Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday's Musings

We have been enjoying some of the most gorgeous weather the past few days and looks like the week ahead is promising more beautiful days.  The mornings are rather nippy but it warms up so nicely by noon and it brings thoughts of Spring to my mind.  I am so ready and I do realize that we are still a few weeks out, but it doesn't stop me from looking forward to it.  There's something so refreshing about Spring!
We have been what you would call settled in our new house for about 3-4 months but I continue to add little touches here and there.  Some I haven't really even thought about until I was out and saw something that I thought would look nice in a particular place.

Such was the case with the bird prints.  I was flipping through a catalog and saw these and I immediately thought of a wall where they could probably find a nice home.  And, I was right!  They are a stretch canvas and I have always had a "thing" about birds and the I love the pop of color they add to the room.

In our old house this armoire almost came to the ceiling so there was no room to add anything to the top of it for height.  But, in this house, it's a different story.  As I lived with it for about 4 months with nothing on the top I felt as though it looked very empty and lonely.  I began looking and came across these accent items and think they were the perfect "icing on the cake" for this piece.  At first I only had the floral piece and it really looked lost by itself.  I found the other pieces at TJ Maxx and they were the perfect addition to finish it off.

And, on our recent trip to Oklahoma my daughter took me to Marshall's and they had this gorgeous heart shaped bowl and it beckoned until me. ~chuckle~  I found the glitter hearts at Wal-Mart and it made the perfect seasonal piece.  It is a big piece and was $12.99.  I love TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Tuesday Morning.  They always have the best deals on home decor.  

With the gorgeous weather it has caused Hubby and I to start working on the back porch.

This Saturday we went shopping for new cushions for furniture, an outdoor rug and a new grill. I loved the bright colors of these cushions and since they will not be exposed to the sun they should stay bright for a while.  We got a plain woven outdoor rug as we felt the colors in the cushions were enough color without adding anymore in the rug.  I did get a colorful entrance rug for the door going in the house from the porch.  I love the big pineapple in the center and think it definitely has a welcoming feel to it.  Now, we will have a nice place to enjoy the early mornings or the late afternoons once Spring arrives.  

Now, the work will soon begin on the patio and the yard.  Little by little it will all come together and be something that we can enjoy for the years to come.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. could you send some of that nice weather to Mass.? We're expecting 8-10 today. Your porch looks lovely. It will be awile before we can used ours. Enjoy your week.

  2. How fun this must be for you to be putting little extra touches on this beautiful home...and it all looks lovely! Enjoy your day!

  3. It just takes time for a new home to let you know what it needs. I live the way I sense my home speaking to me about new touches. I don't buy many new things because of storage space and the thought about what will happen when I'm gone. Chuckle! So, it's mostly how can I rearrange things differently. Love what you've done.

  4. Lea,

    It is all coming together nicely. I especially like the bird prints, as I collect everything with birds. We also have them in our design details in almost every room of our home.

    The porch looks so inviting, and I know y'all have a peaceful view.


  5. Ooh...I love those bird prints, Lea! Great addition to any room. I'm with can't beat the bargains found at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I always come out with something!

    1. You could easily turn some of your fabulous bird photographs into prints : )

  6. I have a thing for bird prints too! I love yours!

  7. ...would enjoy having some your Spring weather! Your outdoor furniture looks so good. As you know, ours gets a regular coating of frost and snow!

    Lovely decor, really nice!

  8. Dear Lea, I love seeing all the items you got-looks like spring will be in your area months before we get it. I'm not evening thinking about it yet. I well remember how early I started planting in northern Ca. Now, we are happy if the snow melts. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. What a cute heart shaped bowl! I have some smaller ones that nest in each other. I need to go find those glitter hearts to put in them! I sure love all of your house decor. You have a real eye for decorating!

  10. I love your patio cushions. I was wandering through the gardening aisle at Hobby Lobby the other day, it's giving me a bit of spring fever. Our weather has been so unpredictable spring like one day and arctic air the next. Guess I'll just enjoy the days as they come

  11. Love the bird prints, do you mind sharing where you found them? Love your blog!

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