Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday's Musings

The last Monday in August and the last day of August.  We've had just a "nip" of fall in the air here and it has gotten me so excited about the "real" fall arriving.  It's one of my most favorite times of the year for sure.  
Clancy and Hanna Beth have both started their school year.  Clancy is a big 1st grader and Hanna Beth is in Kindergartner.  So far they are both having a great year.
Andi Kate continues to amaze us everyday with her activity.  She crawled up in her big sister's Barbie doll house the other day and crawled right out the other side.  We figured she would get stuck and need help but she figured it all out herself.  She's a little Sweetheart for sure!

Hubby decided to fish in the pond the other evening.  It's about 15 steps from our backdoor, so it's very, very convenient.  He was out there maybe 15 minutes and caught this really good looking brim.  One of the joys of living on the water. ~smile~ 

And, on the house progress...........we waited until we got moved in and the dining room table placed in the exact spot before having the fixture hung.  That way it would be in the exact center of the table. The electrician came this past Thursday to hang this little jewel and it was quite the process.  But, it looks great and it is exact! ~yea!~

My decorator had a family emergency and could not come to help me with the placement of decor and the hanging of mirrors and pictures this past week.  So, that is still awaiting and may have to wait even longer (more on that in a minute).  

 And, most importantly........Bridget called very early yesterday morning to tell us that she was in the hospital.  Her water broke around 11:00PM on Saturday.  Her due date is not until Oct. 14th but apparently baby boy did not want to wait.  Mom and baby boy are faring very well thus far.  The meds they have given her have not stopped her contractions but have slowed them down.  They have given her steroid shots to assist in baby's lung development and Dr. assures them that baby is doing well.  If she has not had him by Wed. morning then she will be induced and he will make his appearance on Sept. 2nd.  I covet your prayers for them.  They had just gotten moved into their house last Wed. and had hardly even begun to unpack boxes and get settled.  They are in a new place and have just had so, so many adjustments this past summer.  But, through it all, God has had His hand on them and given them the strength to face it all.  Our SIL's parents are there at this time and plan to leave on Thursday.  We will go on Thursday and be there until..........Should there suddenly be any issue then we will be leaving immediately, but since things are going well, we will wait. Thankfully our SIL's sister lives in OKC and has little Clancy and will see to his needs.  As we all know, we just never know from day to day what we may be facing.  I simply do not know how anyone wakes up to face a new day without the Lord.  His strength is amazing and we often do not realize how amazing until we've traveled through to the other side.  I will keep you posted!

I saw this somewhere the other day and just had to share it with you.
"Be a fountain, not a drain."

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I am praying for Bridget and her baby. She looks beautiful in the hospital and the Lord will bring them through. May the Lord bless you all through this unsettling time!

  2. I do have your daughter and baby boy in my prayers. God's timing is perfect, and I'm partial to September babies : ) I so agree with your sentiment regarding faith in this world. Makes my heart ache for those who are trying to maneuver this planet in their own strength. Excited for you to meet your new grand!

  3. Lea, I'm sorry to hear about Bridget's early labor, but I'm praying for a safe delivery and healthy grandson! I hope things go well for your family and safe travels to you and your husband as you drive later this week! Love the quote!

  4. You know you all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. September 2 is D's birthday, so that would be a mighty fine day for little one to make his appearance. Give Bridget our love.

  5. Praying for your new little one. All 4 of my grands came 5 weeks too early, and they're all doing just fine. The hospitals and NICUs, while not where you or I would like to see our grands, provide such excellent care, that an early arrival isn't quite as scary as it used to be. I'll definitely be praying for you all, my friend.

  6. Praying for Mom and baby and a happy and healthy birth!

  7. Praying for mommy and baby!!!!!

  8. House is looking great, glad it's feeling like home.
    Congrats on that beautiful baby boy!! God is good, I continue to pray for him as he gets stronger.


  9. Love the dining room color, trim, shutters, everything! I have re-painted my whole house, inside, and our colors look very similiar. Love the moulding, it also resembles mine :)


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