Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday's Musings

Here it is nearing the end of August and before we know it we will be nearing the end of another year.  I try to remind myself everyday to "enjoy the moment" because life can so quickly pass us by.  And, it's so hard for me to actually enjoy the moment right now.  I am so task oriented and my task at this time is to get finished settling in this house.  And, I'm getting much closer but still have a ways to go.  But, I'm definitely making progress and it feels more like home everyday.  Now, to catch you up on the latest................~know you can hardly wait~
I guess you need to expect that something will get broken when you move.  But, I sure did think that I had packed everything very carefully but obviously I did not.  This candlestick and a goblet were both broken when I unpacked them.  But, it was nothing that Super Glue could not fix.  They were both very clean breaks, so they fit back together perfectly.

And, this was the pile of garbage that was out in front of our new house this past Thursday.  It took Hubby and I several trips to get it all hauled out there and there's nothing in those bags except packing paper.  They do not pick up boxes but we've been fortunate that some friends have wanted just about every one of our boxes. I'm thinking the worse is over regarding garbage.
Everything is unpacked and all the pictures, mirrors, and decorative items are sitting around everywhere.  They are waiting to be placed or not to be placed.  My decorator is coming this Thursday and we will begin the process of placing decorative items and deciding which pictures and mirrors should go where.  I can hardly wait as this is the beginning of the fun part.
Some rooms already have a little decorative touch and it's definitely taking on the look of a home.  

 And, on Thursday our old house went on the market.

We are so hopeful that whoever buys it will enjoy it as much as we did for 34 years.  Such sweet, sweet memories for us.
Hubby looks forward to making this yard a place of beauty but that will likely not happen until next Spring.  He'll probably have grass planted this fall but wait for the plants.  
Have yourself a wonderful new week and remember to
 "enjoy the moment."

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Congratulations on finally getting to move into your new home! It's always hard saying goodbye to a home you've been in for so many years with so many memories. But it's fun to look forward to new memories.

    Blessings and love,

  2. What a good feeling it must be to be IN the new home and almost ready for the "fun" part, and i agree it is the fun part. Whenever one of us moves, us sisters gather together for this part and have such a good time. Though 4 women, and 4 opinions always comes into play as well. lol. Anyway....ENJOY! And congrats again.

  3. Putting your decorative items in place is what makes that house your home ... once that gets done, you'll really be moved in. I can't wait to see the "after". A whole lot of wall decor from our old house is sitting in boxes down in the basement here. We went from a house built in 1950 with walls to a house built in 2008 with very few walls (open floor plan and 6'x6' windows in every room - between that and the necessary amount of closets/doors/cabinetry, and there is very little wall space for anything to hang) ... it inspired me to simply and embrace the philosophy that less is more! ;-)

  4. Lea... I can't believe how great your house looks already!! Looks like you've been hard at work. Enjoy your week.

  5. Did your previous home have a circular driveway? I have wanted one of those for a long time. The house is beautiful. I hope you get a good, solid contract on it very quickly.

    The new house is wonderful, as well. I know you are just loving it!!

  6. So excited for you! The decorating is my favorite part!

  7. I love how the house is taking shape. Your kitchen is TO DIE FOR! I love it! I also love love your old home too!


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