Friday, September 9, 2016

Lea's Daybook - September.9.2016

I always enjoy doing a day book ever so often and thought today would be a good day to do that type of entry.  And, I've been so busy these past couple of weeks that I just have not had time to put together my usual posts, but hang on, this too shall pass and I'll be back with my regular posting.

For Today

Looking out my window.....the days are getting shorter and the sun is coming up later.  It's a little after 6:00 and the sun is just barely peeking it's head out.  I prefer the sun come out early and stay out late, but needless to say, it just doesn't work that way.  I'm not looking forward to "falling back" on November 6th.

I am thankful......that several things I have fretted over, notice I didn't say worried over, are slowly but surely working themselves out.  There's still a few more things that I'm praying will work out as well, but none are earth shattering and I have to constantly remind myself of that.  Do you have that problem too? And, it's all in God's timing, not mine!

One of my favorite always having something to look forward to.  It might be a trip, a special event, a visit with someone dear, etc.  I enjoy having something over the horizon.  And, I feel so sorry for folks that absolutely never, ever have anything to look forward to, or at least they think that they don't. ~very sad~

I am accordion file with clipped or copied recipes in it.  I have a folder on my computer with probably a couple hundred recipes but sometimes I like to have them on a hard copy.  The accordion file has worked just great and it has about 6-8 tabs and I have those labeled with casseroles, salads, desserts, etc.  I didn't just want to throw them in a box or notebook without a rhyme or reason in the way I organized them.  This has worked great and I can easily put my hand on the one I'm looking for.

I am wearing......some jean capris and a long sleeve cold shouldered top.  I'm probably going to regret this long sleeve top but I just couldn't wait to wear something with a longer sleeve.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to.....I've been listening to the Baxter Family Series by Karen Kingsbury for almost 2 months and I'm on book 9 or 10 out of 27, but what a wonderful series.  Audible is such a neat app and I never knew how much I would enjoy listening to books verses reading them.

I am hoping our son in law will get top $$$ for the cows he is selling this weekend.  Raising cattle is a side line for him in addition to his regular job with the USDA.  Cow prices are down right now but he needs to lessen his herd so hopefully he will at least break even or make a little. His Dad was a big time cattle rancher so he grew up around cows knows a whole lot about the cattle business and it has served him well. 
I am learning.....and should have already learned a l-o-n-g time ago that everyone's values, or lack thereof, and attitudes are just not the same.  Almost daily I am stunned by this fact.  I told my husband the other day that I feel that I do not fit in the world of today.  But, I am reminded of His Word that says, I am to be in this world, not of this world.  And, hopefully, I am making some small difference everyday. 

In my kitchen......I have been a busy gal in the kitchen this past month.  I've done a whole lot of cooking ahead and putting it in the freezer for later. I've got lasagne, a spaghetti dish, personal pan home made pizzas, and a couple of cakes, all stashed away, ready to pull out in a moments notice.
And, on the kitchen island is this gorgeous Almond Pound Cake that I made.  My youngest brother arrived yesterday afternoon and I feel it's my duty to have his favorite pound cake awaiting him when he arrives. ~chuckle~

Post Script.......
I know that you are busy but I urge you to stop for 5 minutes and read  this article by Lance Wallnau concerning the upcoming Presidential election.  It was most thought provoking for me and I think most us know, this is one of the most important elections in all of history. 

Shared Quote.....
This can be very hard to do at times. We may not be aware that our feelings are temporary and certainly that the decision is permanent at the time. ~a tough one~

A moment from my day.......
Most all of my days include some time at my desktop computer.  Basically all of my blogging is done from my desktop, it's just the easiest for blogging to me.  And, I do some financial things for Hubby's business and for the household as well.  I thoroughly enjoy my computer and truly cannot imagine life without one.  But, I do realize that I have lived a whole lot longer without one than I have with one. ~grin~ 

May your weekend be filled with good times!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I am the same way! I love having something to look forward to, even if it's something small. It's very motivating for me. Enjoy your weekend, and visiting with your brother. :)

  2. I enjoyed this peek into your day. Pound cake says welcome and love to me too. Enjoy time with your family!

  3. So glad I am popped in for a visit...I enjoyed this. The Baxter family series was one of my all time favorite series...soo good! The cake looks delish. Great idea having all the dishes ready to pop out should the need arise. One of those things I was always going to do, and never have, lol. Enjoy your week-end Lea!

  4. I've made my share of permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. Hopefully, I am wiser for those experiences and won't do so much of that any more. Good advice.

    Also, the article by Lance Wallnau is very interesting. I enjoyed reading this perspective. At this point, we just about have to believe Trump is a "Cyrus" in God's hands. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    I hope the cattle sale goes well!

  5. Hi Lea, It's good to catch up with you this evening and your look beautiful, as always. Thank you for sharing the words from Lance W and I am giving the link to others as well. You are so smart to cook ahead and I know your brother appreciated his cake! We are doing a bit of work on our new-to-us house and I will be so glad to have workmen out of my hair! lol God bless your Sunday.

  6. You sound like you have been busy, but happy. I'd love a piece of that cake-it looks delicious. Have a great week.

  7. Last weekend I did some make ahead cooking, too, and froze some casseroles. I divided them in half so the college student would have something yummy to eat, too. But I've never even thought about freezing a cake! Hmm...may have to do that soon!


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