Monday, May 7, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I always enjoy Mondays. It's the first day of a new week and I get to begin it with Carissa, what a delight.  And, I'm especially glad to have the last few days behind me. (more on that to follow)

Not so minor procedure......

I was scheduled for a minor Peridontal procedure this past Wednesday.  It was only minor until the Dr. began the procedure and then found that the area was full of infection.  So the minor procedure suddenly became a major procedure.  I had to end up having a bridge taken out, a tooth pulled and an implant stake put in and a skin and bone graft over the area.  Yea! I know, sounds awful and let me assure you that the 3 days following the procedure were just that --- awful.   And, that isn't cotton stuffed in the side of my jaw in the picture above. ~smile~   I am not 100% just yet, but I am so much better and feeling very close to normal.  I will feel even better once I go back this Wednesday and have this mouthful of stitches removed.  It was most humbling as I moved from the bed to the recliner for 3 days.

Growing up.........

Is that not the cutest little behind you ever did see?  I mean really!  Our little Hanna Beth is growing up so fast and is such a delight to be around.  She has that wonderful skin that turns the most gorgeous tan with just the slightest bit of sun.  And, those pig tails are just the icing on the cake. Truly a gift from God!

A former student.......

 About 25 years ago I had the privilege of teaching the 9th and 10th grades girls in, what was then known as Sunday School.  I taught the class about 4 years and it was one of the most delightful experiences.  Girls in the 9th and 10th grade are generally trying to get life figured out, making big decisions and finding their way.  The young lady in the picture above with me is one of my former students.  She has been married several years now, is the mother to 3 children from ages 16 to 6 and lives in Alabama.  I was able to reconnect with Wendy when she was home recently. It was great to hear about her life and all that is going on with her..  She has always been one to recall many conversations that took place inside our SS Class those many years ago. It was a special time in my life and hopefully in theirs.

A special thank you.......

  Last week I wanted to say a special thanks to some ladies and the first way that came to my mind was to send them flowers.  Well, I do love flowers but I do not always like the containers that florist use to put the arrangements in.  I decided that I would like to put these in some special containers and went to one of our local thrift stores to see if I might find something that "fit the bill."  I hit the jackpot and found these 3 vintage looking pitchers.  I took them to a local florist and asked them if they could put some miniature roses in them and deliver them for me.  They loved the pitchers and thought they would make up beautifully.  And, they did make up beautifully and hopefully the ladies that received these felt very special.  

May you be especially blessed this new week!  And, don't forget to make it count.
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I love the pitchers you put the flowers in. The ones they usually come in are down right boring looking. Glad you had a better idea!

  2. Good morning! Ouch! that looks like it was rough! My poor mom looked very similar after tooth pulling and gum cleaning ordeal, only she had a big purple bruise too! Glad you are almost 100%... Those pitchers are just darling. Such a good idea. Have a good week!

  3. Oh my, Lea. I have had periodontal surgery and it was horrible, but it wasn't near as extensive as yours. Bless your heart! But glad to hear you are on the mend. Love the pitchers and the arrangements. You are just so thoughtful.

  4. gorgeous flowers. you are looking so beautiful even with a surgery! your skin is so pretty. hanna beth's piggies are so adorable. can't wait for sage to have some! hope you are back to 100 % in no time. xoxo!

  5. What a great idea, to take your own containers to the florist! I'm so sorry about your dental surgery, hope you have a speedy healing, and a wonderful day!

  6. So sorry...get better soon

    Love that age for Sunday School...and you know how I feel about the influence of SS teachers

    Vases are wonderful...wonderful gifts

  7. Bless your heart, Lea! Peridontal surgery doesn't sound like a walk in the park, at all. So sorry for all you had to endure, but hoping and praying that brighter days are just ahead. Love what the florist did with your pretty vases and the roses. I'm sure the recipients were tickled PINK! Aww...your granddaughter is just the sweetest!

  8. I thought you were sportin' a lipstick you were gonna tell us all about, and I didn't notice anything really wrong until I enlarged the photo. So sorry you've had quite a pain in the mouth. The floral pitchers are lovely. What a find. Love me some thrift store finds.

  9. What an interesting idea for sending a floral arrangement. The vases that the florists use are usually boring ... those you found were definitely NOT boring!!

    I hope your recovery from your not so minor procedure goes quickly! {{hug}}

    That Hanna Beth is adorable! I just love toddler behinds!

  10. Ouch! So sorry about your dental visit. Yes, it is the cutest little butt. Those teapots are adorable, great job Lea. I bet they loved them.


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