Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's another Hodgepodge and Joyce came up with some "doozies" today.  Hope you enjoy

1. What's surprised you most about your life, or about life in general?
Oh, my! there's been so many surprises in and about my life. Most have been wonderful and some have been terribly painful, but they have all made me the person I am today and for that, I am grateful. I know, that's not very specific, but, that's as specific as I'm going to get.~sorry~

2. Among others, these ten words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year...awesomesauce, beer o'clock, brain fart, buttdial, cat cafe (apparently this is a real thing), fatberg (gross-read the definition here), fat shame, hangry, Mx (gender neutral), and skippable. 

Your thoughts? In looking over the list, which word do you find most ridiculous? Which word would you never in a million years say out loud? Which word would you be most likely to use in conversation?

I think they are all pretty stupid and have only heard of brain fart, and buttdial.  The others are new to me. I think hangry is pretty ridiculous.  Since I do not drink I would likely never say beer o'clock as I would have no need to. Depending on what I might be describing, I might use the word awesomesauce. ~doubtful, but I might~

3. Do you like gravy? Is there a food you'd rather not eat unless it comes with gravy? Do you make your own or buy the canned or store-made variety? Turkey and gravy, sausage gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, country ham and red eye gravy, biscuits and chocolate gravy, pot roast and gravy...which one on the list is your favorite?
Yes, I do like gravy but I rarely indulge.  I prefer dressing to have a little gravy on it.  I have rarely made gravy but when I do I usually buy the store made variety and doctor it a little.  Mashed potatoes and gravy are hard to beat.

4. Do you have a plan? Do you need a plan? Have you ever had a plan fall into a trillion pieces? Explain.
Yes, I generally have a plan and I need a plan.  I have always functioned best with a plan and find I am far more productive with a plan.   Yes, I have definitely had plans to go awry and I have always lived to tell about it. ~life happens~  Plans were far more important to me when our children were home and we were juggling their schedules and our own. I am a planner but there are just some things that cannot be planned.  I do not fly by the seat of my pants very well. ~chuckle~

5. November 19 is National Play Monopoly Day. Do you own the original or some version of the game? Do you enjoy playing Monopoly? How likely is it you'll play a game of Monopoly on November 19th? Ever been to Atlantic City? Ever taken a ride on a railroad? Is parking in your town free? Last thing you took a chance on?
I do not currently have the game but we wore one out through the years that the kids were at home.  I loved playing Monopoly but it's most unlikely that I will play tomorrow.  I have never been to Atlantic City and it's not on my list of places I "must" go. Yes, ridden a train several times and parking in our town is free.  I can't remember the last chance I took but I've taken several in recent months as we built our new house.  For one,  I ordered almost all of the decorator rugs we have in this house off the internet and I did not have to send one of them back.  I took a chance and it worked!

6. A song you like that has the word (or some form of the word) thanks in the title, lyrics, or meaning?
My Tribute sung by Andrae Crouch, he can raise the hair on the back of your neck for sure!

7. In keeping with this month's theme of gratitude....what is something you're taking for granted that when you stop and think about it, you're grateful for?
Oh, my goodness, there's likely more than I would care to admit that I take for granted but the very first thing that came to my mind was good health.  The older I get the more grateful I am for my good health as I know that it can be taken in a matter of hours.  There's hardly a day that goes by that I don't hear of someone who is dealing with a life threatening or debilitating condition.  

8. Insert your own random thought here.
On Monday I went to the Verizon store to get a new IPhone.  I had a 5c and I upgraded to a 6, just the plain 6.  After the young man assisting me had given me his sales pitch,  as I almost choked over the prices, I ask him to tell me the difference in my current phone and the 6.  His response tickled me too death.  He said the processor was much faster, the camera was upgraded and that Siri had graduated from college in the 6 and she only had a high school education on my current phone.  I guess she's got a doctorate in the 6 Plus!  But, she's plenty smart enough for me on the plain 6 and I'm using her more and more everyday.  I use her for almost all of my texting now. So cool!  I often wonder how we ever survived before cell phones and I can't help but wonder if the younger generation will ever know the value of real communication where you actually talk to someone face to face.  I've seen teenagers actually text their friends  that were sitting in the same room with them. Something is terribly wrong with that picture.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I agree that there are some things that cannot be planned ... but that doesn't mean that I don't try. ha! I don't fly by the seat of my pants very well either.

  2. The phone prices do make you choke a little. It's crazy what we pay for a phone, but we do it. It's a phone and a camera and a computer rolled into one, so that makes the price sound a little more palatable. I said My Tribute as well. I also like Sandi Patty's version of the song. Enjoy your day!

  3. I always take my health for granted until I hear about someone my age getting seriously ill and then I'm terribly thankful!

  4. Yes, I think we all take our health for granted to some extent. Just grateful to be able to get out of bed every morning. We too are using Siri and the voice Google more and more. D is proficient! It's a running joke with our friends that if we have a question, let D answer it. Have a great rest of your week.

  5. We're due for an upgrade on our phones next month...and I kind of dread it, to be honest. There are days when I'd like to go back to a flip phone. Love me some Andrae Crouch...magnificent voice! Have a great Wednesday, Lea!

  6. Hi Lea... I have a 6plus for one reason - I can see it without my glasses. Siri and I had a fight and have not spoken for days. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Love "My Tribute" by Andre' Crouch and yes, by all means, I'm a planner. I need to think things out ahead of time or it generally does not go well.

  8. What a delightful read, CiCi! savored every word, thanks for sharing.

  9. My husband has the 6 an loves his but I am with you on the negatives with all this technology, I have seen teens texting to friends sitting beside them too, it really is pretty sad. Health is not something I taken for granted at all, I like you know things can change in a moment. Hope you are having a good week.

  10. I loved your answers (I know, I am late in commenting)---as for a smart phone, none of us have one...I have simple Go Phone. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings


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