Monday, June 19, 2017

Wonderings and Ponderings

I'm pretty sure you would not find the words "wonderings" or "ponderings" in Webster's Dictionary, but it seemed a most appropriate title for this post.  There are quite a few things that I often wonder about and also ponder.  A lot of it, I just simply do not understand.  Just so you know, there is no rhyme or reason for any of this post, just a lot of random thoughts.
What do airlines board passengers from front to back?  I mean, does it not make perfect sense to do just the opposite and then the folks already seated would not have to be  brushed up against, have big bags loaded just above their heads in the overhead bins, etc.  I do NOT understand this practice in any shape, form or fashion.

And, neither do I understand why folks that have a very tight connection when flying do not have the privilege of disembarking the plane ahead of those that do not have a tight connection.  If anyone knows the logic behind either of these, please let me know!

I often see and hear of young families that simply meet themselves coming and going with their children's activities.  I'm so afraid that time spent just "being  a family" is not seen as important as it should be.

Will our country ever turn around?  Will love and being kind ever take the place that it needs to take in the hearts of mankind?  It is very sad to me to see the lack of respect for human life and for the office of our presidency.

Why is it so hard to find dresses with sleeves? I'm definitely at an age where, for me,  sleeveless is not an option any longer.  And, I don't always want to wear a jacket, shrug or a sweater but often I do because  I end up buying a sleeveless dress or top because I like it so much.  I guess it's one of the many perils of aging. ~smile~ See, I told you it was random!

I wonder if parents realize that one of the greatest things they can do for their children is to love each other and  let their children know that their relationship with each other is priority.  They are setting the example that their children will likely adopt with their future spouse.

Why, why, why do some folks  post some of the pictures and status updates they post on Facebook?  Is modesty and morality a thing of the past?  I may sound prudish but that's quite okay, I am. ~smile~

I wonder if our society will ever view mankind as the "human race" rather than the white race, the black race, etc.  It's most concerning!

I often wonder how my Dad's life will end?  I pray almost daily that when the Lord gets ready for him that HE will just take him quickly.  I do not want to see him suffer with a serious debilitating illness.  But, I know that we don't get to make those calls.  And, I also know first hand that the Lord always gives us the strength to face and go through whatever we are faced with. 

And, along those lines, I sometimes wonder how mine and Hubby's life will end.  Not to be morbid at all, I think it's probably normal, at our age, to wonder about such things.  I certainly do not dwell on it, but it does cross my mind occasionally.

Are the dates on foods the exact dates that they expire or is there leeway?  I have always assumed that the dates were exact and I always throw food away that is beyond the marked date.  The thought of food poisoning scares the "bejeebers" out of me! ~chuckle~

I'm pretty sure that all of society could use a reminder that we lived a very, very long time (well, at least if you are my age) without cell phones.  Life can go on without them.  We all need to find a healthy balance in our reliance on them.

The same thought would also apply to Social Media.  I absolutely love Facebook but there's a balance we all need to have for it as well and I struggle often to keep that balance.

All across our nation there are struggling churches, barely able to keep their doors open.  Why can't the struggling churches ban together (within their denomination) to make several thriving  churches? Makes perfect sense to me. Is it because the congregations can't get past "who would be in charge" instead of remembering HE is in charge of all of it. 

My husband and our son are both golfers, so I've been around it for a very long time.  But, even so, I think it has to be one of the most frustrating  games on earth.  I'm thinking it might frustrate me to the point of wanting to throw my club. ~that's the truth~

Okay, that's my "wonderings and ponderings" for today.  No doubt you may be scratching your head but, hey, it's my blog and it was what was on my mind today. ~don't you just love it~

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I have those very same questions and thoughts! Fun to read! I wish I had answers, too!

  2. Good questions about airplane boarding. I worry about our country, there's so much hatred and so little compassion.

  3. All very valid and excellent wonderings!

  4. These ponderings have me going "mmm I wondered that too!" Have a fine start to your week pretty lady!

  5. These are great questions to ponder, Lea. I wonder every day how much longer it will be before Jesus returns. When I see all of the ugliness in the world and it's people, it makes me wonder how much worse it's going to get. I can't for the life of me understand how the people (mostly those on the left) even in our own government are able to sleep at night. And why does there even have to be a right and a left in the first place? We are either for the best possible USA or we're not! Now you got me goin'.... :)

  6. Girlfriend.....Oh how so many of these things you have mentioned I can say AMEN....AMEN....and AMEN! Don't even get me started because I would take over your post with my thoughts. LOL! Speaking of sleeveless dresses, I said the exact same thing this weekend while out shopping around. I was so mad that it seemed that everything I liked had no sleeves. I am sitting here now with the cutest dress and of course...a little wrap. So many families do not see the importance of family I am afraid. I am so grateful for a motherinlove (now with the Lord) that not only taught but lived what it meant for family to be family. Our three daughters were taught the same and now are teaching it to their families. Oh I pray that never ends. So many things you have said has hit the hammer on the nail for me too. Thanks for being authentic. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Mercy, I knew I was not finished! LOL! Speaking of our country and the things going on it in....The Bible makes it clear and that things will only worsen. Even though I do not know what tomorrow holds I praise God that I know who holds my tomorrow. Okay sweet friend....I am through hogging up your blog. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. What a great, thought-provoking post, Lea! I feel the same as you about golf! I simply wouldn't have the patience it takes. My husband is a big golfer and can easily play 2 rounds in one day without even blinking.


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