Sunday, April 19, 2015

HELLO Monday....

It's Monday and you know what that means, time for some HELLO's.  Happy week to each of you!

Hello gorgeous springtime flowers....these are the iris' that Hubby has nurtured and grown over the past several years.  They are in all their glory right now.  He says that they are going to "make the move" with us and I can't say that I blame him for wanting to take them.  Splendid beauty!

Hello fun fishing time....Clancy and his Momma came in this weekend and Poppa took he and Hanna Beth fishing.  This is the pond that is pretty much in the backyard of our new house.  As fast as they dropped the line they caught one and Poppa stayed busy just keeping the show running.  As you can see in the upper right hand picture Hanna Beth has on rubber gloves.  She loves everything about fishing except touching any worms, crickets or fish. ~she's a girly girl~  This will likely end up being one of their favorite past times when we get moved.  

Hello new house progress....and the painting continues.  This week the inside of all the closets were painted and the cabinets (that are to be painted) in the kitchen were primed.  Even though it's just prime, it gives me a good idea of how the kitchen cabinets are going to look and I'm loving the stained and painted mixture. Templets for all the granite were taken and the granite should be ready for installation later this week. ~can't wait~
  It's looking like some fairly dry weather this week so just maybe they will get at least part of the driveway poured. But, my ingenious husband devised a "make shift" drive way this past week to help cut down on all the dirt and mud being brought into the house.  He bought tarps and used tent stakes to anchor them into the ground and workers could walk on it coming and going from the house. Still a ways to go, finishing the painting, installation of plumbing fixtures, installation of lighting, and laying of wood flooring and on and on the list goes.  We've quit even saying an approximate move in date because at this point, we have no idea.  But, I guess we get  closer with each passing week. ~it can't get here quick enough~

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Tell hubby those irises are absolutely spectacular! Moving them is a must! What cute fisherguy and gal! Progress is happening and looking great!

  2. The irises MUST make the move and I'm sure they'll do just fine. Such a pretty, hardy flower that welcomes spring every year. I wish I had thought to transplant some here from our old house.

    Your girly-girl grand is just like me in the fishing department--loves to catch the fish but don't touch any bait or squirmy fish . I learned to love fishing by being with my grandpa on his farm, at his pond. Great memories.

  3. Hanna Beth's gloves! How cute! And the blue driveway is ingenious!

  4. I don't blame him for wanting to move those irises! Beautiful. WOW!! The house is looking SO good!!!


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