Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Musings

The last week of September is upon us.  And, in a flash, the last week of 2016 will be upon us.  Just all the more reason that we need to make every day count, do good, be kind and live according to God's Word and purpose for our life.  Time is marching on...........
This past week my Dad had company from the great state of Virginia.  Dave and Peg were members of the church my Dad pastored 45 years ago and he performed their wedding ceremony.  They have been so devoted to him and have gone out of their way on many occasions to visit him.  They had been to San Antonio to a Coast Guard Reunion last week and decided to make the drive (an 8 hr. plus drive) over to see him on their way back to Virginia.  They stayed here with us and we enjoyed visiting with them as well.  They are what you would call "true blue" friends and my Dad has certainly been blessed by their sweet friendship.

Meet "Peeps."  Peeps belongs to Clancy's 2nd grade class and is in the classroom everyday and each day a different student gets to have him for an allotted time.  Friday was Clancy's turn.  Peeps is a Lion Bunny and apparently an easy going fella.  If I remember correctly, this is Peeps 3rd year to be a part of this class.  Added note:  I suppose that one day before long Clancy will surely get his two front teeth. They've been missing for a while now. ~just call him Snaggle, Snaggle and Peeps~

I thought it appropriate to post about Brandon's 40th birthday dinner celebration today.  His actual birthday is next Monday, Oct. 3rd but he was due, September 26th, which is today.  It's really awful when you go past your due date, but I remember thinking it was worse than awful to actually go into a whole other month.  Anyways, back to the celebration................

I went with an LSU theme since Brandon is an avid fan and I planned the celebration on an evening that the Tigers would be playing.  I had such fun decorating with all things purple and gold.  After dinner the group enjoyed visiting and watching the game.
I found this cake idea on Pinterst and took it to our local "cake lady" and she did a great job recreating it.  And, it was most delicious as well.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm about to have a 40 year old child.  I mean, surely, I'm not old enough for that. ~big laugh~  But, what a joy he has been and continues to be.  He loves the Lord, is a family man, has personality personified, is a respectable young man, and  is just an overall "good guy."  We are mighty proud to call him our son and as we often tell the Grans, we love him to the moon and back!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Well Happy Birthday to Brandon. Yes, he has always been "Mr. Personality." I also understand that our kids are making us appear old, age wise that is. My oldest will be 50 in a couple years, so you know what that makes me for sure. Loved your home all decorated in purple and gold. That takes on new meaning this morning after the decisions made public yesterday. Enjoyed my visit with you this morning and hope you have a great week.

  2. You are quite the decorator. It all looks great! Happy soon to be birthday to your son! :)

  3. Fun! I love decorating for a theme party!

  4. Happy 40th to your Brandon! I love what you said in the beginning of your post...what a great reminder.

  5. The photo of Peeps and Clancy melts my heart! What a great birthday celebration for Brandon! Everything looks wonderful.

  6. Lea,

    Looks like the party came together perfectly! Happiest of birthdays to your son!


  7. Oh my, Peeps is just adorable! And the smile on Clancy's face is priceless :)

    You have a beautiful family, dear Lea. Thanks for sharing and have blessed day. Hugs!

  8. Dear Lea, What a wonderful celebration for your son. How did our kids get so old? Surely we haven't aged like they have. Love the colors. How wonderful for true blue friends to come visit your dad-I'm sure he was such a blessing to all those he ministered too.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Noreen


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