Monday, July 14, 2014

HELLO Monday.........

It's Monday and that means it's time for some HELLO's............

 Hello clean doggies.......
This past weekend was "bath time" for Roscoe and Rhett.  Roscoe loves a bath, Rhett, not so much.  Hubby is very faithful to pretty much assume the full time care of these two.  I love like them but I don't really care to get involved in the day to day care of them.~shame on me~   And, might you know, they both love me dearly.  I know, I should feel awful, but I don't.  They are great dogs but I'm just not a huge animal lover.  I will definitely miss them when they are gone because they are always the first ones to greet me when I come in and will come to the back glass door and look at me with those endearing eyes.  

Hello Funfetti fun......

 Pillsbury has definitely worked their magic on their line of Funfetti baking items.  I saw this new item at the grocery the other day and knew that it was something Hanna Beth and I were going to have to do.  It was Vanilla Glazed lil Donut Kit.  It instructed you to form the balls out of the dough and I just added the candy sticks to them for the fun of it and they worked like a charm.  I baked them in the balls so that they would stand a better chance of staying in the dough.  HB especially enjoyed dipping them in the glaze and sprinkles after they had baked.  She could hardly wait to taste them and when she did, she spit it right back out.  She said, "CiCi, I do NOT like these."  It was so funny!  So, I decided I would give them a try and found them to be very, very good.  They tasted exactly like a cake donut.  But, HB is a glazed donut girl and these just did not appeal to her.  But, it didn't lessen the fun she had making them. 

Hello "Bread and Wine" book....
 I am quite sure that you have most likely heard of this book by Shauna Niequist.  It came out just a few months ago and I've read about it on several blogs and just haven't stopped to order it until last week.  Shauna refers to it as "a love letter to life around the table with recipes."  And, that is exactly what it is. Shauna refers to the family times and relationships that are enriched around the table during a meal.  It has caused me to look at meals shared with others in a whole new light and I highly recommend the book.  And, no one is paying me or ask me to promote Shauna's book, but it is such a good book that I wanted to share my "two cents" worth with you. ~aren't you glad~

Hello house progress.....
 NOT!  That's right, there's nothing to report this week.  We needed rain to settle the dirt inside the block foundation and ended up having to make our own rain by sitting up a sprinkler.  It ran for 48 hours and did the trick.  And, then Mother Nature decided it needed some more water and it came a downpour a day after that.  That prevented the men from working because the dirt was then too wet.  So, they will be back in the morning and hopefully can get the footings dug, the block foundation closed in and then pour the concrete.  That will likely take this whole week.  But, we are not under any time constraints, so it's all good.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Good morning! I am going to admit (in a whisper, lol) that I am just not a big animal lover either. It's not that I don't appreciate them or enjoy them, but they are no where near the top of my list. And it doesn't matter as my hubby has them sooo large they hover right at the very top of his. We balance each other out. Everyone of my kids got their daddy's love of animals though and we have ALWAYS worked a few. Right now we only have Elvis (a small Chihuahua) who was originally Mel's but was more attached to hubby (she was always at school or work) so she left him behind when she married. We have had him about 11 years. And he is a totally indoor dog (since we moved) which I swore I'd never have. Guess never say never, lol. Enjoy your week!

  2. Hi Cici!The dogs are beautiful!
    We have 3 cats. 2 outdoor/indoor and 1 strictly indoor. My husband is more the animal lover. But, like you, I'll miss them when they are gone. One of our cats, Smokey, loves to sleep with us. Yes, I'll miss that.

    I may have to fix some `donuts` for hubby. He is more a cake donut guy. Me? I love Krispy Kreme :)

    Have a great week!!

  3. Oh the frustration of building a house! You have brought it all back to me! I think the happiest day (other than moving day) is when the trusses are put up, but those days of pulling up and seeing nothing done can be disheartening. Your attitude is the best, if you're in no hurry you can enjoy the process!

  4. I've never been a huge animal lover either. But I adore my long haired chihuahua. The is the prefect size and baths in the sink. Have a blessed and beautiful week!

  5. Thanks for sprinkling my day with your fun "hello's"!

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  7. I sure do appreciate the cake ball ideas and enjoyed the pictures. I know some little ones who would have fun making them too.


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