Monday, March 2, 2015

HELLO Monday..............

The first Monday of a new month.  March is definitely roaring in like a lion here and we are so ready for Spring to roar in with it.  But, enough on the pitiful weather and on to some HELLO's.....

HELLO little basketball players....We drove over to Mt. Pleasant, Texas this past Friday so that we could watch this little fella play basketball on Saturday morning.
He plays on a Upward team at one of the local churches.
If you are not familiar with Upward Sports then you need to be.  Their motto is, "playing with a purpose" and that purpose being to bring glory to God.  They begin each game with prayer (above left hand photo) and during half time they have a brief devotion led by their coach.  At Clancy's level they do keep score but instead concentrate on all of the kids learning the game and having a good time.  Clancy absolutely loves it and it has been a great first time experience for him.  We were so thrilled we could share in one of his games this year. Note: aren't their blue Gatorade mustaches the cutest? And, can I just tell you that it is one of the cutest things to see these little 5 and 6 year olds playing basketball.

HELLO new house progress..... in spite of the terrible weather last week there was still quite a bit of work accomplished. ~thank goodness~ The columns were installed across the front porch and the back patio.  They really made a difference in the look, each thing they do now on the front really brings the house alive.
Work on the inside included more cabinetry work. #1 - this cabinet is at the end of the hall going to the Master Bedroom.  The doors in the top section with have glass and it will be lighted. #2- the inset for the gas logs ~wish we had those in our current home~ #3- this is a "catch all" cabinet coming in off the garage.  A great place for my purse, the mail and such. And, a "charging station" for our phones and Ipads. #4- this is a corner cabinet in one of the guest bedrooms.  This was not planned but after the studs went up there was this triangular area that screamed for something and my decorator suggested this and I am so pleased with it.

I guess it's quite natural, at this point, for us to be growing a bit weary of this building process.  The details at this point can be so overwhelming but we are at one of the most important stages of the process and it's all hands on deck and Hubby is overseeing more than ever.  He doesn't know if it's a curse or a blessing that he knows as much as he does about construction.  Sometimes ignorance can truly be bliss.  I say it's a blessing because he has caught many an issue before it became a problem.~and that's a good thing~ But, I'm betting once we are moved and settled that all of the building process will  fade into a whole lot of enjoyment for us in the years ahead. ~I'm sure hoping so~

And, I'll leave you with this.........
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Your new house is beautiful! Love the columns.

  2. Clancy is such a little doll! Glad your close enough to pop over for the week-ends now. How nice that would be/ The house is going to be truly beautiful. How fun....Enjoy your week!

  3. Clancy is just the cutest thing ever. Looks like you are coming upon the home stretch with the house, everything is looking wonderful

  4. My girls were involved with Upward sports when they were little. Positive experience all around. Look at your house! I'm just giddy with excitement!

  5. You're getting closer and closer to being able to move in to your new house! Exciting!

  6. We're leaning towards building, and it gives me a knot in my stomach. My hubs will be all over it, but still-so many decisions. We've inquired about a lot, but the price is ridiculous, so we'll see if they laugh at our offer. We have Upwards in our church-a great organization!

  7. Hi Lea, Love seeing the progress on your house! It has to get tiring to have it take so long, but I know the finished product will be worth it. You'll have a beautiful home. Loved hearing about the church basketball team-wow, what an inspiration. My grown sil's played softball on a church league but I haven't heard of youth sports. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen


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