Monday, March 9, 2015

HELLO Monday....

Another Monday and some more HELLO's.  We did have a beautiful weekend until around noon yesterday and the rains started and looks as though they will be hanging around a couple more days.  But, the temps are up, so perhaps Spring is trying to get here by the 20th.  Let's hope so!

Hello Selfie Stick.....I kept reading about these little gadgets and began researching them and decided it might be a fun little item to own.  So, off to Amazon I went and ordered one.  It is a dandy item and I'll have fun when no one is around to take my picture or mine and Hubby's or ours and the Grans.  It has a bluetooth connection to the phone and a button on the black handle to push when you are ready to take a picture.  It extends out to over 2 feet so you can take a big crowd picture if you want to.  I don't know who are earth has the time to think up such creative gadgets.  I think it would be lots of fun if you were traveling. And, they are very inexpensive, I think this one was $19.99 and yes, you can take pictures both vertically and horizontally. Now, go order you one now!  You know you want one. ~laugh~ I mean, one's arm is only so long.
 Hello Mr. Clown....The Princess and her Daddy went to the Circus this past Saturday morning.  For the first time she felt comfortable interacting with the clowns and she enjoyed the face painting too.  It was a fun way for her and her Daddy to spend some time together.  

Hello my little Sweetheart....Windy dressed Andi Kate up in her pink frills and finery the other afternoon.  Can a girl ever have on too much pink?  I think not when they are as precious as this. It's almost more cuteness than I can stand. ~big smile~
Hello new house progress....our talented cabinet maker, Bryan Greenwood, began the installation of our Master closets this past week.  Our closet designer and Bryan worked closely together on this project and we couldn't be more pleased.  It is very difficult to do it justice through pictures but just know that every inch of mine and Hubby's closets will be useful.  We both have chests with drawers, adjustable shoe shelves, double hanging rods and we even have the new drop down rods.  We will have slat boards to hang such things as ties, scarves and such.  I have two large sectioned jewelry drawers.  I get so excited even thinking about setting it all up.
The not so exciting part is that our lot is still a huge wet mess due to all the rain, snow and ice. ~thank you Mother Nature~  Hubby is anxious to have the yard graded and leveled, and forms laid for the driveway but until we can have some intense sunshine for several days, that will not happen.  It is making it difficult on trucks making deliveries and has delayed deliveries.  But, not a lot we can do about it, just be patient and wait.  Eventually it will get done. 

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Hi Lea... Can't wait to hear what you think of of the selfie stick. I always tell the Mr. to take my pic from above because my double chin doesn't look so big. This contraption sounds like it would be perfect for me!! Love that bundle of pink sweetness.

  2. Oh how precious are those two girls! The selfie stick sounds interesting and would make a fun gift. I am a bit envious of your well planned and spacious closet. We love our walk-in but it can get crowded in a hurry.

  3. Good morning! Well first off that selfie stick looks pretty neat. I can see it becoming a popular accessory. And then seeing precious Andi Kate is her little outfit makes me SOO eager to see my coming grand daughter in some of her new little things; I can hardly wait! Your new closet sounds like every woman's dream closet! How nice that is going to be. How I have enjoyed watching this house go up! Enjoy your week!

  4. Glad to read about the selfie helper! I can't take a good selfie to save my life.
    That precious pink bundle of joy, how wonderful is the miracle of her life?
    I am not a fan of clowns but I'm glad you sweet grand is :-)
    I too have enjoyed watching y0ur house come together!


  5. I'm in love with all those're going to be thrilled once you get everything all set up! Fun times are ahead! Aww...your newest grandbaby is the sweetest!

  6. Happy Monday to you! The closets will be wonderful. When we lived in our previous home, I had all my closets done. I love to have an organized closet. Where we are living now, it's impossible as there's not much space but maybe one day ...

  7. Such a sweet baby girl- I know you are loving it :)

  8. I think Andi Kate looks like a porcelain doll. Such perfect skin and features. Mwah! The selfie stick--glad someone thought to invent it because , you're right, one's arm is only so long. It's hard to take more than 2 people in a frame even with a long-armed person!

    Can't wait to see your closets!

  9. Hi Lea, Love your granddaughters-so precious! It is so fun to see the progress on your new home-your closet sounds fantastic. Our snow is almost gone and we have one week of sunshine-love it! I'm ready for spring to hang around and warm days to continue.

  10. That bundle of pink is adorable! Hope you get that sunshine - and a nice breeze to help blow the ground all nice and dry.


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