Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Musings

Monday, November 2nd, how on earth did that happen?  In just 9 short days we will have lived in our new house 3 months. And, in just 53 short days we will be celebrating Christmas.  Time, please slow down!
Last Thursday a group of ladies from our church and community hosted a morning tea for about 100 5th graders in one of our local schools.  The event was held in our church's family life center. Each table was decorated and a tea service was used to serve the tea.  They were served fruit, miniature muffins and sandwiches and of course, hot tea.
Many of the ladies donned their hats for the occasion
 The students came in two groups and were dressed in their Sunday best and they could not have been a more appreciative group.  It was a time for them to learn about manners and politeness and for them to feel very special.
The event came about because the principal, pictured above, wanted her 5th graders to have this experience and asked if we could put it together for her. It was a lot of work but a smashing success so that made all the effort worthwhile.
Last Friday, Bridget and her co-workers all dressed up as Waldo from the books, "Where's Waldo."  They cannot refer to the day as Halloween, so it is called Book Character day.  ~whatever~ I did think they looked mighty cute! (Bridget is on the far left)

I swapped out my Halloween decor for Thanksgiving decor this weekend and also baked some Pumpkin Bread.  It was such fun to be decorating and have the smell of fall throughout the house from the baking of the bread.  AND, can I just tell you that it is absolutely wonderful to have my seasonal decor just steps away from where I need it.  I guess I'm as thankful for my wonderful storage rooms as I am anything in this new house.  No more carrying it down the stairs!!!  Decorating is actually, once again, fun!!!  

And, as we prepare our hearts for this season of Thanksgiving, I leave you with this........
May all our hearts be happy hearts!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I think that if I didn't have to trudge everything up from the basement, I might be slightly more inclined to decorate seasonally. Maybe. ha!

    Why can't they call Halloween by its real name? I knew that the PC Police have determined that Christmas and Easter are no longer to be called by their proper names. Are there any holidays that can be called by the proper name any more?

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for those kiddos. That is something they will never forget. Love that the ladies of Bastrop are still known for their gracious hospitality.

  3. What a beautiful gesture for you sweet ladies to do, A memory that these young folks will place in their hearts for ever!
    Time does pass so swiftly, I can hardly believe that you have been in your new home for three months, love the Thanksgiving decorations!
    hugsfrom me,

  4. How great that you did that for the 5th graders! I bet they really enjoyed it!

  5. Bridget looks so cute with the other "Where's Waldo" girls! What a fun idea!

    Like you, I am pulling out my November decor but unlike you, I get to do stairs!! (boo!) since my stuff's stored in the basement.

    Question for you: may I please use your "a thankful heart .." illustration in the sidebar of my blog? I'll provide a link to your blog with it. I won't do it till I hear back from you.

  6. I LOVE the tea idea for the grade school kids! I know it's a lot of work but it is so worth is. When I worked at our elementary school, we had La Petite Cafe, once a week for a different class each week. They ate their regular lunch but it was served in a different room with real dishes. Before lunch, the kids came to help set the tables properly even with folded napkins. They practiced manners as they ate and it's great to see that they really can act mannerly!

  7. Just can not believe you have been in that house three months!! How is this possible?????
    It's what get a non morning person up early in the morning, time is just going too fast. I want to spend every minute I can awake, aware and full of thankfulness.


  8. What a treat for the 5th graders and you all look the hats!

  9. Book character day-ha! My girls school did that too. I guess we can all pretend we're not dressed up for Halloween : ) I can't believe it's been three months! I feel like you just got there. Enjoy celebrating the season in your new home!

  10. Hi Lea, What a wonderful post! I loved the idea of a party for 5th graders, teaching them etiquette and manners(we do this with our granddaughters about every three months). Having a new home to decorate for the seasons is such fun; we still have stairs to carry everything up, but I love it.
    Have a blessed day!
    Hugs, Noreen


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