Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday 9

I have never been a Saturday blogger but I saw this link-up the other day and thought I'd give it a try. This week's questions are based on the song, The Love Club from 2013.  I have never even heard of the song but I thought the questions were interesting. I went on the internet and listened to the song and it's definitely not to my liking but that has nothing to do with the questions or my answers, so off I go.........

1) Lorde has said this song is about a time when she fell into "a bad crowd." Her high-maintenance new friends were all about their romantic dramas and it overwhelmed her. Have you ever had a friend who was just too much work? Not in a very long time.  I figured out real quickly that I do not have time for friends that suck the life right out of me.  And, thankfully I have been blessed with friends that breathe life into me.

2) She sings that she longs to be alone. Where do you go when you want peace and quiet?

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I can stay right here at home and get all the peace and quiet I desire, it's one of the benefits of an "empty nest." ~smile~ We have a very pretty pond just a few feet off our back porch and patio and it evokes peace to me. 

3) Lorde credits her mother for encouraging her verbal skills. "Mum" let her join a theater class when she was just 5 and was always giving her books. Tell us about an encouraging, understanding adult who assisted you when you were growing up. I can't really think of anyone growing up but I've sure had some wonderful mentors as an adult and especially when I was a young adult.  I married at barely 19 and moved 1000 miles away from my family and some dear, dear ladies in our church reached out to me, mothered me, assured me and ministered to me.  I truly do not know what I would have done without them.

4) Lorde is not the only celebrity from her class at Belmont School in Auckland, New Zealand. Olympian Eliza McCartney was a classmate who went on to win a bronze medal in Rio for the pole vault. Did you participate in any sports in high school?

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I did not participate in any sports at all until I was way past grown.  At that time I took up tennis and enjoyed it immensely for about 15-20 years. 

6) Lorde wrote music for one of the Hunger Games soundtracks. Have you seen any of the Hunger Games movies, or read any of the books?

I have not seen any of the Hunger Games movies or read any of the books.  I didn't think they would appeal to me but perhaps I was wrong.
7) Her favorite candy is Peanut M and M's. Do you prefer Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Almond, Mint or Cripsy M and M's?

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Oh, my goodness, give me a peanut M and M and I'm a happy gal!  Chocolate with peanuts, what's not to like about that? ~smile~ 
8) When Lorde was on stage at Lollapalooza, a sudden storm interrupted her set. The music festival was evacuated and her performance was cancelled. Can you think of a time when the weather had a major impact on your plans?

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Well, yes, just this week!  We have had an over abundance of rain the past few weeks and we are all tiring of it.  A friend and I made plans 3-4 weeks ago to go to Shreveport (about 100 miles from here) this past Wed.  There was 100% chance of rain but we decided to brave the elements and go on.  Well, can I just tell you that it was awful!  Driving was treacherous and getting in and out of the car was a feat. We did what we "had" to do and then headed back as we were both dreading the drive back.  Thank the Lord, He had His shield of protection around us.  It was a day that neither of us will forget for a long time.
9) Random question: Please complete this sentence -- Before I leave the house, I always put on my lipstick.  I call it my "finishing touch."  My face comes alive when I put it on and I don't leave the house without it. 

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Happy Saturday!!!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Welcome to the Saturday 9! Love your joyful, positive answers. How awesome to have a pond in your yard to enjoy. I'd love to live by any body of water, running or still. There's just something about it that is calming and promotes thoughtfulness. You look lovely with lipstick. I wish I could wear it, but no matter what color I've tried I always think I look ridiculous. :(

  2. Nice to get to know you a bit more! That pond looks so pretty and relaxing!

  3. Welcome to Saturday 9! I join up most weeks, but I'm pretty bad about commenting back so forgive me in advance. (Though here I am!) I almost never put lipstick when I go somewhere, especially if I have to eat, because I am Chapstick addict. I like the look, though. Your day out to Shreveport with your friend does not sound fun; I have a driving-in-the-rain memory just like that, too.

  4. Welcome to Saturday 9! Every week there's a new song from a different decade, so it's a good way to discover new songs and soon you'll find we've featured one of your favorite artists.

    I love it that you took up tennis as an adult and stuck with it. I keep *saying* that I should start running or speed walking. You may be my role model!

  5. I like your bench overlooking the pond idea. I also can concur in the peacefulness of empty nesting. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Fun Saturday post, Lea. Enjoyed reading it.

  7. Welcome to Saturday 9! I played tennis until my 30s and loved it although I wasn't competitive.

  8. Welcome to Sat 9! Hope you like playing and keep it up. It's loads of fun. Unfortunately, I am allergic to lipstick. I've tried many different brands and can't find anything that doesn't make me break out in a rash around my lips. So I stick with Burt's Bees lip balm. Seems to be the only thing that doesn't bother me.

  9. Lipstick for me too:) AND I am perfectly peaceful at home! Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Fun answers, Lea!! I am surprised at how many of your answers would also be my own answers. What a fun mimi! xo Diana

  11. I enjoyed your answers... hadn't seen this linky before. The view from your pond is so very calming and I would find it hard to get much else done but sit there and ponder life! I agree with Diana...I would answer very similar too! Enjoy your weekend, Lea.

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