Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10 on the 10th

Tuesday is not a usual blogging day for me, but today's 10 on the 10th. It should be a most interesting link up for sure.  We're to post about 10 things in our bathroom drawer(s).  Have mercy, how are we suppose to limit it to 10.  Well, here goes.....

1. Hair clips - used to hold my hair out of my face while applying my makeup.  I'd rather use clips than a headband.  I use a headband when I'm washing my face. ~just in case you were wondering~

2. - Terry cloth headband - I love this headband when I'm about to wash my face and do my nightly facial routine.  It does a good job of keeping the products out of my hair. 

3. All things used to remove makeup - that would be facial cleanser, eye makeup remover and toner (in top picture)

4. Makeup Brushes - just how many brushes does it take to apply makeup. Apparently a lot!  I have every eye brush made (I think) and I generally use most of them.  Then you have the brushes for your face powder and blush.  Makes me tired just thinking about all of them.

5. Eye shadows, mascaras, foundation, eye liner and eye brow pencil - I don't have a lot of eye shadow as I generally use the same 3 neutral colors everyday.  I think that's more to my style. I've never been one to wear colored eye shadow.  I love foundation and truly cannot imagine my life without it as I'm pretty scary looking without it. ~chuckle~

6. Eye drops - my poor eyes are generally very red in the mornings, so before I even start with my makeup I put some drops to remove redness and in a matter of seconds, it's gone and I'm "good to go." 

7. Hair products - I basically use one of these hair products, the It's a 10 is what I generally use before blow drying my hair and the rest was likely bought because I "thought" I'd give it a try.  

8. Hair brushes for styling and more clips - There's a round brush, big and small, and a regular brush.  They all serve a different purpose and  I'm not sure when fixing our hair became such an ordeal, but......... 

9. Flatiron and curling iron - this is the neatest drawer that has a plug and bins built in for my hair styling tools.  When I'm finished I can merely close the drawer and everything is out of sight. 

10. Facial wash clothes - these are just regular wash clothes but they are what I use to wash my face with.  I do not use the wash clothes that go with my towels because makeup is nasty and mascara leaves stains on them.  So, this drawer holds my stash.

So,that's my 10 items but I assure you I could have given 50, but that would have been overload for sure.  Who really cares anyway, but it will be kind of interesting to see the various items that women have in their bathroom drawers.  I'm off to check it out!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. What a fun post! I should participate in these 10 on the 10th posts!

  2. You're right! That was an interesting post! (I saw my same bottle of eye drops in there!!)

    The drawer with your curling iron and flat iron (plugged in) was the most eye-opening revelation to me. I've never seen anything that practical and neat. I like that a lot.

  3. That drawer ups my outlet! I love it. Did you have that built when you built your house? I love seeing what is in everyone's drawers and I need to get some of those clips. That's a great idea for while you wash your face! I use quite a few brushes too, bot for my eye makeup and hair! xoxo ERIN


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