Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Welcome to Fall Hodgepodge

 Yea, tomorrow is the first day of fall and we at the HP are going to welcome it in full fashion.  Joyce centered a few of her questions today around the coming of fall.  Did I mention that I love all things fall?  Here's to fall...........

1. Thursday (September 22) is the first official day of autumn in this part of the will you welcome the season? I know some of you have been celebrating way too early, but it's official now so permission granted. House Beautiful recently listed ten ways to make your home smell like fall (you can read the list here) What's a scent you love this time of year and how will you add it to your home?
I just might wear something rather "fallish" to welcome the season. I run a diffuser every day in our living area and am burning eucalyptus right now and will vary it with cinnamon for the coming weeks. And, no doubt I may do some baking that requires a little cinnamon as well.

2. Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Apple cake or pumpkin bread? Warm apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte?
Oh a piece of pumpkin pie for sure, perhaps apple cake with some warm apple cider.  I can taste it now.
3. Do you suffer from what is sometimes referred to as an afternoon slump? What helps ward it off before it hits and/or tell us what helps you shake it off once it's here?
I don't really have an afternoon slump on most days.  If it's dreary outside and the sun is not shining through our windows I might feel a little draggy, but for the most part, I'm good to go.  Now, I definitely have less energy as the day goes on and that's why my recliner is my "go to" spot about 6:30 every evening.  I love chillin' in my recliner!
4. Ladies-how have your friendships with women inspired you or made you a better person? For the men here today- how have your friendships with men inspired you or made you a better person?
I have such dear friends, friends from all walks of life, and all personality types.  Those closest to me generally inspire me, cause me to think and often have been a shoulder to lean on.  I feel my world is a better place due to my friendships.
5. Are you a people pleaser? If you said yes, do you think that's a good or bad thing? If you said no, do you wish you were more of a people pleaser?
I would say I am NOT a people pleaser.  I do want to be pleasing for sure, but I can say NO even when no one really understands why I said no.  I haven't always been able to do this but the wisdom that comes along with aging helped me in this area. ~grin~ I've learned that no one is accountable for my decisions except for me and vise versa.  It's a freeing realization!  Have I done things just to please someone even when I didn't want to, you bet I have.  Okay, hope all this made sense.
6. The seasons are a-changin'...share a favorite song relating in some way to change (not necessarily seasonal change, it could be change of any kind).
 Ah, how about Changes by Olivia Newton John from 1972.  If you want to hear it click here.
Really a sad song about a family dealing with divorce.
7. What do you wish would never change? 
Oh, the very first thing that came to my mind was my current energy and health.  I'm at the age where neither of these are taken for granted.  I think every one of us desire to enjoy good health and to live to be a ripe old age and then just die due to natural causes.  But, we know that is not promised and more times than not our lives take a dive that knocks us off course.  But, it doesn't keep me from wishing. 
8.  Insert your own random thought here.
This is the lovely group of couples that were a part of our son's birthday celebration this past Saturday evening.  This is just a "sneak peak" and a more at length post will be forth coming.  His "real" birthday isn't until Oct. 3rd so sometime between now and then I'll fill you in on the details of his celebration.  It was a wonderful evening!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all at your son's birthday, Lea. Looking forward to hearing more. Have a good week!

  2. Great photo of the birthday celebration, I look forward to hear more about the event. I love a good party!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  3. I especially am interested in these 'people pleaser' answers. It took me a long time to finally realize that I didn't owe people an explanation when I told them 'No.' Looks like a happy group of people in your last photo. Have a great Wednesday, Lea.

  4. Now all I can think about is apple pie. ;) Enjoy your Fall day.

  5. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration and I look forward to hearing more about it. I enjoyed your answers very much. Like you, I look forward to "retiring" to my comfy chair about 6:30 each evening. I love to burn candles that are spicy or apple or pumpkin smelling. Makes the house seem more welcoming. I hope you have a pleasant evening. xoxo

  6. I also love using Eucalyptus in my difussers. I can imagine the aroma of a baking apple pie. Fall indeed!

  7. I love the scent of Eucalyptus. I'm funny about fall candles. I love apples but not the scent of apple candles. My favorite year round is citrus and sage, not too sweet and not too strong. Enjoy your day! Happy birthday to your son!

  8. Like your song choice. Looks like it was a great party for your sons birthday! His birthday is the same as mine.......

  9. Adams and I were blessed to be a part of Brandon's birthday celebration. He and Windy are such special friends to us. And your home is absolutely gorgeous!!


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