Monday, October 2, 2017

TBB Asks....Fall Theme

It's all about fall today with the Blended Blog questions.

1. Favorite Fall Sweet Treat? It would be anything pumpkin or cinnamon.

2. Red, Yellow or Green Apples? If I have to eat an apple it would definitely be red but I think all 3 of the colors in a bowl make a most attractive look for fall.

3. Favorite Fall Sport to Play? Well, I don't play a sport, so I'll go with a good card game, dominos or a board game.

4. Best Drink for Fall? Coffee is always the best drink for me and right now I'm putting a couple of tablespoons of Pumpkin Skinny Syrup in it.

5. Favorite Fall Activity? We always head to see our daughter in Oklahoma in Oct. while she out of school for Fall Break.  It's a great time to see the changing colors and makes the long drive a bit more enjoyable.

6. Must have Fall Purchase?Hubby always buys mums to place around when fall rolls around.  I love them but he is the "mum pro" so I leave the purchasing to him.

7. Pumpkins: Pick your own or store bought? I guess this is terrible, but I quit buying real pumpkins several years ago.  They just rot way too quick and I don't enjoy cleaning up rotten pumpkin.  I only used them for outside decor and they now make such realistic "fake" ones that if I use any, that's the ones I buy.

8. Real or Fake Pumpkin? Guess I just answered this in #7

9. Favorite Halloween Costume? Any costume that isn't scary is good with me.  I don't do scary.

10. College Football or NFL? I am not a big fan of any sports but it would definitely be college football if I had to pick.  I can enjoy watching our LSU Tigers play, especially if it is a close game. But, right now, our Tigers are "struggling" big time.

11. Fall or Halloween Decor? I have always done limited Halloween decor until this year and I went with all fall decor this year and just skipped any Halloween decor.  It's just so much easier to put out fall and then in Nov. I will add a few Thanksgiving touches to the fall decor and that will carry me right on through to Christmas. I do have a HUGE jack-o-lantern on our front porch and that is definitely Halloweeny. ~smile~

12. Raking Leaves or no Leaves to Rake? We have NO leaves, thank the Lord!!!  We have no trees and no trees mean no leaves.  We had enough trees and  leaves at our old house to last us a lifetime.

13. Favorite Soup? Oh, I love soup so there's really not any that I would refuse.  I'll just say my homemade Chicken Noodle is at the top of my list.  I can hardly wait for cooler temps so I can start in with the soup making.

14. Favorite Fall Candle scent? It would be cinnamon, what's not to like about the smell of cinnamon.

15. Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice? Yes, I love Pumpkin Spice and just typing that makes me want to go and make some Pumpkin Spice Bread. Yum! Yum!

16. Short Booties or Tall boots? I wear short booties a lot more than tall boots.  I love the short booties and have gotten a couple pair of the short open toed booties for this year.

17. Favorite Halloween Candy? Miniature Reese Peanut Butter Cups.  There's just something about the peanut butter and chocolate combination.

18. PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte): YES or NO? Yes, for sure!

19. Hayride or Corn Maze? Oh, if someone wanted to torture me then they could just drop me off at a corn maze and expect me to find my way out.  NOT!!!  Give me a nice hayride and I'll be a happy gal!
20. Favorite Fall TV Show? The Voice.  The new season started last week and I'm so excited.  It is a favorite of mine and gives me something to do when the days are getting shorter.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

Hi there! My name is Lea. I've been wife to the best Hubby for 44 years....Mom to a son and daughter....CiCi to 4 precious Grans....lover of family and friends....enjoy laughter and a good time....shopper....picture taking maniac....maker of delicious fudge....organizational enthusiast....memory maker....Southern Belle...and most importantly.....a Child of the King! Welcome to my little corner!


  1. I love cinnamon!! The scent of it, the taste of it... I think that's why I enjoy all the fall baking so much.

  2. Ha ha, loved the answer about the corn maze because I am the same way, I'd have a panic attack for sure! I'm so happy you love pumpkin! You are a sweet "punkin!" ;-)

  3. Ha! We both mentioned rotten pumpkins in our answers today! #greatminds

  4. yes to minature reeces. Have you tried Trader Joe's brand of their peanut butter cups. They are so freakin good, you will eat the whole thing in one sitting. It says dark chocolate, and I don't particularly care for dark chocolate, but they are so good, the peanut butter is so dang good...a must try next time you're there! LOL to the corn maze answer. I've never been in one, but I think I would feel the same now that you mention it?

  5. I couldn't agree more. Reading all these fall things makes me want to run right in the kitchen and whip something pumpkiny and cinnamony up. I love the smell of cinnamon too. I'll join you for a game of domino's or cards any day. Happy Monday Lea!!! XO

  6. Love the smell of cinnamon as well and reading this realized that I don't have any cinnamon scented Essential Oils for my diffusers. Must do something about that. Love all your Fall decor.

  7. So glad to join you today dear Leah. Hope you are doing well my friend.

    1. Favorite Fall Sweet Treat? Pumpkin

    2. Red, Yellow or Green Apples? Red

    3. Favorite Fall Sport to Play? Does Corn hole count! LOL! But I love to watch football when my DAWGS are playing.

    4. Best Drink for Fall? Coffee is my all season drink but in the fall I do love anything with pumpkin spice.

    5. Favorite Fall Activity? Well I will have to say that I love white hair tail deer hunting with my husband. But my most favorite things to do in Fall would be going to the pumpkin patch with the grands. I also enjoy our annual Big Family Fall festival. We do it every year and it's so much fun. LOTS of work, but fun.

    6. Must have Fall Purchase?Pumpkin spice creamer.

    7. Pumpkins: Pick your own or store bought? Store bought for decorating and real ones to carve at our annual Fall Party.

    8. Real or Fake Pumpkin? Guess I just answered this in #7

    9. Favorite Halloween Costume? I'm with you on what you said Lea. I like to dress up too. But thinking this year it might not be as good as the years before. I've been a deer, super hero, Queen of hearts, and etc. Thinking maybe something EASY this season. Me and my girls usually all dress alike but this year everyone decided to do their on thing.

    10. College Football or NFL? College and I am an avid Georgia Bulldog fan.

    11. Fall or Halloween Decor? Fall

    12. Raking Leaves or no Leaves to Rake? We do have some leaves but I don't rake them! LOL! Marty does.

    13. Favorite Soup? Love me some soup and I guess my favorite is my homemade deer veggie soup. But I do love different types of soups and usually make cheese and broccoli, chicken noodle, and potato soups. I love soup all year round.
    14. Favorite Fall Candle scent? Pumpkin spice, apple or cinnamon
    15. Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice? Love
    16. Short Booties or Tall boots? Short ones are usually my go too but I do enjoy wearing tall ones if I am wearing an outfit such as skinny jeans or dress that looks good with the tall ones.

    17. Favorite Halloween Candy? Butter fingers, peanut butter cups, caramels..

    18. PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte): Yes

    19. Hayride or Corn Maze? Hayride. But honestly, I would rather have the hot chocolate ready for everyone when they get back from the ride. LOL!

    20. Favorite Fall TV Show? I enjoy most all Hallmark movies even If I have already seen them. LOL! I am enjoying the voice as well, especially since we have a home town boy in it right now. A new show started last Monday night and I think it was called the Doctor. I might watch it again tonight.

    Had fun joining you Lea. Hope you have an awesome week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Well I will join you and the others with the smell of cinnamon...just soo hard to best! And I will also have to agree on the fake/real pumpkin thoughts. I have given up both at this point! lol I have lots of fall decor, but only one fabric pumpkin. I used to have soo much, but not anymore. Have a good week!

  9. I'm with you on the fake pumpkins. They make such pretty ones.

    Having to throw away old pumpkins takes up a lot of space in the trash can!!

  10. just wondering what pumpkin skinny syrup is?? While the leaves do make a mess I love looking at their beauty
    come see us at

  11. I'm with you, Lea...I think I would have answered these questions pretty much as you have!


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