Monday, May 5, 2014

HELLO Monday!

It's a HELLO Monday kind of day and it's always a joy to join in with Lisa Lenard for our HELLO'S.

Hello Nicole Lee..........
 To say I love purses would be an "understatement!"  And, when I saw these by Nicole Lee they seemed to call my name!  ~wink~ And, I don't usually carry a big shoulder bag when I'm shopping due to the heaviness and my aching shoulders.  So, it just seemed the right thing to do and get a small crossover bag to carry shopping.  They both go in the car with me but the little crossover is all that goes in with me.  Any of you do this?  Anyway it works for me and I'm plum in love with these two purses.  If you care to see the "gazillion" choices that they have, you can click here and find out.  It's crazy there are so many cute, cute choices and in so many wonderful patterns and colors.  And, might I add, superb quality!

  Hello Zulily............
I also have a love affair with Zulily.  I knew about Zulily long before I began using it and buying from them.  It's hard to explain exactly what they are, outside of just saying they have the best deals on clothes, shoes, home decor, kitchen items, patio items, and even office paraphernalia.  Because of their extreme deals they usually do not allow you to return items, but I've never wanted to return anything, so it works for me.  I did receive a broken item one time and they were so nice and immediately sent out a replacement, no questions asked.  Sometimes their shipping is slow due to the fact that they may not even have the item in their stock and they will have to get it before they can send it but they always state that before you place your order.  I have never ordered anything that I had to had in a hurry anyway, so it's fine with me.  It's a great place for good deals and I've certainly found my share.  ~nothing like good deals on the internet~

Hello Wee Ball......
The Princess had her first wee ball game this past Saturday morning.  Wee ball wasn't around when our kids were little, it started with tee ball.  Well, wee ball is so cute and the coaches have to be the most patient men around.  These little ones have to be told every step to take, and not to take.  Hanna Beth was the first batter up and slugged the ball first crack out of the barrel and once she figured out she was suppose to run to first base, things were good.  Of course, I was sitting there grinning ear to ear and thoroughly enjoying watching her figure it all out.  She is so much more "in tune" this year than last year. I'm sure she'll be ready for the major leagues next year. ~big laugh~  It was such a fun way to begin a beautiful Saturday morning.

Hello Beautiful Renovated Old Home..........

Pam and Dan in front of their front door this past Christmas
 Last year a friend of mine and her husband bought an old home in a little village/town about 6 miles from us.  It is the neatest little village with gorgeous old homes and big oak trees.  It's like stepping back in time to drive through.  I love it!  They pretty much gutted the house and started completely over.  I wish so much that I had "before" pictures because you would not believe what a major transformation took place. I made a point to get over every few weeks to watch the process. I was amazed.  It is just beautiful, so warm, has that wonderful Southern charm, is so inviting and a great place for them to call "home."  I'm not sure I would have a big enough imagination to see the possibilities but they sure did.

Happy new week!!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. When we were looking to buy 6 years ago, we thought about buying an older home and completely gutting/renovating it. But we couldn't find one that wasn't on the market at a "move-in-ready" price. I miss watching the Ts play ball ... but they really enjoy swimming, so it's all good. I need to be able to return stuff I order since I'm a difficult fit. Otherwise, I do believe I'd be a Zulily fan ... hard to pass up those bargains.

  2. I love purses too!! I have since I was a little girl :) I hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. I too have a small purse addiction...maybe shoes as well....

    I have been curious about Zulily, will check it out!


  4. What a wonderful idea on carrying the extra purse...I don't know how it has never occurred to me. My purse is soo heavy and I frequently just grab my wallet and my glasses when doing a little shopping so I don't have to carry the whole thing. But the wallet just doesn't seem right. Thanks for the idea.

  5. I have never heard of Zulily so you know i will be checking it out. i also have a thing for purse but mine are pretty tiny. After my surgery I was told I wasn't to carry anything heavy for the first few weeks (that would include purses) i got in the habit of going small and never looked back, even though I could carry a larger one now if i wanted to. Those purses are adorable though

  6. Ive heard of zulilly too, but never made a purchase.'s pretty cool, huh? Those teeball pics!!!!! So stinkin' cute! That home is just beautiful. I would love to walk through it and get inspiration. I can tell from the pics that I would fall in love.

  7. Love the idea of an extra purse, thanks for the link to Zulily, will check it out. Seeing your granddaughter playing ball sure brings back memories for me, my dh was a coach of little league for twelve years, we spent many hours at the ball park, plus our children played too!
    I have always wanted to find an older home to remodel, but since getting older, I don't think I would have the stamina. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy Your week.
    Blessings, Sue

  8. I'm looking for a cross body bag. Yours is super cute!

  9. Lea, I am heading straight over to check our Nicole Lee, those purses are the Bomb!!! So cute! I checked out Zulily a long time ago but totally forgot about it. I think that may have to be my 2nd stop. Too many good shops you have led me to ~ Thanks!!! Enjoy your week. Blessings, Cindy

  10. We gutted our house down to nothing and even changed the entire layout before we moved in. It's a ton of work so I can appreciate what your friends did! Also, I really love Zulily but I hate that the shipping takes a little while. I'm so impatient waiting for stuff to come in the mail!

  11. So so nice to meet you!! What a beautiful family!
    My grandson calls me CiCi too. :-)


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