Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What news story are you following right now?
I so rarely follow the news anymore but I have watched with interest about the young man that did the shooting and killing this past weekend in California.  All the commentary is so bazaar and it is, once again, proof of what a sad, sad world we are living in.

2. What's the last thing you wanted but didn't get?
Well, I recently got a new vehicle, a 2015 Tahoe LTZ and I absolutely love it.  But, I really wanted the Infinity QX80 SUV.  I was basing my decision strictly on good looks and nothing else.  I think the Infinity is such a sharp looking SUV but Hubby makes his decision based upon a whole lot more.  The ratings of the Infinity just did not measure up to Tahoe and the nearest dealer is 100 miles away.  It just didn't seem to make good sense, so I got the Tahoe, and, as I said, I do love it but it wasn't what I wanted. ~smile~

3. May 28th is National Hamburger Day...when did you last have a hamburger? Other than your own kitchen or BBQ grill, where is your favorite place to go for a hamburger? And for all you non-meat eaters out there...when you're invited to a cookout what is the one side dish you hope is on the menu?
I had a hamburger last Friday night at a restaurant known for it's fried fish.  They make the best hamburgers and they are on a jalapeno bun that just adds to the good taste.  So, when we go there to eat and I'm not in a "fish eating" kind of mood then I order one of their hamburgers and generally share it with a friend.

4. How have your priorities changed over time?
I realize that I have likely lived 2/3 of my life and I need to make doubly sure that I make everyday of the time I have left a "banner day."  I never really thought too much about age until I turned 60, almost 2 years ago, but turning 60 had an eye opening effect on me.  You may be asking, "what's a banner day."  For me, it's giving God first place, my family second and  others third.  Sounds easy enough doesn't it, well, it's not.  Somehow "self" wants to get in the way. I'm making this a priority every day and perhaps I'll achieve it sooner than later. ~sure hope so~

5. What's a favorite memory with your grandparents?
Taken during their time in a nursing home
Oh, I have so many wonderful memories with my paternal Grandmother. She wasn't much of a house keeper and when her Grandchildren were at her house, she became even less of one. ~just the truth~  Nothing else mattered when we were there.  It was all fun and games!  She would play games with us all day and walk us down to the corner grocery.  And, she always let us sleep with her.  She was a mess for sure! 

6. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being fantastic!), how good are you at multitasking? Share an example.
Hummm.......I would say an 8. Although I'm not sure that my multitasking is all that difficult.  I nearly always talk on the phone while I'm ironing. Thankfully I have an ear bud phone.  And, of course, every morning when I'm walking on my treadmill I'm also watching a movie or PBS show on Netflix.  And, I'm often watching TV while on my laptop.  I seldom just have one thing going on.

7. How would you summarize your highs and lows for the month of May?
I think May has been somewhere in the middle.  No real highs and no real lows, just right!!! 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
We are about to get to enjoy the benefit of having our daughter and family "down the road."  Next Tuesday, Hubby and I are going to Mt. Pleasant and pick up Clancy and bring him home with us for a few days.  The moving van will be delivering their furniture to their new house this Sat. and we still can't believe they will ONLY be 3 1/2 hours away!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. What sweet memories of your grandmother! I'm a bit jealous! :)

  2. Your grandmother left her legacy for sure. You knewyou were so, so very loved!

  3. I think your grandmother was an awesome grandmother! Those are the wonderful kinds of memories of "hands on" time that I hope my grands have of me.

  4. Well sister, my heart just breaks that you had to settle for a new Tahoe instead of an Infinity! Oh the inequities of life! I'm just kidding. You will enjoy that new vehicle with all the traveling you are going to be doing now that Clancy is going to be closer. It appears that our priorities are alined. Isn't that interesting? The Lord needed to get our attention, didn't He.

  5. I know you will enjoy and appreciate having your family so much closer.

    Fun memories of your grandparents.

  6. Oh I forgot to say I read your post last week and that was so touching and I'm so glad you shared your story.

  7. Somehow I missed the hodgepodge this just sorts crept up on me. Enjoyed this as always. Those are kind of the memories I want my grands to have of me. I was a grandma they could talk to, play with, and enjoy. NOT one whose house was always in order, lol. And how happy I am for you with your daughter being soo close now. Week-ends and holidays etc will be nothing now. And to answer your question...NO, there is almost NO chance of them moving closer. Dairy farming in California has become soo expensive, even the very rich have left the state. And the other closer areas do not have an adequate water supply. Her hubby has thoroughly checked this all out that's for sure. And he's a dairy farmer to his bones...sigh. Sooo it is the old it is what it is. It's not easy, but I have accepted it I guess. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. You are lucky to have Grandparent stories :-) Enjoy your time with Clancy...I'm still super excited for you to have them so much closer!


  9. I love jalapeno-have never heard of an jalapeno bun!! would love to try it though. Such fond memories of your grandparents. :)

  10. A jalapeno bun...we would love that! I'm so excited you're going to have your grandboy close by. How fun for you and him and his parents too : )

  11. I'm with you about not watching the news but I did look up about the shooting and knife murders when I heard about it. Congrats on the new car. I agree, I want to make the most of the rest of my life. That is a sweet memory of your grandmother. I am so happy for you with your family moving closer. My son is moving to Pittsburgh at the end of the year and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle his move :(


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