 4 months ago today that my Dad was stricken with Guillian Barre Syndrome and it has been like a raging storm in our lives ever since.  Our lives, and mainly his, will never be the same but we are grateful that we serve a God who is capable of calming any and all storms that come our way. It's a daily task of placing our faith and trust in HIM.

May you all be extra blessed this new week! 
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I love your Princess's outfit!! Have a good week.

  2. Good morning! I LOVE those pants the princess is wearing...just adorable! And Nutella is something 3 of my grands just love to death...I have actually never tried it...I may have to.. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  3. Aren't her little overalls just precious? I love the bronze shoes and always wondered why I didn't do that with my own children's shoes.
    Continued prayer as your family goes through this storm and thank the Lord you know Him

  4. Oh my goodness...her outfit is just too adorable!

  5. That outfit Princess is wearing is way too adorable! I am sure she's beautiful! My children love Nutella. Can I honestly say I haven't tried it much? Praying for continued grace and strength on your journey.

  6. what a cute birthday outfit! somehow, i missed that she was adopted at birth. what a precious gift, indeed. some of our dearest friends adopted a baby girl two weeks ago (they were even there for the delivery!). it's so special to be there from the beginning.

    my mom bronzed my shoes too. i love them. it's such a special treasure.

    nutella is my downfall. : )

    i know the Lord will continue to carry you through this trial.

  7. That little one's backside is precious--love the pants! I'll bet she's good at brightening up even the darkest day.

  8. Love the bronze shoes idea :) I don't even know if I have my boys first shoes anymore...But I'll store the idea for when I have grand kids :)

  9. I didn't know that your Princess was adopted. I love her outfit.

    Continuing to pray for you all. {{hug}}

  10. Happy Birthday to your princess.
    I didn't know they still did that to shoes. I myself want a pair of rubber boots, they are just too cute!! Praying for your day. Sending you ((HUGS))


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