Monday, July 21, 2014

HELLO Monday

This Monday finds the pitter patter of a little 5 year old boy's feet at our house.  We picked Clancy up yesterday and he's sharing some special time with his CiCi and Poppa for a few days before his Momma comes to reclaim him.  I can assure you that he will give us a "run for our money" and we'll be in "recovering mode" once he is gone. ~oh, the energy of a 5 year old~ But, there is absolutely nothing like a little warm body joining you in bed about 5:30 AM for a little snuggling before beginning the day. ~sweet, sweet~  Now for a HELLO or two......
Hello fun, fun gathering................
Last Thursday afternoon my sweet friend, Nancy, had all of our Sunday School class over to her lovely home for dessert and coffee.  Nancy moved into her new home about a year and a half ago from the home she had and her family had lived in for more than 25 years.  Sadly,Nancy, became a widow about 5 years ago and has faced some life changing adjustments since her husband's death. Nancy has handled these adjustments with such style and grace and been a real testimony to God's unfailing faithfulness in the tough seasons of life.  
Nancy's home is so warm and welcoming and rates at the top of my list of "favorite houses."  She carefully thought through each detail and it is obvious.  It is perfect retreat for her.
Georgia, Phyllis, Kathy and Kathy
Nancy pulled out her china and silver to serve us on.
Fay and Beth
She and another of our class members made a delicious lemon dessert and a wonderful pineapple/coconut dessert.
Pat, Nancy and Mary Lynn
We are a close knit group of ladies and always enjoy a time of being together and visiting
Melissa and Gerri
We have been by each other's side through the birthing of our babies, and the raising of our children. We've shared  times of rejoicing and times of great grief. 
Nancy, Velma and "yours truly"
There's just nothing like a great group of "church ladies" that are like sisters and stick closer than a brother.

And, that's my HELLO Monday for today!

NOTE: I'll likely be "hit or miss" this week while I'm busy making
 some precious memories with my family.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. So true-there is nothing like a great fellowship with church members, especially women.

  2. How blessed you are to have a group of women you can count on.

  3. You are so right! These 'sisters' are God's gift to our lives.

  4. It sounds like God has richly blessed you with such wonderful friends.

  5. Nancy's home is more beautiful than I had imagined although I knew it would be perfect. She has always been such a gracious hostess and I know you all had a great time. Still miss some of those gatherings.

  6. It is truly a special bond and we are so blessed to know what it's like first hand.
    Enjoy Clancy man...


  7. Have a ball with your little guy! I think it's so special to have that time with your grands without mom and dad around. I know my own girls have fond memories of time spent where the grandparents were in charge and they treasure those. Hubs and I do's nice to know your children are well cared for, and I think you appreciate them all the more when they return.

  8. Hi Clancy!!

    Have a great visit with Cici & Poppa!! Snuggling is awesome!

  9. You are so photogenic!:) Also, I love the name Clancy! Is it popular or original where you live? I've never heard it here.


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