Friday, June 2, 2017

Disney Bound

Yes, on Sunday the Culp and Broome families will arrive in Disney World for 5 days of memory making fun!  We have been anticipating this trip since the first of Feb. and blowing Etsy and Amazon up with Disney purchases. ~no joke~ Truly, half the fun of any big trip is all the planning that goes into it.

I contacted a friend of our daughter's who is also a Disney Planner and she has absolutely taken care of everythig.  She emailed us our itinerary this past week and it was a bit overwhelming.  We will certainly use it as our guide but  not sure that we can possibly do everything she has planned for us. She did schedule rest time each day and I'm pretty sure all 10 of us will be glad of that. This will be mine, Hubby's and our kids 6th trip to Disney and we've never had an agenda and we had a wonderful time every time.  I do know that Disney has changed a lot and as I said, we'll definitely use our agenda as a guide but we will probably make some modifications as needed.

Our Magic Bands arrived a couple of weeks ago and this is a new addition to Disney since our last visit almost 9 years ago.  These little fellas are truly magic.  They will just be zapped for our entrance, our hotel key, our meals, our rides and any purchases that we make while we are there.  That's a bit scary isn't it?  I'm thinking that things may have gone a little far in the technical world.

We found these shirts on Etsy and decided that they would be our one Disney shirt for all 10 of us and on one our days we will all wear these and we all have a different color.  We will definitely have a family photo taken that day.  On the other days the girls have pretty much co-ordinated their families shirts but Poppa and I will not necessarily co-ordinate but we will have on Disney shirts.

Our DIL created the vinyl image for the top shirt.  I think it is the cutest and Poppa will wear it proudly.

You can't really tell by these pictures but these shirts have BLING!  I love bling and didn't really have any trouble finding Disney with bling.

And, of course, each family needs a backpack.  No one wants to keep up with a purse and carrying a backpack is the only way to go to keep up with the necessary items.
Then I had to find something to put my cell phone in where it would be very convenient for me to grab.  It will serve as my camera and I do not want to have to dig in our backpack to get it.  So, this cute little cell phone crossbody purse should serve the purpose well.  You can't really tell in the picture but it's a beautiful silver leather.  It will match all my bling. ~sparkle-sparkle~

Two of the necessary items in our backpack will be these insulated water bottles customized by our DIL.

Some other items that will be in our backpack will be Wet Ones, sunscreen and rain ponchos.  These travel pouches of Wet Ones are "the cat's meow" for sure.  I keep a pack in my purse at all times and they will definitely be in our backpack.  And, we will be very conscious of using sunscreen!  And, once our rain pouches have to come out of those neat little mesh bags I'm quite sure they will never go back in that neatly. ~shucks~   I'll be sure and take some gallon size Ziploc bags to store them in after their first use. ~smart idea~

I hope we have thought of everything and if not, well, it will be fine.  And, hopefully mine and Hubby's flight will be "hitch free" and we will arrive on time and catch the Magical Express to Disney World.  Then the fun will begin and I'll have lots to "show and tell" when we return..

Added note:  Not sure anyone reading was really interested in this post but I wanted this in my blog book that I have printed every year so I had to do this post.  And, then perhaps if anyone reading this is planning a Disney trip you will get some good ideas for your trip. 

  Stay tuned...............


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  1. Have a great time, Lea. As my husband says, there is no tired like Disney tired. Enjoy.

  2. How exciting!!! I love those water bottles! And I agree, that some of the most fun is planning the trip! Have the best time! :)

  3. Have a wonderful time! My daughter worked at WDW for 16 years as a choreographer. She made some amazing memories and learned a great work ethic.

  4. Sounds as if you have all bases covered! And everybody is going to look cute at the same time. Have a blast!

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  7. I'm reading, I'm reading! Love your insulated bottles!! Ahh the place where magic happens and dreams come true!! Enjoy my friend!!

  8. I loved this post and can't wait to hear about your Disney visit:) HUGS!

  9. I love that your still kids at heart. I saw your photo with your hubby on Facebook. Just too cute you little mini and Mickey.

  10. We took our entire family to Disneyland a few years ago and loved every minute. HAVE A GREAT TIME!


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