Monday, May 12, 2014

HELLO Monday...............

It's a new week and a busy one for me.  Company coming, Drs. appointments, meetings and such. But, all that means is that I'm still going strong and I'm so thankful!  So, here's to another 
"Hello Monday" with Lisa Lenard.
Hello Mother's Day memories..........
  Yes, hard to believe, but yesterday is now but a memory.  Mother's Day has never been the same for me since my Mom passed away 5 1/2 years ago.  In fact, it is still a day that I am very "teary eyed."  I don't know if it will always be or if more time will change my feelings.  We had a quite day yesterday and enjoyed sharing lunch with some dear friends who were also "childless."  My son and daughter sent me the beautiful bouquet of flowers pictured above.  I am hard to buy for and they know they can never go wrong with flowers.  And, my "adopted" Asian family sent me the beautiful card pictured above with a gift certificate for a Deluxe Spa Pedicure.  Yes, that's my "love language" for sure.  They are so precious and I'm so glad that I have the privilege of being their American Mom.
Thankful for these two that call me their "real" MOM! When I was pregnant with our firstborn I so desired to have a son.  I was the oldest in my family and had two younger brothers.  I had friends that had older brothers and I was always wishing that I had had an older brother.  So, I decided a long time ago that I wanted my firstborn to be a boy.  Of course, the Drs. would predict by the heartbeat but that was about it and my Dr. did predict I was having a boy.  And, he was right!!! And, I also remember looking at my husband after giving birth to him and saying, "you better be glad you got a boy because I'm never going through this again."  ~famous last words!~  But, within a couple of years I was more than ready to have another.  And, of course, I wanted a girl so bad I could taste it.  And, once again the Dr. predicted by her heartbeat that I was likely going to have a girl, and I did.  It was then that I decided that we had successfully had one of each sex, so there was nothing left to try for.  Plus, we had a cat and dog too. ~big chuckle~   Hubby agreed and since then we've added two more girls and two more boys to the mix and 3 more dogs, 2 horses and  no cats. ~big smile~ But, being a Mom has been a  wonderful adventure for sure and being a CiCi is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  
Hello Springtime plants..........
Hubby and I have been busy getting our patio area decked out for Spring and Summer.  We were a bit later getting it done this year but with the extremely cold and long winter we had, I think our timing was pretty good this year.  Now, if these plants could just water themselves, all would be well.  I'm sort of half way committed to the watering but thankfully, Hubby is 100% committed to their watering.  ~smile~
Hello end of school.........
    Tomorrow will mark the end of Mother's Day Out for Hanna Beth.  She started in the program last Sept. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Hubby and I have had the privilege of taking her and picking her up on those days.  It has been such a great experience for our little Princess.  It was her first time to be in a classroom environment and she adapted wonderfully.  She took a little gift to Ms. Alex and Ms. Jennifer last Thursday to thank them for being such special teachers this year.  Now, our little Princess will be off to PreSchool this coming school year.  And, before we turn around twice, she'll be preparing for Jr. High. ~be still my heart~
Hello patriotism.........
  I spent this past Saturday morning changing out our front door decor to patriotic.  Since Memorial Day, 4 of July, Flag Day and Labor Day are all upcoming, I'll just leave it up until I change it out for fall.  Plus, I love the Patriotic look any time of the year.  Reminds me of how blessed we are to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, America!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Yes, those precious babies grow up much too fast. It is hard to believe my oldest will be graduating from college and getting married next year and the baby will be a 2nd grader. But your little Hannah Beth and Clancy will bring many years of delight to you and Tommy. D and I have been working in our little back yard and patio as well since getting back. Other than a few little pots that I want to add to my table, I think we are done. Don't forget to plan a stop-over when going and/or coming from Mt. Pleasant in the future. Have a good, busy week, my friend.

  2. Mother's day is an emotional day for me as well. Thankful for the promise I will be with her again one day :-)
    Motherhood is an amazing gift...
    I love all the plants...just do not like watering them!!


  3. Yes my first mother's day without mom was hard in some ways, but the promise of being together some day does keep you going doesn't it? LOVE your front door decorations! Enjoy your busy week!

  4. I love your patriotic door! I don't know that we ever stop missing our parents. No plants out here yet. We are busy this coming weekend so it will be Memorial Day before we get our pots done. No rush since we had frost last week : ) At least we're not in Colorado where they had snow on Mother's Day!

  5. I am smiling, I am a first born and I too wished I had had an older first born is a boy.
    Precious that you are the American mom...and yes, schooling closing soon, yea!, summer
    Sorry about the lose of your mom, but blessed it was such a precious relationship


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