Friday, November 18, 2016

A Bit of This and That

Last weekend Hubby and I enjoyed some time in Dallas with friends.  
Our first stop was the Dallas Arboretum.  It was just beautiful with all the fall plants and pumpkins were in abundance.  The weather was perfect for a leisurely stroll through the gardens.  We stayed at the Westin Galleria and it doesn't get much better than your hotel being attached to a mall.  Gerri and I enjoyed some "power shopping" on Saturday.
 On Saturday evening we drove over to McKinney to enjoy a delightful meal with great entertainment.  A long time friend of ours, who happens to have an awesome voice, entertains at a restaurant there on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  It's an old warehouse turned restaurant, a most casual atmosphere where we kicked back and so enjoyed listening to tunes by Frank Sinatra, George Strait, and Michael Buble, to name a few.  It was definitely "the pause that refreshes."
While we were browsing through some of the shops I saw this sign and chuckled out loud as I read it.  Don't we all know some folks that this fits?  
It's the Friday before Thanksgiving and it's all hands on deck here at our house.  Well, guess I should say, it's my hands that are on deck!  Things will be all abuzz around here beginning tomorrow afternoon.  Our daughter and our Grandsons will arrive to spend a few days and then on Monday we'll have more family arriving.

I've been busy trying to get some food prepared ahead of time as it seems that meals roll around way too often.  This is  egg casseroles and I made some Pumpkin Bread that I thought would go well with the casserole for a good breakfast.  I'll bake my usual pound cake in the morning and I'll go later this afternoon to get the rest of the groceries I need for the other meals.  AND, I must confess, I will not be cooking for our Thanksgiving meal.  AND, I also must confess, I do not feel one bit guilty. ~grin~ We will go to our lovely country club and enjoy their splendid buffet and I'll leave the cooking and clean up behind.  I figure after all the other cooking I'll be doing that by Thanksgiving Day I may be plum "tuckered out" in the cooking department.  
 In my last post I referred to having my blogs printed in book form at the end of every year.  I had 2-3 fellow bloggers ask me to give more details about that, so here it is.  There may be other websites that do this but I have always used Blog 2 Print and am most pleased with them.  You have a wide choice of covers, a choice of soft back or hardback and I have always done hardback.  You can omit using any pictures to save space but I think the pictures add to the interest of the book.  Mine are about 300 pages and have cost me around $150 each.  If you omit the pictures you can really cut down on the pages and that will cut down the cost considerably.  So, hope this helps you other blogging buddies in deciding if you would like to bind your blogs into book form.  
May you be especially blessed as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Wishing you all a great time of making memories with family and friends. 
NOTE: This will be my last post until after Thanksgiving. ~just so you know~😊

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Lea.. thanks for the trip down memory lane. We lived for 12 years in McKinney and a Fall never passed without a trip to the Arboretum. My Mister works for Starwood and we spent many a weekend at the Westin Galleria. Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Lea! Have a wonderful week with your family.

  3. Thank you for including the information about your blog books. I will have to ponder that. I really appreciate your sharing.

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Busy days! I bet the pumpkin bread smells wonderful baking. My brother has made some of my blogs into books as a Christmas present! So very nice to have met you recently and I so enjoy visiting with you. God bless you and yours this Thanksgiving. xo

  5. Good morning, CiCi, wanting to wish you and your dear family a most blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Enjoyed your post, and thank you for the link on making the blog post into a book, I have thought about doing this but I must first get back to blogging more often!~wink~ Hopefully tis week!
    Enjoy your special time with your family, and yes, enjoy your most deserved Thanksgiving dinner at the club, we are having our Thanksgiving dinner today at my Mother's I am so looking forward to spending time with the family!
    The egg casseroles look delicious, I am always looking for breakfast recipes!

  6. Have a happy Thanksgiving! I'm back after a year.....and of course, when I say back, i'm not sure what that means....That Facebook sign should hang on my wall. If we said what is really going on it could be called Facewhine! :)


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