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Favorite Traits of My Mom

As this week  has progressed, my thoughts have turned to memories of my Mom.  This will be my 4th Mother's Day without my Mom and in many respects my feelings of loss have gotten better, but when Mother's Day rolls around I can get teary eyed just thinking of her.  I thought it most appropriate to share some of my favorite traits about my Mom with you today.

The importance she felt for her family............
I remember my Mom telling me many times that as a little girl she would dream of one day being married and having children.  It was her only desire in life.  Mom's Dad died when she was barely 2 and then her step Dad died when she was 12.  She spent most of her life with only her Mother (and siblings) and said she felt she really missed something special by not having a Daddy her entire life.  She longed to have a her own family with a Daddy, Momma and children.  And, that dream was fulfilled on April 8, 1950 when she and my Daddy were married.  

They had 3 children and Mother was never happier than when she was caring for us or for Daddy.  She provided for us a loving home with an atmosphere of peace.

Her Godliness
Mom viewed her position as wife and Mother as the highest of callings by God.  About 8 years into their marriage my Dad surrendered to the ministry and my Mother was quite quick to say that she was called at the very same time.  She truly viewed her role as a pastor's wife as one of  her callings too.  This calling meant that she would often play "second fiddle" to the church and it's members.  And, it would mean that she would often have to be both Mom and Dad to we children.  I never remember hearing her complain but rather always reminding us of our Dad's service to God and it's importance in our lives.

Mom, Dad and Me when I was 2 years old

Her adaptability.............
When my Mom married my Dad it meant that she would begin a life of adjustments.  She was from Virginia and it was there that they married while my Dad was serving in the Navy.  Daddy was from Ft. Smith, Arkansas and once he had fulfilled his duties to the Navy it was his desire to take his bride and new daughter (me) back to his hometown to make a home.  In 1952 the miles that separated  Virginia and Arkansas were nothing but two lane rough roads and it took 3 long days to make that 1000 mile trek.  So, once Mom left her Mom and brothers and sisters she had no idea when she would see them again or talk to them.

Mom and Dad's first house built by Dad and his Dad

 Then when Daddy entered the ministry she knew that would likely mean many moves over the years and some that might take her even further from any family.  And, the years did take them miles away from either set of family and we often spent Christmases and holidays with just each other.  Did I hear my Mom complain? No.  Yes, she would express her desire to be with family and even as a young child I knew that her heart was hurting to see family.  But, again, she knew this was her calling and we were  right where the Lord  intended us to be.

Me and Hubby (now stop laughing)

Once my two brothers and I got married and left home we all three moved away, many miles away.  Now, Momma did not even have her children near enough to enjoy.  And, remember there was no email and no cell phones and talking long distance was a rare privilege for us.  Dad and Mom's ability to travel was limited due to Dad's ministry but we would manage as best we could and Momma would hold her head high and try to hide the sadness that her heart often felt as she longed for her family.

My Mom pondered a lot and was a very deep thinker.  I now look back and nearly know that no one knew all that was on her heart and the times that she was likely quite sad.  But, she would never have wanted anyone to know that she struggled with any aspect of her life or had a deep sense of longing for her family.

I am so grateful that for the last 10 years of her life she and my Dad lived here in the same town as me.  They made the decision to move here once Daddy retired and we enjoyed the time we had to the fullest.  Mom was thrilled to be able to share in our lives and the lives of my then, teenage children.

I struggled for a time about her sudden death  on Dec. 1, 2008 but soon realized that God truly did us a favor by taking her so quickly.  She did not suffer or linger but went almost immediately into the arms of the ONE  she had served so faithfully her entire life.

As someone said to me when she died, "you will through this, but you will never get over it."  How true!

May you be especially blessed this Mother's Day! 

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. What a beautiful tribute. Prayers and hugs.

  2. this is precious, Lea. absolutely precious. what a gem she was. i can see why you are so wonderful. both your parents are just such testimony's, aren't they! my dad died when i was 9, so i kinda know how your mom felt. i'm so thankful my kids have their daddy and i hope he will get to see them grow up. happy Mother's day, to you. enjoy your trip. xoxo.

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  4. Lea, what a precious tribute to your special mom. Our mothers had so much in common - both ministers wives and both dedicated to their Lord's service. Thanks for sharing your mom with us and for bringing back many wonderful memories of mine.

  5. your mother is an inspiration. thank you for
    sharing her with us!

    i came over from carissa's, because you have
    my name! l


  6. You'll get thru it but never get over it.....that's so true!

    Have a lovely Mothers Day!!

  7. Lea, This is such a beautiful tribute to your mother. ((HUGS))
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  8. Oh Lea I loved this. Your mom was such a selfless woman it sounds like, and my heart was soo blessed hearing about her. I have often thought about how hard it must have been years ago to live so far away from your family when there was no email, facebook, cell phones, or cheap long brave she was! I am glad she got those last 10 years with you! Have a wonderful Mother's day!

  9. So beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. I too lost my Mom in 2008.

  10. Precious tribute to a truly godly lady. Love ya.

  11. What a wonderful tribute to your mom! Losing moms is hard. Looking forward to seeing them again one day is wonderful! Happy Mothers day Lea!
    ((hugs)) and blessings!

  12. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. "you will through this, but you will never get over it" - truer words were never spoken. This will be my 6th Mother's Day without my mom, and I still miss her so much. Wishing you a blessed Mother's Day.

  13. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. There are many similarities to my own story of my mother and dad. There is always a special emotion on this day. Like yours, mine will always be my inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing her with us.


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