Friday, January 20, 2012

What Would I do WIthout ............

I went to get a Ziploc bag out the other day to use for something and I thought, "what did I do before Ziploc bags?"  From there my thoughts went to a bazillion other items that I wondered about and before I knew it, a blog entry was born.

For all of my younger readers, you may likely never remember life without any of the items I mention.  That just means that I have more of an appreciation for them than you.~big smile~ It has absolutely nothing to do with my age. ~wink~

So, here we go.........What Would I do Without........some of my favorite things...........

Wet Ones - I mean, really, we never have to be without a washcloth. I so well remember carrying a wet washcloth in a plain ole plastic bag when my children were babies and tots.  I now have Wet Ones at my fingertips, in my purse (in the individual packets no less), and in my vehicle.  Love it!  As my Momma use to say, "cleanliness is next to Godliness."

A Keurig Coffee Pot - I so well remember mine and Hubby's first coffee pot.  It was an electric percolator and I thought we were "uptown."  ~how funny~  And, when Mr. Coffee came out with their new fangled coffee pot, I was more than a little excited.  My Grandparents would just shake their heads if they were alive and saw the Keurig coffee pot and they would also still prefer to percolate theirs on the gas stove. ~ now that's sure dating me ~

Blow Dryers - Can I just tell you how many Saturday afternoons in my childhood found me sitting with one of the bonnet hair dryers on my head.  I had to get my "Sunday do" ready and that meant, pink foam rollers and the bonnet hair dryer.  Lordy have mercy!

Liquid Hand Soap - I cannot imagine using a bar of soap to wash my hands anymore.  Didn't you just hate to have that half melted bar laying in the soap tray by the sink.  Such nastiness!  Hubby still uses a bar for his shower but I'm all about the shower gels!

"Seater Heaters" - Are they not the greatest!!  I will never own another vehicle without them for sure.  I think I would opt to be without automatic door locks before I'd be without a heater for my seat.  Who doesn't love having a warm tushy? ~giggle~

Ice Makers - Who enjoys filling ice trays?  It was the most dreaded job and once we kids were old enough to handle that job, it was our duty to empty the trays and fill them back up. Ugh! Pushing a button on the refrigerator is so, so much easier and keeps peace in the family too.

Google - It's like having any and all information at our fingertips. If we need instructions, questions answered, directions, locations, diagnosis,  you name it, it is there.  When someone asks a question, the response is, "go Google it." ~WOW~

Of course, I could go on and on with such things as the microwave, ATM's, cell phones, computers, online shopping, and post a notes.  And, of course, I can't say that I think all the "things" that have come down the pike the past 50 years have enhanced our lives.  There's no doubt that our lives were far less complicated without some of them, but it sure has been made life a whole lot more convenient with several of them as well.


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Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I'm having to do without my microwave and a car at the moment. I'm surprised at how easy it is.

  2. OH, yes, I can remember the bonnet hair dryer! Just about burned my sweet little 6-year-old neck every time I put it on for more than five minutes.

    And seat warmers in my vehicle, I think it's the ultimate pleasure. I really like it when I have a passenger who is unaccustomed to it. Three minutes into a winter's ride, they say "Uh, Zo, I think I just peed my pants." :)

    We're talking about getting a Keurig. Our new fridge only makes cubes, not crushed ice, and you should hear the complaints! Honestly, for that kind of money, the fridge ought to not just store leftovers, but make tomorrow's supper, too.

  3. it's official. i don't like coffee and even i want a keurig! : )

    have a wonderful weekend!

    ps. i linked to the carmelitas recipe, but so it would be easier, i just posted the recipe right on the post. no need for googling. : )

  4. Hate to say this, but when I was a kid, we had an ice house. No electricity until I was 7 or 8 years old, so in summer it was big blocks of ice, or room temperature. Not that I am dating myself.

  5. Oh my I totally agree!! I have soo many of the same MUCH easier things would have been. I especially realized it as I helped my daughter get ready for her new baby...Oh the things they have now!! Just the fact that disposable diapers WORK soo well...the wipes....the containers for the used diapers....the little shirts that snap (oneses?)I could go on and on...just soo nice! Have a good week-end!

  6. Having seat heaters in my car is really one of my favorite things!!!

  7. Let me just add audio books. Dick and I travel harmoniously by listening to downloaded books, books, and more books. An interesting book and ear buds make time on the boring old treadmill almost doable.

  8. You mentioned Ziploc bags. I remember when my mother wrapped my sandwiches in wax paper as a kid. I miss that.

    We got a Keurig for Christmas - would not have, nor could we have spent that much on a luxury item unless it was a Christmas gift! I think it is the smallest one they make. It is nice. I actually don't use it because I only drink hot tea. The hot tea I've tried in it is way too strong. I do hope to try hot chocolate though!

    I've never had a car with a heater in the seat, doubt if I ever will, unless that is a standard thing these days. I'm a bit out of the loop on vehicles since the "newest" one we have is 11 years old! But, my parents have heaters in their seats and my husband loves to use them when driving. Helps the old back!

    I think cell phones are one of those things that I think "What did we do before cell phones?" Actually I think our lives were a lot less hectic back then!

    Enjoyed your post!

  9. This was a clever idea for a post! I honestly cannot remember what we did before Google. I google everything- even if its something probably could figure out on my own with a little hard thinking. and don't even get me started on hair dryers! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. No kidding! I remember when wipes came out, it was an instant love affair with them. Yep, I remember the rollers and the our portable hair dryer witht he cap. Just used soap in a hotel, it's so messy! I don't think a day goes by without me goggling something all day long.
    Fun post.

  11. I love the electric door locks and wouldn't want to give them up, but like you, I think I would just to have heated seats in my car. In fact, I'm seriously considering trading in my car just so I can get a car with heated seats. I can't tolerate cold, so for me heated seats are almost a necessity. ;-)

  12. I am laughing through all of these things..isn't that the truth?? So funny to think about all the things we just use now days that we didn't have as a child or early parenting days...the world has come a long way these past few decades...great post!!!

  13. I hope this morning finds you and your loved ones all safe. We didn't even get any rain, or a clap of thunder lastnight, which is fine!
    Oh my, I don't want to think about what I would choose to do without. Things are so very convenient today, and I love it!


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